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Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

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    Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

    Originally posted by Tigranakert View Post
    Indeed, but there have been major improvements in our republic, which is moving forward (especially compared to the 90s). Something that cannot be said about Azerbaijan which is backtracking more every year.
    And yet more Azerbaijani corruption schemes exposed -- eating the Bear was pretty bad, but it's much worse.

    Ilham Aliyev's Family Involved in Huge Corrpution Scheme / – 10/8/2010


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      Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

      Originally posted by Armanen View Post
      I agree, Armenia is on a progressive course, unlike azerbaijan which has done little of lasting value with its oil & gas wealth.
      If they didn't have oil or gas, they would be a dying sh*t hole, probably we would be washing our feet in the Caspian Sea by now.

      You could call Azerbaijan a "banana republic".
      Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ
      "Western Assimilation is the greatest threat to the Armenian nation since the Armenian Genocide."


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        Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

        funny video:

        Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ
        "Western Assimilation is the greatest threat to the Armenian nation since the Armenian Genocide."


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          Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

          "Azerbaijani embassy to Tajikistan disseminated booklets on 9-year-old Azerbaijani child Fariz Badalov killed by Armenian sniper to the governmental structures, diplomatic corps, NGOs and mass media, counselor Ilham Zamanov said.

          The booklet also includes information on Armenian aggression against Azerbaijanis, occupation of 20% of Azerbaijani lands, Khojaly genocide and Nagorno Karabakh tragedy.

          The killing of Azerbaijani boy has occurred just after the trilateral meeting of presidents of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia in Sochi city, on March 5. Today, the countries of the world and international organizations have to give appraisal to this bloody tragedy."




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            Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

            Additional ways to spend oil revenue


            AZG DAILY #53, 26-03-2011

            Three European Parliament members are under investigation on
            corruption allegations. The Sunday Times says journalists posing as
            lobbyists offered 60 MEPs bribes to propose law amendments.

            The British paper said Austrian Ernst Strasser, of the European
            People's Party, Slovenian Zoran Thaler and Romanian Adrian Severin -
            both in the parliament's Socialists & Democrats group, took the bait,
            all three of them former government ministers.

            The first two have quit their MEP seats. The third has not, euronews reported.

            Former Romanian deputy prime minister Adrian Severin in Bucharest
            denied the allegations. So did the others, saying they had stepped
            down to give probes into the matter free rein.

            Severin said: "I have informed my colleagues about the whole situation
            and about my hope that an inquiry in the European Parliament will be
            started as soon as possible, so that everything will be clarified."

            Severin is also known as the main lobbyist for the Azerbaijani interests.
            General Antranik (1865-1927): I am not a nationalist. I recognize only one nation, the nation of the oppressed.


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              Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery


              Azerbaijani Prostitutes Flock to Turkey

              An influx of Azerbaijani prostitutes, some the victims of crime, some the perpetrators, is shaking up eastern Turkey.
              By Kemal Ali - Caucasus
              CRS Issue 179,
              21 Feb 05
              Azerbaijani prostitutes, exploiting legislative loopholes and the naivety of their clients, are causing a headache for the Turkish authorities.

              Temel Mamedov, a police official from the eastern Turkish city of Trabzon, visited Baku specially last month to discuss the influx of Azerbaijani prostitutes to his region - and to investigate ways to stop the women travelling there in the first place.

              Mamedov showed IWPR copies of petitions received from more than a dozen Azerbaijani women who had contacted Trazbon's marriage bureaux to request permission to marry Turkish men.

              These petitions had been handed over to the police after the newly married men had appealed for help.

              In most cases, the Turkish man had come home following the wedding to find no sign of his new bride - only a flat emptied of its furniture, and all his money and valuables stolen.

              Even when the Azerbaijani "brides" are tracked down and deported, they often find their way back to Turkey - and pull the same scam on another unsuspecting Turkish man.

              Many of the victims were gullible men from mountain communities who travelled to the city to sell wool in the markets. Having earned some money, they routinely seek casual sex in one of the city's hotels - usually with an Azerbaijani prostitute, who they then marry following a whirlwind courtship.
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                Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

                Originally posted by Joseph View Post
                Additional ways to spend oil revenue.
                Joseph: Aliyev's wife owns several of their main banks - I saw the article a few days ago, but can't locate it now.


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                  Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

                  Talysh activist wins human rights judgment in Europe against Azerbaijan.

                  FIRST SECTION
                  CASE OF HUMMATOV v. AZERBAIJAN
                  (Applications nos. 9852/03 and 13413/04)

                  AZERBAIJAN: Allegations of ill-treatment in detention
                  SUMMARY Amnesty International continues to receive allegations of ill-treatment of detainees by Azerbaijani law enforcement officials. In some cases it has been alleged that prisoners have been bea…
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                    Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

                    azeri clan:

                    Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ
                    "Western Assimilation is the greatest threat to the Armenian nation since the Armenian Genocide."


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                      Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

                      AZERBAIJAN: More than 200 anti-government protesters arrested
                      Comments (4) (55) (71)
                      April 2, 2011 | 11:39 am
                      More than 200 protesters were arrested Saturday during an anti-government demonstration in the capital, Baku, marking the latest in a series of government crackdowns on opposition leaders and youth activists hoping to emulate the mass protest movements sweeping the Arab world.

                      Azeri police arrested at least 10 more anti-government activists on Thursday and Friday in what appears to have been an effort to thwart an anti-government rally Saturday, dubbed Day of Rage on Facebook and other social networking sites.

                      The activists were “quickly convicted in summary trials on charges of disobeying police orders and sentenced to administrative –- or misdemeanor –- detention ranging from five to 13 days, which would keep them locked up beyond the protest date,” according to a Human Rights Watch statement released Friday.

                      “It is clear that the authorities are determined to crush any attempts by opposition activists to gather peacefully,” said Rachel Denber, acting director of the Europe and Central Asia Division at Human Rights Watch, in the statement.

                      Roughly 1,000 people convened at Fountains Square Saturday morning, shouting “Resign” and “No to the dictatorship!” before riot police broke up the crowd, pushing protesters onto awaiting buses, said Azeri blogger Amar Masimov, 22, during a phone interview. Authorities said the protesters had not received proper permission from the government to hold a public rally Saturday, according to Reuters.

                      Saturday's crackdown comes after a series of arrests in February and March of leading opposition figures and youth activists. Police detained about 150 people at opposition rallies in Baku in March, according to Reuters.

                      Before a planned anti-government protest March 11, Harvard graduate Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, 29, who has been politically active on Facebook, was arrested for charges of evading military service. Jabbar Savalan, 20, a member of the opposition party, Popular Front’s youth wing, who was also active on Facebook, was arrested Feb. 5 on charges of drug possession. Both men are still in prison.

                      “They are obviously in jail because of their political actions,” Masimov said. “There’s no question.” Other anti-government protesters and members of opposition groups have been charged with hooliganism, “behaving dishonorably,” and “using abusive words,” according to local news reports.

                      Azeri authorities meanwhile are attempting to combat anti-government sentiment in Azerbaijan by organizing pro-government rallies of their own. Last week, Ali Ahmadov, deputy chairman of the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Party, called on young Azeris to avoid the draw of “dirty forces,” meaning the opposition, who he said were betraying Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev during a crucial time for the country, according to Kavkazsky Uzel news service.

                      Azerbaijan is a primary supplier of oil to Europe and a vital transit route for U.S. troops headed to Afghanistan. Aliyev became president in 2003. His father, Heydar Aliyev, took power in 1993.

                      -- Haley Sweetland Edwards