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what are you listening to ?

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  • Re: what are you listening to ?

    Düsseldorf, Germany
    Venue: Ratinger Hof
    "In The Flat Field Tour"
    25 November 1980

    Lineage: SBD > tape (1stcopy) > CDR (PhilpsCDR570) > WAV (EAC) > FLAC


    01.Double Dare 04.59
    02.In the flat field 04.05
    03.Boys 03.20
    04.An god in an alcove 03.56
    05.Rosegarden funeral of sores 05.26
    06.Poison Pen 04.19
    07.Terror couple kill colonel 04.12
    08.Hollow hills(w.Saxophon) 04.40
    09.Dancing (w.saxophon) 03.17
    10.Stigmata Martyr 04.23
    11.Telegram Sam/Dark Entries(fade out) 04.29
    12.Rosegarden (encore) 02.06


    I dare you, to be real
    To touch a flickering flame
    The pangs of dark delight
    Don't cower in night fright

    Don't back away just yet
    From destinations set
    I dare you to be proud
    To dare to shout aloud
    For convictions that you feel
    Like sound from bells to peal
    I dare you to speak of your despise
    For bureaucracy, hypocracy- all liars

    I dare
    I dare
    I dare- you- you
    Between childhood, boyhood,
    & manhood (maturity) there
    should be sharp lines drawn w/
    Tests, deaths, feats, rites
    stories, songs & judgements

    - Morrison, Jim. Wilderness, vol. 1, p. 22


    • Re: what are you listening to ?

      Widespread Panic (Probably, the best RnR jam band you've never heard of)

      07/07/07 Backyard, Austin, TX

      1: And It Stoned Me, Proving Ground, Climb To Safety, Down, Who Do You Belong To?, Pigeons, Papa Johnny Road, Party At Your Mama's House, Ribs And Whiskey, Goin' Out West

      2: Mr. Soul, Bust It Big, Travelin' Light, Disco > Blight > Tie Your Shoes > Drums > I Walk On Guilded Splinters > Airplane > Pilgrims, Tall Boy

      E: Crippled Inside, Papa's Home


      Travelin' Light, is the only way to fly
      Travelin' Light, just you and I
      Way on down to ecstasy
      Way on down and our own way
      Travelin' Light, is the only way to fly

      Travelin' Light, and you can catch the wind
      Travelin' Light, better let your mind pretend
      Get on down to paradise
      Maybe once, now maybe twice
      Travelin' Light, is the only way to fly

      Get on down to paradise
      Maybe once, now maybe twice
      Travelin' Light, is the only way to fly
      Between childhood, boyhood,
      & manhood (maturity) there
      should be sharp lines drawn w/
      Tests, deaths, feats, rites
      stories, songs & judgements

      - Morrison, Jim. Wilderness, vol. 1, p. 22


      • Re: what are you listening to ?

        Katak (Nune Yesayan)

        It's a funny Armenians song:

        Ախ սատանայ կիները, կը հնարեն սրտերը,
        Խեղճ այրերուն մշտական, փորձանք են այս կիները:
        Մի՛ հաւատաք կիներուն, Լալով խնդայ սուտերուն,
        Դիմակաւոր սատանայ, կը մօտենան այրերուն:
        Մտածելու հոգ չունին, եարս քովս տարտ չունին,
        Իմ եարի թեւերու մէջ, մեռնիմ նէ ալ հոգ չունին:

        You can hear the song here

        Last edited by Էլիա; 09-13-2007, 01:52 PM.
        Չորս կողմդ անդունդ է, ճամբեքդ բակուած,
        Երկինքդ սեւ ու մութ ամպեր կուտակուած,
        Հոգիդ հայկական, շեներն են լքուած,
        Դու կաս ու կը մնաս հաւերժ Գետաշէն:

        Մի՛ մոռնաք մեր անուշ մայր լեզուն:


        • Re: what are you listening to ?

          all rabiz, pink floyd, u2,darunde,the bravery, ......
          Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ
          "Western Assimilation is the greatest threat to the Armenian nation since the Armenian Genocide."


          • Re: what are you listening to ?

            juliette lewis
            rid of me
            veritas omnia vincit


            • Re: what are you listening to ?

              new kanye west cd
              penis lol vagina lol


              • Re: what are you listening to ?

                Best trance song ever imo:Airwave-when things go wrong,
                Again a good trance song: Dj tiesto-he is a pirate
                Armin van burren,tiesto and any genre that sounds good to me
                Last edited by arshaluys; 09-18-2007, 03:07 PM.


                • Re: what are you listening to ?

                  7/28/2007 Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
                  ADK tl51mp(cards)>UA5oadet+>mt2496
                  Dead center Sec B row K seat 102&104

                  Jam >
                  Help on the Way > Slipknot! >
                  Easy Answers >
                  Money for Gasoline >
                  Lazy River Road >
                  Cassidy >
                  Bird Song >
                  Good Lovin

                  Masters of [email protected] >
                  Black-Throated [email protected] >
                  Althea >
                  Scarlet Begonias >
                  Stuff >
                  Dear Prudence >
                  Cassidy (reprise) >
                  One More Saturday Night

                  E: Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower

                  Show with Steve Kimock (Guitar); *-with Dave Shul (Guitar); Mark was absent; Bobby sat in with Keller on "Monkey and the Engineer > Cadillac" and "Dark Hollow"
                  (with Keller Williams; Jeff Chimenti's 650th Show)

                  Classic, Bob Weir singing Bob Dylan's hauntingly current, Masters of War

                  Masters of War (Bob Dylan)

                  Come you masters of war
                  You that build all the guns
                  You that build the death planes
                  You that build the big bombs
                  You that hide behind walls
                  You that hide behind desks
                  I just want you to know
                  I can see through your masks

                  You that never done nothin'
                  But build to destroy
                  You play with my world
                  Like it's your little toy
                  You put a gun in my hand
                  And you hide from my eyes
                  And you turn and run farther
                  When the fast bullets fly

                  Like Judas of old
                  You lie and deceive
                  A world war can be won
                  You want me to believe
                  But I see through your eyes
                  And I see through your brain
                  Like I see through the water
                  That runs down my drain

                  You fasten the triggers
                  For the others to fire
                  Then you set back and watch
                  When the death count gets higher
                  You hide in your mansion
                  As young people's blood
                  Flows out of their bodies
                  And is buried in the mud

                  You've thrown the worst fear
                  That can ever be hurled
                  Fear to bring children
                  Into the world
                  For threatening my baby
                  Unborn and unnamed
                  You ain't worth the blood
                  That runs in your veins

                  How much do I know
                  To talk out of turn
                  You might say that I'm young
                  You might say I'm unlearned
                  But there's one thing I know
                  Though I'm younger than you
                  Even Jesus would never
                  Forgive what you do

                  Let me ask you one question
                  Is your money that good
                  Will it buy you forgiveness
                  Do you think that it could
                  I think you will find
                  When your death takes its toll
                  All the money you made
                  Will never buy back your soul

                  And I hope that you die
                  And your death'll come soon
                  I will follow your casket
                  In the pale afternoon
                  And I'll watch while you're lowered
                  Down to your deathbed
                  And I'll stand o'er your grave
                  'Til I'm sure that you're dead
                  Between childhood, boyhood,
                  & manhood (maturity) there
                  should be sharp lines drawn w/
                  Tests, deaths, feats, rites
                  stories, songs & judgements

                  - Morrison, Jim. Wilderness, vol. 1, p. 22


                  • Re: what are you listening to ?

                    Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence


                    • Re: what are you listening to ?

                      Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta