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Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

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    Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

    Originally posted by Persopolis View Post
    Joseph: Aliyev's wife owns several of their main banks - I saw the article a few days ago, but can't locate it now.
    Wikileaks covers that too.
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      Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

      Didn't know where to post this. Some reading material in case you're bored. It's an academic paper from 1997 titled:

      "Azerbaijan: The New Source of Energy of the 21st Century"

      Basically, the entire dialogue was about revoking of Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act which bans any kind of direct United States aid to the Azerbaijani government.

      I'll highlight some parts from the script

      On November 21, 1997, the series hosted a seminar with Ilham Aliev, the First Vice President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and the son of Azerbaijani President Geidar Aliev, and representatives of major Western oil companies operating in Azerbaijan� including Amoco, Delta Oil, Exxon, Mobil, Mondoil, Pennzoil, and Unocal. This event marked the first production of Caspian oil by the AIOC, the consortium of international oil companies operating in Azerbaijan, since its contract was signed with the Azerbaijan government in September 1994. Speakers in the seminar discussed the importance of Caspian oil, the considerable steps taken by the Azerbaijani government to provide a secure environment for Western investment in the republic''s oil industry, and persistent difficulties in the Azerbaijan-US relationship.


      "Azerbaijan was the first country in the world where oil was discovered and produced. Azerbaijan was also the first country in the world where off-shore oil production started. This was back in 1949. After regaining independence, Azerbaijan is again a pioneer in developing its huge oil reserves in the Caspian Sea."

      "Our partners are Amoco, Unocal, Pennzoil, Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, British Petroleum, Statoil, Lukoil, Turkish Petroleum, Itochu, Delta, Ramco, OIEC, Petrofina, Deminex, Total, Elf Aquitaine and Agip. You can see that many countries are represented in the consortia in Azerbaijan. That was also part of our policy, part of our strategy, to invite companies, the biggest companies in their own countries, that represent different parts of the world."

      "The last thing I want to mention is that oil, although it is a traditional part of our economy, is not only a means of earning money and becoming richer. Oil for us now means the strength of our independence. We were deprived of independence once, in the 1920s, and we do not want this to happen again. Oil for us is the glue which will provide our security, our future, and the future of our children. Thank you very much."

      Aliev, Ilham. "Azerbaijan: The New Source of Energy of the 21st Century." Occasional Paper, Caspian Studies Program, Cambridge, Mass., February 1998.
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        Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

        EU slams Azerbaijan over rights HQ demolition

        12 August 2011, 21:23 CET

        (BAKU) - The European Union Friday strongly criticised Azerbaijan for knocking down the office of a local human rights group as part of a project to modernise the capital of the energy-rich ex-Soviet state.

        A statement from the EU's delegation to Azerbaijan said that it "deplores" the demolition on Thursday evening of the building occupied by the Institute for Peace and Democracy, which is "a regular partner of the international community".

        One of the group's staff who was in the office when demolition workers arrived to knock it down said that he only realised what was happening when he heard machinery outside.

        "They started to destroy (the building) without warning," Azad Isazade of the Institute for Peace and Democracy told AFP.

        "This is a complete violation of the law," he said.

        Campaign group Human Rights Watch said that the building also housed the Azerbaijani Campaign to Ban Landmines and the only women's crisis center in Baku.

        "The government's ruthless demolition of an office that serves as a hub for human rights activism in Azerbaijan sends a chilling message to all Azerbaijanis," Jane Buchanan of Human Rights Watch said in a statement.

        The campaign group said that many people have also lost their homes as the authorities seek to carry out a large-scale gentrification drive in Baku that involves tearing down old buildings to make way for modern constructions.

        Azerbaijan -- an important supplier of oil and gas to Europe -- has often been criticised by rights groups, but the authorities led by strongman President Ilham Aliyev deny allegations that they violate democratic freedoms.



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          Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery


          Sept 23 2011

          A deplorable situation dominated in the country in first years of
          our independence.

          The statement came from Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at a
          two-day international event dedicated to 20th anniversary of country's
          independence organized by the Association for Civil Society Development
          in Azerbaijan in Gulustan Palace.

          President Aliyev said Azerbaijan could overcome those challenges and
          the Azerbaijani people made a wise choice by inviting national leader
          Heydar Aliyev to the country's leadership in 1993.

          Only thanks to policies pursued by the national leader, Azerbaijan
          began to develop, reforms were launched and a ceasefire agreement was
          signed. Contract of the Century in the field of oil industry, a major
          factor for development of our country, was signed in 1994. Cooperation
          with leading companies across the world and benefiting from their
          experience boosted our economy. Azerbaijan has initiated a number of
          economic projects so far, the President added.

          Noting that Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is a major
          problem facing Azerbaijan, the President said that this problem poses
          a danger not only for Azerbaijan, but the whole region.

          Providing detailed information about the conflict to the event
          participants, President Aliyev noted that Azerbaijanis were subject
          to ethnic cleansing resulting in around 1 million refugees and IDPs
          in the country.

          "Unfortunately, the situations still remains unchanged," the President
          said recalling resolutions adopted by the UN and other international
          organizations which have not been implemented to this day.

          The Head of the State called on event participants to widely focus
          on this issue.

          The President emphasized that Azerbaijan is a tolerant state where
          various nations and faiths live in conditions of peace and stability
          and that the country was proud of this fact.

          The Azerbaijani leader noted that successful examples of autonomy in
          Europe can well be applied in case of Nagorno-Karabakh.

          Talking about the current situation in Azerbaijan, the President
          said the economy of the country continues to develop. Azerbaijan has
          achieved high indicators in development of the Gross Domestic Product.

          The unemployment problem has been settled and poverty rate has reduced
          five times over the last seven years. The pensions increased 40%
          this year.

          Azerbaijani economy accounts for 70% of economy in South Caucasus.

          Liberal economic situation, political reforms and solution of social
          issues have created a favorable atmosphere in the society, President
          Aliyev said adding that rule of law and freedom of speech have been
          secured in the country.

          Reforms are still underway. Our goal is to create a modern state,
          he noted.

          Talking about European Union-Azerbaijan ties, the President stressed
          that the country cooperates with the European Union in many other
          areas along with energy sphere.

          "Our ties will strengthen even further. European Union-Azerbaijan
          relations are built on mutual respect and confidence."

          For info, territorial record of azari presidents:

          Moutalibov's predecessor, I do not remeber his name, Bagirov?:
          + : Armenian parts of Kazakh, Gedapeg districts, Tachkessan (Karhad), Chamkhor, Kirovabad's Armenian part (Kantzag), Khanlar district's Armenian part (total: more than 90 Northern Artzakhian villages, 100% Armenian for 2 milleniums, were ethnically cleansed, total area 4000 Km2, that is as much as what was NKAO then).

          + : Azad, Kamo, Gedachen, Mardounachen, Pouzloukh, Erketch, Manachid, All 5 villages of Pertatzor district, 22 villages in Hadrout district.( all in all raughly 750 Km2).
          - : Pouzloukh, Erketch, Manachid (liberated after first capture), Dogh's azari sector, Lesnoy, Garadaghli, Grgjan's azari sector, Oumudlu, Srkhavend, Malibeyli, Ivanian (Xocali): less than 100 Km2.

          - : Chouchi comprising Pertatzor district, Perzor corridor (Latchin) : roughly 650 Km2

          + : All of Chahumian district, Most of Martakert District, Partz of Asgeran district (6 villages arround Nakhitchevanik, Khramort, etc..), some progress south of Perzor corridor around Svarassi (All in all, more than 48% of NKR, more than 2500 Km2)
          - : Most of Martakert he had captured earlier, Karvadjar district, Northern Part of Kachatagh (ex Lachin distric's north), Parts of Asgeran he had captured before (around Nakhitchevanig): 4000 Km2

          Aliyev I:
          + : 4 Villages around Horadiz train station he had lost beforehand, less than 100 Km2
          - : Martakert and villages of Madaghis district, Akna (ex- Agdam) , Varanda (ex-Fizuli), Mekhagavan (ex- Jabrayil), Kachounik (ex-Gupatly), Govsagan (ex- Zankelan): raughly 5000 Km2 !

          So, evidently, they were very wise........ Hope Aliyev II will do better than papa


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            Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery



            Naira Zohrabyan, a member of the Armenian delegation to the CE
            Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) informed of the report Caviar
            Diplomacy - How Azerbaijan silenced the Council of Europe by the
            European Stability Initiative (ESI).

            The report contains the names and photos of the PACE members bribed
            by Azerbaijan and lobbying for its interests.

            "The report indicates that the persons in question got about 0.6kg
            of caviar each, in addition to the money they may have got from
            Azerbaijan's authorities. Twenty MPs are named, including Mike Hanxxxx,
            who is known for his anti-Armenian positions," Zohrabyan said.

            Specifically, with respect to the manifestation of this "caviar
            policy," its financial aspects and scale, the ESI, referring to its
            source in Strasbourg, writes: "One kilogram of caviar is worth between
            1,300 and 1,400 euro. Each of our friends in PACE receives at every
            session, four times a year, at least 0.4 to 0.6 kg. Our key friends
            in PACE, who get this, are around 10 to 12 people. There are another
            3 to 4 people in the secretariat."

            The source also notes that for some of these "friends" the caviar is
            just the beginning.

            "Caviar, at least, is given at every session. But during visits to
            Baku many other things are given as well. Many deputies are regularly
            invited to Azerbaijan and generously paid. In a normal year, at least
            30 to 40 would be invited, some of them repeatedly. People are invited
            to conferences, events, sometimes for summer vacations. These are
            real vacations and there are many expensive gifts. Gifts are mostly
            expensive silk carpets, gold and silver items, drinks, caviar and
            money. In Baku, a common gift is 2 kg of caviar."

            On behalf of the Armenian delegation, Mrs Zohrabyan stressed that
            not only the Armenian delegation, but also European organizations are
            concerned over the fact that international institutions are turning
            into ones with high corruption risks.

            Strasbourg-based sources report that the Azeri delegation spares no
            efforts to prevent the report from being discussed by any political


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              Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

              Azerbaijan: Ring Wackiness Reflecting Badly on Baku
              August 7, 2012 - 3:05pm, by Giorgi Lomsadze Tamada Tales Corruption Sports
              There’s a whiff of something rotten in the air, and it’s trailing the Azerbaijani boxing team at the London Olympics.

              Forget about the badminton scandal that featured Chinese, South Korean, and Indonesian players throwing matches. Perhaps the most egregious behavior so far at these Olympic Games has been the boxing officiating - and Azerbaijani boxers have just happened to be the beneficiaries of two of the most controversial decisions.

              The latest result to prompt howls of disbelief was Azerbaijan heavyweight Teymur Mammadov’s decision August 5 over Siarhei Karneyu of Belarus. Boxing commentators who watched the fight said Mammadov should have been disqualified in the third round for a clear rule violation.

              But it turned out that if the bout’s referee had one more eye, he’d be a Cyclops.

              “This was as big a travesty as we've seen so far,” boxing commentator Scott Christ wrote on the Bad Left Hook blog, referring to the scoring in the Mammadov fight.

              NBC boxing analyst Teddy Atlas offered perhaps the most memorable comment on the officiating, when, after the Mammadov bout, he said: “I’m going to start keeping a bucket here near ringside, because I want to throw up.”

              The Mammadov decision followed on the heels of a bantamweight bout, in which Azerbaijani fighter Muhammed Abdulahmidov got pummeled, and yet was declared the winner. That decision, however, was overturned on appeal.

              Given the involvement of Azerbaijani boxers in the worst of the worst bouts, aficionados are wondering whether Baku has tried to buy success in the London Olympic ring. Some are pointing to a British Broadcasting Corp. expose, aired in 2011, about a controversial payment
              that Azerbaijan made to an affiliate of the International Boxing Association (AIBA).

              “You can expect a protest,” wrote Christ, the blogger, about the Mammadov decision. “And given the Azerbaijan involvement, expect extra attention on said protest, if it happens.”

              It’s also notable that the AIBA has expelled an Azerbaijani citizen from the London games, Aghajan Abiyev, who is described as a technical official. The AIBA hasn’t offered a detailed explanation for its action on Abiyev.

              Back home, Abiyev serves as the vice president of Azerbaijan’s Boxing Federation. An interview that he gave to the APA news agency back in late July is worth a second look. In it, Abiyev seemed very confident that the Azerbaijani team would do well in London. “It will not be a big problem for our famous boxers to win medal in the Olympics,” he predicted at the time.

              Ultimately, the controversial decisions so far could tarnish genuine accomplishments. For example, Azerbaijani Super Heavyweight Muhammadrasul Majidov has made it to the medal round. But if he walks away with some hardware, boxing fans are going to wonder whether it was earned, or if it was purchased.


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                Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery


                This concern was raised some time back on the BBC web site.

                You may wish to have a look at this thread.

                Politics is not about the pursuit of morality nor what's right or wrong
                Its about self interest at personal and national level often at odds with the above.
                Great politicians pursue the National interest and small politicians personal interests


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                  Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery




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                    Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery



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                      Re: Aliyev: New Levels of Scumbaggery

                      Originally posted by Vrej1915 View Post

                      One down.
                      But quite a lot still to go. Including the still-living Aliyev in Baku
                      Plenipotentiary meow!