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Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

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  • Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government


    March 3, 2006

    Appo Jabarian
    Managing Editor, Executive Publisher
    USA Armenian Life Magazine
    Hye Kiank Armenian Weekly

    According to various news sources, a group of
    immigrant Turks residing in Tavriz, Iran, gathered on
    February 27 in a violent demonstration in front of a
    local Armenian church, chanting anti-Christian,
    anti-Iranian, and anti-Armenian slogans.

    The Turkish protesters inside Iran, mostly from the
    neighboring Republics of Azerbaijan and Turkey, held
    the demonstration under the cover of being
    anti-Armenian and anti-Christian. But they also aimed
    it at the Iranian government.

    On one hand, they expressed “dissatisfaction” against
    the Iranian government’s “suppression” of their Turkic
    language and culture. On the other, they cried: “we
    want the destruction of Armenia.”

    The destruction by the Army of the Republic of
    Azerbaijan in late 2005, of thousands of “Khach-kars”
    (Armenian cross headstones), some as old as eight
    centuries, inside the Turkish/Azeri-occupied Armenian
    province of Nakhitchevan, seemingly did not satisfy
    the Turkic demonstrators’ appetite for destruction.
    The demonstrators, who were not granted permit by the
    Iranian internal security authorities, were eventually
    forced to disband.

    The Armenian Prelacy of Iran issued a statement
    thanking the Iranian government for its timely
    response in averting yet new calamities against
    Armenians at the hands of immigrant Turks inside Iran.
    At the same time, the Armenian Prelate appealed the
    members of the Iranian-Armenian community for
    refraining from escalating the adverse situation
    caused by Turkish provocateurs.

    During recent decades, the extremist Turks from Turkey
    and Azerbaijan, armed with pan-Turkism, have embarked
    on a disinformation campaign aimed at brainwashing the
    northern Iranians, also known as Iranian Azerbaijanis,
    as belonging to Turkic ethnicity.

    Recently, in open cooperation with immigrant Turks
    inside Iran, Turks in US and elsewhere, have initiated
    an anti-Iranian on-line petition. In a message
    addressed to the Director-General of UNESCO, Mr.
    Koïchiro Matsuura, the petitioners claimed the
    existence of an “issue which affects more than 30
    million people in Iran. On behalf of Azeris in Iran,
    we ask that you take action to protect our mother

    “Pan-Turkism is a racist movement that not only
    threatens Iran, but (also) Greece, Armenia, Russia,
    Ukraine and even, to a certain extent, China. If
    unchecked, Pan-Turkism may become as dangerous to
    international peace and stability, as Islamic
    fundamentalism has become today,” says Dr. Kaveh
    Farrokh, of the University of British Columbia in
    Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Farrokh himself is an norhern
    Iranian, also known as Iranian Azerbaijani.

    Continues Dr. Farrokh: “Geopolitics and petroleum
    diplomacy is using pan-Turkism to promote a nefarious
    and self-serving economic agenda. Pan-Turkic
    activists, supported by (economically and) politically
    motivated western academic outlets, are literally
    re-narrating world history. And in this quest, they
    have tragically misled many well intentioned but naïve
    individuals. Many believe in a series of facts, events
    and a past history that never was. Veracity is falling
    victim to racism, especially in the inherent
    anti-Persian agenda (that is) propelled by
    geopolitical petroleum diplomacy.”

    According to several well-informed Iranian experts,
    the majority of northern Iranians, also known as
    Iranian Azerbaijanis, when asked if they are from the
    Mongol-Turkic extract, their answer is a categorical

    Apparently, ultra-nationalist Turks have not yet given
    up on the ill-fated, and now-defunct Turkish

    Before they go any further, it would be wise to
    solicit the opinion of the former involuntary
    component Armenian, Arab, Assyrian, Kurdish, Greek,
    and Bulgarian nations of Ottoman Turkey and the uneasy
    neighbors of Iran, Georgia, and Russia.

    American Viewer Expects PBS to Present Historic Facts,
    Not Dosages of Lies, Distortions

    The nationwide protest Against the Armenian Genocide
    Panel Discussion on PBS, which evolved into a major
    national and international issue, continues to gain
    further momentum.

    In his commentary this week, Harut Sassounian, the
    Publisher of The California Courier, and long-time
    senior contributor to USA Armenian Life Magazine and
    many other news outlets worldwide, says: “Ms. Atlas
    owes an apology to the Armenian American community for
    providing a national platform to genocide deniers and
    stating that the Armenian Genocide is not ‘analogous’
    to the Holocaust. Should she fail to apologize and
    cancel the offensive panel questioning the Armenian
    Genocide, PBS management should then dismiss her from
    her position. American taxpayers should not pay the
    salary of someone who besmirches the memory of the
    victims of genocide and insults their descendants.”

    In the absence of an apology and a timely remedy, Ms.
    Atlas must be relieved of her responsibilities at PBS,
    for having had exhibited such an irresponsible
    executive behavior toward the American taxpayers. Not
    only is she insulting the Armenians worldwide, but she
    is also insulting the average American TV viewer’s
    intelligence. She is attempting to undermine the basic
    human right of each and every concerned viewer to be
    informed and not misinformed.

    In my opinion, American TV viewers, care less if the
    notoriously denialist Turkish government is disturbed
    by the dissemination of historic facts concerning any
    issue. The average viewer expects media members,
    including PBS, to disseminate accurate facts, and to
    not inject his mind with dosages of lies and


    On Sunday February 26, Archbishop Hovnan Derderian,
    the Primate of the Western Diocese of the Armenian
    Church, issued a statement saying: “It is our moral
    responsibility and duty as Armenians to not only sign
    the petition ourselves, but also inform our families
    and friends to also join in this appeal, for the
    memory of our forefathers who were martyred in 1915.”

    As of now, the petition link is easily accessible

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    Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

    Let me guess, you're Parska-Hye?
    Last edited by parthiapride; 03-15-2006, 07:47 PM.


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      Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

      I like Paska-Hyes.


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        Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

        He is just Iranian, based on his previous posts. His main concern is the Pan-turkic policies of outside forces with regards to Iranian Azeris.
        If I swallow anything evil
        Put your finger down my throat


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          Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

          The Iranians have a great nickname for the Turks ... they call them "Tork-e-Xhar" ... it translates to this.
          this post = teh win.


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            Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

            I bet the CIA is behind some of this. They probably think that they can turn the "Azeri" population of northern Iran into the same sort of 5th-columnist poodles for America that the Kurds in Iraq became.
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              Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

              Originally posted by ASSASSINATER
              hey stupid!!!! not immigrant turks,,,,immigrant "azeris"
              Yeh, I'm sure there are a number of Turks working in Iran for business reasons, but why on earth would large numbers of Turks from Turkey want to go to live in Iran?
              Plenipotentiary meow!


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                Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

                Originally posted by bell-the-cat
                Yeh, I'm sure there are a number of Turks working in Iran for business reasons, but why on earth would large numbers of Turks from Turkey want to go to live in Iran?
                Azeris are Turks...Azeris call themselves Turks, they are a Turkish people, the Turks call them Turks.

                When the war started, we didnt even say Azeri, we just said Turks...I was confused back than cause I didn't know who exactly we were fighting.


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                  Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

                  Originally posted by ASSASSINATER
                  you were figthing with azeris,not turks.turks live in anatolia
                  So do Pontian Muslims. Like you.


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                    Re: Immigrant Turks In Iran, Attack Armenians, Iranian Government

                    Originally posted by Sip
                    The Iranians have a great nickname for the Turks ... they call them "Tork-e-Xhar" ... it translates to this.
                    thats just a joke, not a nickname. And the translation is somewhat wrong. its not donkey, its stupid. anyway...

                    Originally posted by ASSASSINATER
                    yes maybe for earning money,turks invested a large some of money in iran.but ordinary turkish citizens certainly dont want to live there,first of all,turks aspire to live in an enviroment of free way of life.iran is repressive and not the same time,I visited TAHRAN,its not captivating city as ISTANBUL,ANKARA,IZMIR,BURSA,ESKISEHIR,TRABZON..... actually If you know europe well,you will notice that new generation is turk especially in germany.and a number in holland,france,switziland...and I heard it iran"s national GSM operator is to be established by TURKCELL.I hate iran....
                    The article is about immigrants. and please read it and what they did. Those are NOT usual immigrants of any kind. they are mostly agents. Those are "Grey wolf" fascists from republics of azerbaijan and Turkey. they go to Iran to cause trouble, not to make a living.