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    Thread: Rules

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      This forum was created under a motivation to provide a space for discussions falling outside the scope of the natural and applied sciences, and because the intellectual lounge was not meant to handle such a high volume of threads dedicated to discussing religion, metaphysics and the supernatural, to the point where it flooded the existing discussions on politics, sociology, military, etc...

      The codes of conduct for discussions are as follows:

      1. You must show basic respect and tolerance for eachothers' views. Agree to disagree instead of flaming, otherwise, your posts will be deleted and you may be banned.
      2. With the above being established, feel free to discuss how the tenets/precepts/rules of any system for attainment of knowledge. Whereas the Science forum constrains itself to posts relevant by recourse to the scientific method, the Religion and Metaphysics forum functions as a superset, ideal for discussing, relating or contrasting philosophical, theological and scientific cosmologies.
      3. Do not start more threads than you need to. It is much better to create one rich thread that supports plenty of insightful posts on a variety of aspects on the central theme. Be as clear as possible about the central theme and try to relate each of your posts to it as you go along.
      4. Do not ask other members to reread your posts. I will delete such messages. Instead, just use the quote feature on a point you tried to make in an earlier post. So, if you feel you've been misunderstood, keep your cool and try to make your points more persuasive the next time. If it doesn't work, find recourse to rule 1.

      You can also make posts showcasing mystical and/or supernatural phenomenon or news in this forum.
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