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    Re: Armenia-PKK

    Originally posted by asli View Post
    stolen? there were ours since 1071 not after 1915.
    and good luck to u about it. ur obviously a kurd or a clever armenian who knows usa wud never let russian pawn armenian country in anatolia and just hate turks and want they move as revenge.
    and our maps wont change, we wud rather to bring armenians there with our own hands or assyrians instead of giving there kurds like u

    ps. even in 1071 it wasnt stolen, turks made deal with armenians and fought against greeks together. so if armenians didnt help maybe turks wouldnt even be in anatolia now! learn history (Malazgirt war)
    Why are all Turks so useless? ...whatever.

    You're lucky I conversed with you as long as I did. NO BE GONE MONGOLOID THEIF! You have overstayed your welcome.


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      Re: Armenia-PKK

      Originally posted by asli View Post
      its good u accept it. do resource how kemal built armies at Trablusgarb p north africa against italians and how did he make them fight.
      Kemal was a drunk pedophile (not to mention a bloodthirsty donmeh Je.w).


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        Re: Armenia-PKK

        why r u trying to insult our national hero and nation on racist ways when u dont find to say?
        yea maybe Turks were so useless when they entered anatolia maybe didnt know how greeks war ways maybe armenians teached them how do u know? armenians knew greeks and anatolia shape better and we won, that was is the most important war of anatolia for opening anatolia doors to turks since 900 years and armenians merged their lands with turks and helped fighting since that day. Do u know how was armenian ppls position in ottoman for 600 years long? and how they were richer and more educated than turks?

        Kemal can be even alien so this xxx insulting thing dont work, dont try it. we dont care what he is, he saved our lifes so we respect him and just cause u say he is xxx dont damage our respect to him.

        So we didnt steal ur lands, ur nation had kind of dealing with turks and helped against all others for so long time and we didnt do fight with armenian armies till ww1 in history.
        and we can be mongoliod or from planet Mars, it dont matter. u cant claim right on the lands cause of race reasons, or world just laugh at u.

        have u ever looked some dna resources and see what turk dna carry the most? yea ur gonna call me product of rape as ur friend did in another topic cause of that. but it dont matter how did it happen, the important thing is they also anatolian, look at them and see.
        So? how will it be solved? Thats why armenians use genocide reason to claim lands. i dont say its true or not but its the only thing u can use for claimin lands, no nation can want land from others with saying "we were here before so u fuk off", or ppl laugh at u or u wud be in position like israel-palestine


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          Re: Armenia-PKK

          If I had a chance, I would skull fuk Kemal's eye socket. NOW BEGONE MONGOLOID THEIF!


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            Re: Armenia-PKK

            Originally posted by crusader1492 View Post
            If I had a chance, I would skull fuk Kemal's eye socket. NOW BEGONE MONGOLOID THEIF!
            why? cause of he protected our lifes? i go whereever i want i dont ask u, u have no history knowledge but extremely racism in u.
            And u show urself childish here.

            and u dont have chance to meet Kemal, soz. but if u meet im sure he wud do nothing for u, just laugh and look down on u.

            u go and see a doctor


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              Re: Armenia-PKK

              Those lands first and foremost belong to Armenians, before anyone else can lay claim to them we will get the occupied land back. If kurds and Assyrians fight for their lands they can have northern iraq and parts of syria as they have more claim on those lands. Now if we were greedy f**ks like you turds are, we would say Syria (or parts of it) belong to Armenia as well because of the Armenian kingdom of Mitanni as well as Tigran the Great's empire of the 1st century BC.
              For the first time in more than 600 years, Armenia is free and independent, and we are therefore obligated
              to place our national interests ahead of our personal gains or aspirations.



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                Re: Armenia-PKK

                I would ask u then, there is human history of 60 000 years and we know about 3000 of it and 6000-7000 of it so blur.
                How do u know armenians have always been there? maybe they were in america or africa or europe? is there a rule like "in these dates whoever were here these lands belongs to them"-- is there?

                and u also talk about racial reasons. ok then, do turkey turks look like turkmenistan turks to u? do u have any idea why did they lose their old alphabet, old traditions in anatolia? do u know where anatolian public (natives) dissappear? do u know usa's wide dna resources in turkey and its results? Have u ever been in turkey- west turkey? u wud be quite surprise.

                so turks also wud say they were also anatolian and there is their lands too. so u cant claim lands cause of racial reasons in that area, wud be ridicilous.

                and also hitits for example, there were semitic, shud semitic ppl like syria come and say there shud be their lands? You are telling there were armenians first century before christ ok, Hitits were there on year 2000 before christ-- its historical fact u can research about it.

                also abraham was born in anatolia and its also quite old times. so must xxxs claim land from anatolia?

                if we find now in anatolia there were the oldest public was slavic ppl or semitic ppl etc... if world learn it and prove it, does it mean its not armenians home? no it desnt mean that. the lands dont belong anyone. ppl did wars and take them give them etc... there were like a hotel anyone stayed in history, so busy lands and wanted.

                so ur all throughts r ridiculous. if u think its logical, go to a court and say that shud be armenians, go human rights? what wud they tell u? laugh at u?
                dont be unlogical my friend. there was everybodys lands at once. and the cities and lands belong to ppl who they live in it.
                Its crime whoever u force to move from there either armenians , kurds or turks dont matter. and as it happened in the past, it must not happen again


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                  Re: Armenia-PKK

                  Originally posted by asli View Post
                  Its crime whoever u force to move from there either armenians , kurds or turks dont matter. and as it happened in the past, it must not happen again
                  I agree. Since Armenians are the natives, we will get all of you out and THAN it "must not happen again". beyinsiz.


                  • #29
                    Re: Armenia-PKK

                    Originally posted by Azad View Post
                    I agree. Since Armenians are the natives, we will get all of you out and THAN it "must not happen again". beyinsiz.
                    u try then. kendini saklama çık söyle?

                    u r racist, aggressive and beyinsiz


                    • #30
                      Re: Armenia-PKK

                      Originally posted by Azad View Post
                      I agree. Since Armenians are the natives, we will get all of you out and THAN it "must not happen again". beyinsiz.
                      You know how mongolia is under populiated we send every turk there and ask one horse for one turk every body wins