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Armenian Political Parties

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  • Armenian Political Parties

    I have been wondering, and I wanted to hear everyone's opinions on the main political parties in Armenia, to energize members and start discussion as there seems to be a lack of.."activity" lately.

    So, what political party would you want to see in Armenia. Do you align with a party/left or right. Or are you an independent?

    What are your opinions on The Republican Party

    What are your opinions on Heritage?

    What are your opinions on Prosperous Armenia?

    What are your opinions on OEK?

    What are your opinions on Dashnaks?

    Which party do you think would greatly benefit Armenia in her time of need. (Like now)?

    And finally, which parties Presidential Candidate, in your opinion, is most likely to be elected in 2018?

    Oh I forgot, opinion on Raffi? Seems as if most Armenians are split on the issue...and it seems Raffi and Heritage have a large following.
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    Re: Armenian Political Parties


    11:17 18/09/2014 >> DAILY PRESS

    ARF Dashnaktsutyun party plans to form a coalition with the government,
    Chorrord Ishkhanutyun reports. Citing well-informed sources, the
    newspaper says that Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) and ARFD will
    not sign a coalition agreement, but ARFD will announce that it has
    come to help the government 'solve the problems of the people' and
    will get 2-3 positions in the Cabinet.

    The same sources claim that ARFD plans to help Hovik Abrahamyan's
    government in January.

    Hayastan or Bust.


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      Re: Armenian Political Parties

      Very interesting Haykakan...I'd like to see how this plays out. I just hope that it doesn't turn into a 'United Russia' kind of thing..Republican Party's ideology corresponds in some areas with the Dashnak's ideology. I really do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

      Here is a interesting paragraph on found on here:

      Since the constitutional amendments of 2005, political parties have gained power with respect to the years before 2005. The influence of the President has therefore diminished compared to the power of the political parties. Groups in parliament have changed, new ones have been formed and oligarchs gained influence over politics. New political parties were created based on economic power, rather then on political ideology. Still, most parties present themselves with a certain ideological background.

      Haykakan, based on your experiences in Armenia, would this be accurate?

      For years now, Armenia seems to have been taking steps in the right direction. And its freedom rating has improved significantly. The 2013 protests were, handled alot better when compared to 2008. It seems many Armenians like to exercise their right to assembly. Hopefully it stays that way. Hopefully, we wont have a one party rule like Mexico had..and we won't have a two party dictatorship like the United States. I favor Indian style democracy a bit more...Tons of different parties with either the same or different ideology. It seems to work quite well for them.
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        Re: Armenian Political Parties

        Democracy always ends up with the very few powerful ones controlling everything and in the end it is a mere illusion of freedom and being heard/counted that prevails over anything at all resembling rule by the people for the people.... I do not think there is much true opposition in Armenia. Much of the opposition is foreign funded and designed to sway Armenia in the direction of one power or the other. I have never seen the prosperous party do anything period-i think it is just an extension of the status quo. The Dashnaks have never proven to have the ability to govern themselves let alone a country. It really does not matter too much if the president has the power or his buddies in the government because the results will be the same regardless. The reason why India is doing well has little to do with its political system which is just as corrupt as the one in Armenia(perhaps even more corrupt).
        Hayastan or Bust.


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          Re: Armenian Political Parties

          So whats your opinion on Raffi? I haven't look at his parties annual financial disclosures if those can even be accessed. I would assume that he is being funded by an American "NGO".

          And what is your opinion on the Republican party? Do you at least think that Armenia is in decent, although greedy and corrupt, hands for now?
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            Re: Armenian Political Parties

            Armenia's police force is better equipped than our boys guarding the borders.
            B0zkurt Hunter


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              Re: Armenian Political Parties

              Originally posted by Eddo211 View Post
              Armenia's police force is better equipped than our boys guarding the borders.
              Agreed....but considering the fact that there are Islamic extremists in Azerbaijan...The money and supplies might be used on something other than the people
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                Re: Armenian Political Parties

                You could be looking at two areas
                - domestic governance, rule of law, rights of citizens, economy
                - foreign policy

                Raffi's main focus has been recognition of the genocide and return of lands. But for the ordinary person living on a modest or low income this is secondary

                The only time Raffi realized there was a domestic issue was when his party ran into problems with the authorities. At that point he said that there was more democracy in Turkey than in Armenia

                Do the parties and leaders care for the 60% - 70% poor? Are they motivated by self-sacrifice or a comfortable lifestyle? For their incomes, do they rely on foreign sources (Raffi and the Dashnak party probably do), the oligarchs (if they are not oligarchs themselves), or their own modest means? Do they have faith in themselves and the Armenian people? Do they feel good when standing next to an Armenian flag or do they need a foreign flag in addition (It is almost impossible to imagine a Dashnak/ADL representative in the US without an American flag)?


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                  Re: Armenian Political Parties

                  Armenian Opposition Vows Anti-Government ‘Revolution’

                  Astghik Bedevian եւ Harry Tamrazian
                  Հրապարակված է՝ 25.09.2014

                  Three leading opposition parties announced the launch of an anti-government “velvet revolution” in Armenia on Thursday as they began a joint campaign of nationwide rallies in Abovian, a town 15 kilometers north of Yerevan.

                  The Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), the Armenian National Congress (HAK) and the Zharangutyun (Heritage) party rallied about 2,000 supporters there as part of their preparations for a major demonstration that will take place in Yerevan on October 10.

                  “A liberation revolution in Armenia is starting today from this square,” the HAK’s Levon Zurabian told the crowd. “It has nothing to do with bloodshed or upheavals. We are talking about a velvet revolution that will take place under peaceful popular pressure.”

                  “Until Serzh Sarkisian’s regime leaves Armenia this country will have no chances of development,” he declared.

                  Zharangutyun leaders also called for Sarkisian’s ouster in their speeches. Ruben Hakobian, the party’s deputy chairman, urged Abovian residents to join the Yerevan rally in large numbers and help the opposition “get rid of these authorities as soon as possible.” “On October 10 we must jointly decide the fate of our country,” he said.

                  BHK speakers at the rally stopped short of explicitly calling for quick regime change, highlighting their party’s more cautious stance. But they did criticize the Sarkisian administration in strong terms, with former Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian deploring what he called a political and economic “monopoly” in the country. “Today everything is decided from one center and negative consequences of that are obvious,” said Oskanian

                  Oskanian made clear that the three parties are seeking “radical changes,” rather than the resignation of Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamian and his cabinet. “It longer makes sense to demand the government’s resignation because we know that the key problem is the system,” he said.

                  Despite Zurabian’s statement, it remained unclear whether the October 10 demonstration will mark the beginning of non-stop anti-government protests in the capital. The opposition trio hopes to ensure strong attendance at that rally with a series of smaller gatherings in various Armenian regions that will continue through October 8.

                  Abovian, the starting point of the campaign, is a stronghold of BHK leader Gagik Tsarukian, whose party controls the second largest parliamentary faction and has far more financial resources than its opposition allies. The town’s mayor, Karapet Guloyan, is married to one of Tsarukian’s daughters. Guloyan personally oversaw preparations for Thursday’s rally, a major reason why it attracted a relatively large crowd.

                  Tsarukian and Levon Ter-Petrosian and Raffi Hovannisian, the top leaders of the HAK and Zharangutyun respectively, did not attend the Abovian protest.
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                    Re: Armenian Political Parties

                    LMAO, THE SONG AT THE END!
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