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    Thread: Armenian Faith

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      Re: Armenian Faith

      Quote Originally Posted by Haykakan View Post
      Got a pamphlet in the mail today. It was two copies. One was in English the other in Armenian. It was sent by Jehova's witnesses with a web address JW.org on it. Obviously this is targeting Armenians for conversion. Religion is sad.
      All religion is sad, in he fact that they are all man made rules but Christianity is not man made rules its a personal relationship with God
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      Re: Armenian Faith

      Was puzzled watching this ape converting Japanese to Islam.
      Even more puzzled when @ 2:39 he says "all humans have one pair of great grandparents ... in Arabic "armeni" ... Did I hear that right?


      Couldn't find much on the subject if it was in their "Hadith"

      "Islamic tradition

      The Qur'anic account of the Flood and Noah's Ark agrees with that given in Genesis, with a few variations. One of these concerns the final resting place of the Ark: according to Genesis, the Ark grounded on the "mountains of Ararat". According to surah 11:44 of the Qur'an, the final resting place of the vessel was called "Judi", without the word "mountain".


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      Re: Armenian Faith

      Satellite imaging shows s boat like structure on Mt Ararat with excact dimmentions as in Bible. It is listed online.

      Several expedetions have failed with deaths

      Turkey has closed access and satellite photos calling Mt Ararat a military zone.
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