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    Thread: Priests on holiday

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      Priests on holiday

      Two long serving priests, best friends, decide to go on holiday together. They agreed that they would not wear anything to identify them as priests so they could have a real break.

      Off they went to a beach resort.

      On the first day they're lying on the sand in surfer shorts and Hawaiin shirts.

      Along the beach a beautiful blonde is sashaying her way towards them, she'd an hour-glass figure, was wearing only her bikini bottoms and her hair floating in the breeze.

      The 2 priests couldn't take their eyes off her and to their astonishment as she walked past them she smiled and nodded at them.

      The next day, there they are again, on the beach in even more garish "holiday" wear.

      The blonde from the previous day once again makes an appearance. Once again they can't take their eyes off this vision of beauty. Her long legs, full body only covered by her skimpy bikini bottoms.

      As she neared them she paused and said " Good morning Father, Good Morning Father."

      The two priests were nearly lost for words but one of them managed to utter, "How do you know that we're priests, we thought we were in disguise?"

      The blonde smiled, lifted her sunglasses and said " Father Patrick, it's me, Sister Kathleen."

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      Re: Priests on holiday

      Lol that was funny. WB hrai. Is it a coincidence that you and kanadahaye return to the forum at the same time?
      Hayastan or Bust.

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