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    Thread: ARF holds regional meeting in French parliament

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      ARF holds regional meeting in French parliament

      ARF holds regional meeting in French parliament

      03.06.2004 14:14

      YEREVAN (YERKIR) - The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Western Europe organization held its 68th regional issue on June 2 in the building of the French parliament.

      ARF Bureau representative Hrant Margarian, Armenian Ambassador to France Eduard Nalbandian, Nagorno Karabakh Republic's representative to France Hovhannes Gevorgian as well as representatives from French political parties and Armenian organizations attended the meeting.

      ARF Western Europe Central Committee representative Murad Papazian said that the decision to hold this meeting at the French parliament came in appreciation to France which recognized the Armenian Genocide in this very building.

      "The party that is coming from three centuries, today is working in two directions in Europe: to have France adopt a law that would punish those denying the Armenian genocide; and prevent Turkey from joining the European Union unless it admits the genocide," Papazian said.

      ARF Bureau representative Margarian, welcoming the gathered, stressed the importance of the party's European organization.
      Ambassador Nalbandian noted it was hard to imagine the Diaspora without the ARF, whose history is amalgamated with that of the Armenian nation.


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      Having a law that punishes denial is ridiculous. It sounds a bit Jew-like, to me, and is against freedom of speech. I want Armenians to succeed by being respected and not by being dycks. That is one of the dumbest things I have read today. You should not stop people from saying things with laws; you present history in such a way that if anyone denies it, they will be laughed at.

      However, Turkey does not ever deserve to be part of the European Union, I do not care what they do. Phuck them. Anyway, allowing entry into the E.U. must be unanimous among the countries of the E.U. and I do not see Greece ever voting "yes" for Turkey, regardless of what France says.
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