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Artsakh newsletter

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    Re: Artsakh newsletter

    December, 2014

    Issue# 100


    Violations by Azerbaijani forces continued on the Line of Contact. On December 8, Private Garik Ispiryan, 19, (on the picture) died from hostile fire. Armenian forces retaliated. Azerbaijan continues to reject confidence-building proposals by international mediators intended to reduce tensions between the sides. Ispiryan was posthumously awarded.


    In Washington, members of Congress, Armenian community and diplomats gathered on Capitol Hill to celebrate the anniversary of Artsakh’s independence. The event had Artsakh Parliament Chairman Ashot Ghulian as the keynote speaker. For more information, read press-releases by the ANCA, AAA and the Embassy of Armenia.

    As part of his trip Ghulian met with Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Armenian Congressional Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ), Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and other members of the U.S. Congress, State Department officials, think tank representatives and Armenian-Americans.

    In a statement recalling the destruction of Armenian heritage sites in Azerbaijani-controlled territory, NKR Foreign Ministry argued that “Azerbaijani leadership place its country among terrorist organizations."


    Development of tourism, including establishment of an eco-village in Artsakh, is the new concept developed by Russian-Armenian philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan.


    New medical clinic and regional hospital opened doors in Martakert and Martuni. Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan and other officials attended the opening ceremonies. Watch an Artsakh TV report

    Artsakh inaugurated a new crisis management center.

    Repository of ancient manuscripts (Matenadaran) will have a branch in Artsakh

    Construction of the new district in the village of Ishkhanadzor in Kashatagh district, intended primarily for Syrian Armenians, will be funded through income from Artsakh national lottery.


    Basque Member of the Spanish Parliament Jon Inarritu (on the left of the picture) and Basque Member of the Spanish Senate Urko Aiartza (on the right of the picture) called upon the international community to “use a more explicit language” and to “call a spade a spade” in recently-published joint op-ed on shooting down of the Artsakh Army’s unarmed helicopter by Azeri forces.

    CNN International featured the documentary “On the Road-Armenia”.


    December 7th marked the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in northern Armenia in 1988. NKR officials, general public visited the Memorial in Stepanakert to honor the memory of victims.

    On December 10, 1991 the national Referendum in Artsakh reflected an overwhelming (99.98%) endorsement of independence for then newly-formed Nagorno Karabakh Republic. 82% of the total number of Artsakh’s registered voters participated in the poll.

    Fifteen years later, on December 10, 2006, the people of independent Artsakh reaffirmed their commitment to live in free and sovereign democracy by adopting the republic’s Constitution

    The NKR Office in the United States Wishes You a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year and a Merry Christmas!!!
    B0zkurt Hunter


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      Re: Artsakh newsletter

      January 1-15, 2015

      Issue# 101


      NKR leaders offered condolences over the shocking murders of an entire family of seven, including two small children, in Gyumri on January 12. A soldier from the Russian base in the city has been detained and charged with the heinous crime. Memorial services for the families were held at churches around Armenia and Artsakh.

      Azerbaijan continued to violate the cease-fire agreement attempting to infiltrate across the border with Artsakh. Karen Grigoryan and Vardan Mkrtchyan were killed, Volodya Harutyunyan wounded on January 3 while repelling one of the attacks. In a January 11 incident, Azeri unit crossed the border in Armenia’s Tavush region and killed 79-year-old civilian Seryozha Sarkisyan.

      President Bako Sahakyan spent the New Year with army units on the border.

      Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay stressed the need for a peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict on the basis of peoples’ right to self-determination. The Ministry condemned ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan.


      NKR government expects 9 percent GDP growth in 2015, Prime Minister Ara Harutynyan reported at his annual press conference. Harutyunyan highlighted the 40 percent growth in tourism in 2014. He also told news media that NKR maintains trade ties with 20 countries, with 95 percent of trade relations focused on CIS countries.

      Artsakh’s largest industrial enterprise Base Metals launched construction of new facilities at Kashen mine, which is set to employ 1,200 people.


      29 Artsakhtsis - 17 girls and 12 boys - were born in the first week of 2015.


      The Hill blog, a Washington-based publication, carried an article by Vilen Khlgatyan and Armen Sahakyan titled “Aliyev’s dictatorship is threat to regional and global stability”.

      Armenian-J3iish community denounced Azerbaijani government-inspired allegations of anti-Semitism in Armenia.


      On January 13, 1990, mobs in Baku, Azerbaijan launched brutal, house-by-house attacks on ethnic Armenians still living in the Azerbaijani capital that came to be known as Baku pogroms. The total death toll was never definitively established, but deaths of many dozens of Armenians had been confirmed. In the following days, Soviet authorities evacuated remnants of the community of Baku that prior to the conflict numbered more than a quarter million people.
      B0zkurt Hunter


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        Re: Artsakh newsletter

        May 1-15, 2016

        Issue# 124



        On April 2 around 2:30 AM, Azerbaijani forces launched a large-scale offensive against Artsakh. During the worst fighting since the 1994 ceasefire agreement, Azerbaijan used thousands of soldiers, hundreds of artillery, tanks, attack drones and a number of aircraft, in the effort to capture territory of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. During this aggression Azerbaijani forces committed war crimes, including the willful murder of three elderly residents of Talish (warning: the material contains graphic images), in NKR’s north, whose bodies were subsequently mutilated.

        From April 2 to 5, as the Artsakh Defense Army repelled the attack, 65 Armenian military servicemen and 15 volunteers were killed in combat or shelling. Four civilians, including a 12-year-old boy, were killed and 115 houses and other infrastructure been damaged or destroyed. Azeri sources do not disclose their own military casualties, however, they are believed to be in the hundreds. Photos taken by NKR defense army drones show Azerbaijani forces using own population as shields by placing artillery in immediate vicinity of home, in a clear violation of the international humanitarian law. The ceasefire was restored through Russian mediation. Artsakh President awarded a group of Defense Army's servicemen, freedom-fighters and volunteers for courage and bravery shown during the defense of the NKR state borders. Read the unofficial chronology of events here.

        (Image from war zone: Artsakh Defence Army in action repelling Azeri aggressor's attacks)

        Azerbaijani forces continued to violate the cease-fire throughout April and May, and Armenian forces retaliated. “The Nagorno Karabakh Republic, being committed to an exclusively peaceful settlement of the conflict and making every effort to fully restore the ceasefire, is at the same time prepared to stop, in the strongest terms, any attempts of Azerbaijan to unleash another aggression”, the NKR Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 22nd anniversary of trilateral cease-fire agreement between Artsakh, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

        NKR Human Rights Defender's office released an Interim Public Report on atrocities committed by Azerbaijani military forces against the civilian population of the NKR and the servicemen of the NKR Defence Army on April 2-5, 2016. Read full report here (warning: the material contains graphic images).


        Following the attack, the OSCE Minsk Group mediators visited Baku, Stepanakert and Yerevan to discuss the Karabakh peace process and restoration of cease-fire. President Bako Sahakyan reiterated NKR's position that no resolution was possible without Artsakh's direct participation in the negotiation process.

        Artsakh Foreign Minister Karen Mirzoyan stressed the importance of visit of international organizations' representatives to Artsakh in order to receive firsthand information, in his meeting with EU Special Representative Herbert Salber in Yerevan. After the meeting, Foreign Minister answered the journalists' questions.

        International community raised its voice against Azerbaijan's aggression including congressional leadership, members of the European Parliament, MPs from various European countries, the Organization of American States, the European Ombudsman Institute and others.

        During April, MPs and other public figures from many countries including the United States, the EU parliament, Greece, Latvia, Germany, Cyprus, Romania and other states visited Artsakh or issued statements to express support for peace and NKR's freedom.


        Dozens of Armenian-American organizations condemned Azerbaijan’s aggression and called upon President Obama to lead the way for “peace and long-term regional stability”

        A number of Armenians all over the world expressed readiness to support Artsakh to overcome Azerbaijan's aggression. Millions of U.S. dollars were transferred to NKR government's account created to centralize assistance efforts.

        Hayastan All-Armenian Fund raised more than 1.1 million dollars during recent Help Artsakh! special telethon.


        President Sahakyan met with delegates of Hay Dat (Armenian National Committee) to discuss Artsakh-related issues. Members of Hay Dat delegations also had a separate meeting with Foreign Minister Mirzoyan.

        The HALO Trust initiated emergency clearance of unexploded ordnance in the NKR resulting from recent fighting between Artsakh and Azerbaijani forces.


        During the engineering works, Artsakh Army soldiers discovered an ancient necropolis from antique times.


        NKR President Bako Sahakyan spoke about situation in Artsakh, consequences of Azerbaijan's aggression and Karabakh peace process during his exclusive interview to Artsakh TV.

        “Karabakh conflict is not an issue of territory, but self-determination issue”, said NKR Foreign Minister Karen Mirzoyan in his interview to CNN.

        "Should war resume, we will advance,” said Artsakh defense minister Lt. Gen. Levon Mnatsakanyan, in an interview to Washington Post.


        Liberation of Shushi (May 1992)

        Artsakh marked the 24th anniversary of liberation of the town of Shushi- one of the key early successes of the Armenian forces in the 1991-1994 Karabakh war. This military victory also symbolized the rebirth of the Armenian spirit that resonated far beyond Artsakh, to all corners of the world. In the following days Artsakh Defense Forces restored a vital land-link with Armenia. Fierce battles continued for two more years, but the Shushi operation made all subsequent victories possible.

        Cease Fire Agreement, May 1994

        May 12 marks an anniversary of the cease fire agreement signed by Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia. Azerbaijan, having sustained major military reversals and with its armed units pushed out of most of Artsakh, was forced to sign a cease-fire agreement. The document remains one of the key achievements of the Karabakh peace process that helped re-establish stability in the region. The cease fire agreement was preceded by the Bishkek Protocol of May 5, 1994. Watch a video about cease-fire agreement negotiations between Defense Ministers of NKR, Azerbaijan and Armenia under the mediation of the Russian Defense Minister.

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        B0zkurt Hunter


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          Re: Artsakh newsletter

          TVArtsakh: "ՕՐ ԼՐԱՏՎԱԿԱՆԻ ՀԻՄՆԱԿԱՆ ԹՈՂԱՐԿՈՒՄ 20.00 | 20.05.2016" and more videos

          ՕՐ ԼՐԱՏՎԱԿԱՆԻ ՀԻՄՆԱԿԱՆ ԹՈՂԱՐԿՈՒՄ 20.00 | 20.05.2016
          4 hours ago • 145 views

          2-я Карабахская война. ПВО Армии Обороны/2nd Karabakh war. Nagorno-Karabakh Air Defense

          5 Things You Don't Know About: AK47s

          Tanks in battle in city streets

          Tanks with GoPro's™ in Jobar Syria,real battle.Documentary video
          Military Nuka and technology
          B0zkurt Hunter


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            Re: Artsakh newsletter


            June 1-15 2016

            In the run up to the Aliyev regime organized Formula One race in Baku on June 16-19 and presidential summit hosted by Russian president on June 20, Azerbaijan refrained from serious military provocations. The Line of Contact has been relatively quiet, although occasional shooting continued. Azerbaijani forces also fired towards border villages in Armenian Tavush province. No casualties were reported.

            President Sahakyan discussed issues related to an elimination of consequences of Azerbaijan's aggression with a group of residents from the Talish village, Martakert region, who were displaced during recent fighting and temporarily reside in the town of Charentsavan. President Sahakyan expressed gratitude to the Armenian authorities and local administrations for their support of Talish residents.

            HALO Trust reported about finding of fragments of “Smerch” multiple rocket launcher in southern Artsakh used by Azeri forces against civilians during recent April war.

            A 39-year-old Azerbaijani female crossed the border into Tavush and was subsequently repatriated to Azerbaijan under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC); she was subsequently placed in a psychiatric institution by Azerbaijani authorities.


            President Sahakyan accompanied by Foreign Minister Karen Mirzoyan and other officials visited Brussels for meetings at the Belgian parliament, with the leaders of the Belgian Armenian community, representatives of the European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (EAFJD), and a talk at the “Foundation Universitaire." Artsakh delegation also visited the Brussels Francophone Parliament and the Brussels Flemish Parliament and met with their members. While visiting the city of Mechelen, located between Brussels and Antwerp, the NKR President met with local leaders, laid a wreath to the cross stone-memorial of the Armenian Genocide victims, and participated in the official reception in honor of Artsakh delegation organized at the city’s administration.

            Armenian parliamentarians circulated NKR Foreign Ministry’s statement at the session of NATO Parliamentary Assembly held in Tirana, Albania. The statement proposes the sending of a monitoring mission to the region.

            ECONOMY & BUSINESS

            Artsakh Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan visited Switzerland and France to meet with local Armenian communities and business circles.

            Karabakh Telecom presented a new “Family” package.

            SOCIETY & CULTURE

            Artsakh celebrated the International Children’s Day. President Sahakyan addressed the nation on the occasion.


            June 12 marked the anniversary of the Artsakh National Hero Monte Melkonian’s (Avo) death in combat in the Karabakh war.

            Office of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic in the USA
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            We would like to hear from you.
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            B0zkurt Hunter