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    1. "we did it! we did it! they thought we couldn't do it, but indeed we did!"
      - My Fair Lady haha

      Thanks for the explanation, Haykakan! <3
    2. Haykakan can refer to anything armenian but yes by golly i think you got it!
    3. wow
      Hye (spelling?) is an Armenian person
      Hayeren is the Armenian Language
      Haykakan is Armenian culture

    4. I am glad you had a good time with the analogy-and yes hayeren is fine but it means something a bit different. Hayeren refers to the armenian languadge while Haykakan is in reference to the culture. The armenian languadge is not the easiest ot learn but it is a very rich and beutiful languadge which is far more versetile then most.
    5. first it was silence
      second it was really loud laughter
      then it was me trying lamely to pronounce your username, which ensued more laughter.
      a couple people really liked it, but i warned them to cite you

      really???!!! ack!! i learned it as Hayeren! is that wrong or os that a difference in Western vs Eastern?
    6. I was wondering the about reaction you got when you used the capitalism analogy. As for my username it is Armenian in armenian. We call ourselves hay with the a' . Haykakan=armenian.
    7. hey!

      i used your line about capitalism today, and yes i did cite you lol

      i was wondering, how do i properly pronounce your username?
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