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How USA shoots itself in the foot

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  • How USA shoots itself in the foot

    I start with the premise that mega rich corporate America actively seeks to rule the roost by using their vast almost monopolistic wealth and conversely --- HATES --- competition.
    Three examples to make my point. (1) original Backpacker magazine. (2) original mountain bike and mountain bike action magazines. (3) Clear channel communication corp.
    (1) in the early days of Backpacker magazine, the staff would buy any and all backpack equipment and put it through rigorous testing. At that time, they had a 5 star rating system where #1 sucked & #5 was excellent. Big company's put out their crap with a spit polish shine to grab money. Also --- MANY --- independent small company's put out inovative , practical equipment.
    When backpacker magazine would honestly tell public that big corporate stuff was junk and small independents were inovative and usefully functional, the big corp was furious. So solution for big bucks greed ridden was to buy out backpacker magazine and all successful small independents. The outcome was creativity was subordinated for corporate profits and honest broker reporting was replaced by advertisement vehicle pointing to corporate products. They killed innovation and competition.
    (2) mountain bike mags (original), again advertised all small creative players and gave honest evaluation.
    So again, corporate bought them and turned useful critizisum into advertisement for their own monetary benifit. Also they bought out all independent bike manufacturers . The outcome was death to creativity and public choice(s) . Corporate once again stifled compitition.
    (3) clear channel broadcasting bought out all independents they could so only their perspective is broadcast 24/7. You & me mostly hear what corporate wants. No competition , corporate rules.
    Now to my point.
    Same thing with aircraft manufacturers. Do they research and you will see the death of creativity and the monopolistic grip big biz has on options for America to choose aircraft. You buy what the thief wants at the thief price, no other company to turn to. Hence the f35. But corporate is making big $$$. And that's what matters to the conniving.
    All across the country (USA) this has been taking place.
    Go USA, the whole world looked with hope for leadership and got corporate instead.
    That's the unfortunate sickening truth.

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    Re: How USA shoots itself in the foot



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      Re: How USA shoots itself in the foot

      Originally posted by Shant03 View Post
      Capitalism used as a vehicle to accomplish a goal that is sought by the "elite bigots" of this blood soakin dirt ball.
      I posted before that "capitalism" espoused by a Scot was not put forth as a guideline for societal conduct, but an expression and definition of "capital". It has nothing to do with moral or national conduct. However, the "capitalist" have highkacked this concept and transformed it into a --- way of life --- or ??? The only way for society to conduct/operate ????
      Everyone is busting in to the status quo and none seek anything that deviates more than ,002%
      Capitalism is a convenient way to produce a very few ultra wealthy and a vast (VAST) impoverished/stressed out group.
      The entire fraudulent act is actually based on an old Sumerian conduct of stratification.
      All are operating in a confine, as if we were inside of a bubble. The whole system has been perverted and that's the --- only --- system we know !!!
      Nobody knows how to conduct a society without conniving thievery ?!?!

      You said ... That's capitalism.
      I say ... That's planet earth. (ruled by smart humans).
      Homo sapien sapien, hooray.


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        Re: How USA shoots itself in the foot

        What amazes me is all the idiots who refuse to see the situation for what it is and take any sort of criticism as anti-Americanism. It is a classic symptom of totalitarianism USA rulers claim to be fighting wars against I am glad some of the forum members here get the truth. The question is what do we do about it? The only one who ever really did anything about it was Ralph Nader. Unfortunately we have no one like him today. Instead we have the Clintons who are corporate xxxxxs and are being endorsed by the vialist of corporate thugs. I have done what I could regarding this issue. For many years I have taught students about it and they do get it. The problem is that people are made powerless and the amount of propaganda and misinformation that is spewed by corporations and the government that they own, far outdoes anything positive we try to do. As everything including the media and the school systems become possessions of the corporate elites, it becomes harder for people to see the truth.
        Hayastan or Bust.


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          Re: How USA shoots itself in the foot

          Looks like we are going to have 1960's style riots all over the U.S. soon. Shet is hitting the fan fast.

          "2 snipers shoot 11 officers, killing 4, in shooting during demonstrations in Dallas - reports"


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            Re: How USA shoots itself in the foot

            Originally posted by Azad View Post
            Looks like we are going to have 1960's style riots all over the U.S. soon. Shet is hitting the fan fast.

            "2 snipers shoot 11 officers, killing 4, in shooting during demonstrations in Dallas - reports"

            The disparity between the propaganda the American public is being fed and the actual underling actions of the likes of "Breedlove " / "one world govt" dominance/ control act aren't meshing too well.
            Rude awakening is in order.
            Most regretful but unavoidable.
            Lies and truth just don't mix.


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              Re: How USA shoots itself in the foot

              "Is America Repeating the Mistakes of 1968?
              The Kerner Report confronted a tense nation with data about structural racism throughout the country and made recommendations to solve the problem. But America looked away."