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      Hi Armenian i admit ur tread were the reason why i came in this forum,i would like to have ur opinion to in such major matters,u made many people to develop an respect of some lvl cause of ur post, disagreements we have with many people is that makes us give up,cause u already have disappointed allot of members and visitors.
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      Your decision has resulted to the triumph of evil, all the disgusting and disgraceful beings that may have different reasons of misleading this forum. I am sure you know how it works, Wipe out intellectuals and enjoy rule with no opposition.

      Ays amenic heto gitem inch es aselu kam mtacelu vor " I have made my decision and bla bla bla" bayc ari u tes vor hancnvel@ lucum che angidakic martkanc dem dnelu.
      Kxndrem vor lav mtaces ev et skses masnakcelu. Inchpes naev pardadir che amen anxelki xelk das kani vor ko xelk@ kpakasi Havatacnum em vor ays threadov kareli e mtkovaroghj ev gidun serund patrastel.

      Haba mi hat ko typical posteric gri vor bolors el imanank voghj u aroghj es u versksenk irakanacnel naxnakan npatakner@.

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      Rus-Arm thread is one of the bookmarks that I visit every morning. I had realized that you no longer posted anything new in the tread but did not really know the reason. It was just today that I read your 23/02/2009 decission.
      It is extremely weak of you to think of a similar thing, whereas to put it into action.
      If you truly are devoted to "introducing intellectualism, ethnocentrism and Eurasian geopolitics" to young and even grown up Armenians, then you should persevere all the way. Life is full of obstacles, well if you think again, without them life would be constant and somewhat boring. It is after crossing a rocky pathway that one looks back with a smile of satisfaction on the face, without rock it would be too easy.

      With your decision, you are hindering countless of us from looking at educated views and logical arguments. Countless Armenians including myself do not necessarily post but, I assure you, closely follow to all of the arguments and posts in this thread.
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      Garotsank kez mer paregam.
      Lucin is absolutely right! Please do reassess your decision for without you this place will not be the same. You always came out with the greatest threads and you have been a great role model to a great many of our young generation. There is always going to be ones that will not be in agreement with you and me; but I am also dismayed that in more times than not turks are being treated in here more fairly and more open mindedly than Armenians, even though this is supposed to be a HyeClub Forum and not a turkish forum, but that's more reason why we need in here grassroot Armenians like yourself.
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      There are and will always be kids and adults who will say or believe in the exact opposite of what you say. And it's with these contradictions, opposite views and shout-outs that this place becomes less boring. With that said, I suggest you reassess your decision.
    6. I would like to thank Azad, Lucin, Skhara, Yerazhishda, Meline, Crusader, Armanen, Lernakan, Anoush, Karo, Yedtarts, Zoravar and Tigranakert. Thank you all for your support, thank you for your virtual friendship and thank you for the many-many interesting times we have had here and elsewhere. I sincerely wish you all the best in life. Perhaps one day we can meet in our homeland. Let's keep in touch. I would also like to ask you to keep several of my pertinent threads active. Please continue posting here. This place gets a lot of observers and visitors. Needless to say, without you this place will turn into a cesspool.

      And don't forget to visit my blog periodically: http://arevordi.blogspot.com
    7. For reasons that should be obvious for forum members here I will not be posting in this discussion forum any longer. For several years I undertook a daunting task of introducing intellectualism, ethnocentrism and Eurasian geopolitics to forum members, apparently with mixed results. The spiritual and intellectual decay of Armenians in general, American-Armenians in particular, seem to be deeper than first imagined. I give up.

      Now you can enjoy your "ankap" forum without me.
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      You didnt answer my question about Israel attacking Iran.
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      oops...here she is
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