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Carol Black

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  • whitelotus
    not really, i just choose not to continue it, its pointless. you are still going to find something gay to argue. And then the topic is going to twist into something else completely.

    in the end, im still going to think what i think, and you what you think, so like i said before, this is pointless

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  • jahannam
    Originally posted by whitelotus doesnt really matter

    your just looking for an arguement as usual.
    you're easy.

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  • whitelotus
    Originally posted by jahannam
    you keep saying she's "supported the armenian community" yet you fail to mention how and where and when.
    i made a statement in general.

    i wasnt talking about her, nor what she did or how she supported the armenian community LOL

    i was giving an example to what you had asked.

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  • whitelotus
    doesnt really matter

    your just looking for an arguement as usual.

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  • jahannam
    has she TOLD "mosaix" or has "mosaix" chosen to WRITE about her??
    cuz in your article, which is taken from mosaix, there is no indication of HER doing the talking.
    overall, you've managed to stray off topic, in search for a logical reasoning to prove me wrong. I know why people change their names in the entertainment industry, you don't have to explain it to me.

    your "facts" aren't backed up. you keep saying "changed her name" without even knowing what her Armenian name used to be...
    you keep saying she's "supported the armenian community" yet you fail to mention how and where and when.

    you haven't been able to justify yourself.

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  • whitelotus
    fact is, she changed her name a long time ago, or her father had, and they continued to use the last name for generations to come. So what ? They still speak armenian, even if it is old armenian because they left armenia such a long time ago.

    it doesnt matter if you have a armenian last name , in order to support the armenian community or say you are armenian

    i can support the armenian community, and still have a stage or entertainment name.

    sometimes long armenian last names dont flow etc.

    anyway, she basically tells ' mosaix' magazine that she is armenian( so she basically claims she is , which makes her armenian, it doesnt matter half, whole, 3rd, etc), and they have a big article on her in the magazine, saying how she is one of the top 10 more influential armenians in entertainment.

    it doesnt matter if she isnt promoting us as armenians, the meaning of the whole article is that she is an armenian who has big impact on the entertainment industry as a whole.She's changed television big time by making a womans network, shes impacted the industry, which makes her an armenian who is famous for having such a big influence on entertainment.

    this article wasnt about famous armenians, it was about armenians in the entertainment industry that have a big influence and impact.

    why did cher change her name from cherolyne sarkissian? she made a stage name for herself, it doesnt mean she doesnt support armenians or isnt proud of what she is .

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  • jahannam
    I thought we're all bricks in the wall of our forum.
    anyway, lets see here.
    lemme go back to the question "what makes someone Armenian?"
    what part of Carol Black would be considered Armenian, if she doesn't care whether or not she's known to the world as an Armenian, and she doesn't support our country (yes, Haiastan) in any way(lets face it, CEO of lifetime? she's got TONS of green), and she can't even stand that I-A-N in the back of her name for that matter (assuming that whole name change you're claiming is right), and she doesn't speak the language (i'm guessing)...
    if all of the above don't apply, what makes someone like Carol Black Armenian?
    what makes her worth being on "famous Armenians"?
    one of her great great grandparents?

    what do you think? (except for that whole "blah blah blah Jahannam doesn't contribute xxxx to this place yadda yada yada )
    lemme hear your take on this.

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  • whitelotus
    I AM calm you dipxxxx

    shes armenian, it doesnt matter if the article doesnt say she is or not.

    many armenian actors and businessmen that came here a long time ago changed there names completely to something ' odar' as you say. Sometimes shortening the last name, and sometimes to something that totally isnt even there given name. That's the entertainment industry for you.

    you never have anything to add to any topic that might enlighten someone, or add another view point, facts etc, all you do is repeat points that have already been made by others before you and you do nothing but call people petty names.

    you're just another brick in the wall.
    Last edited by whitelotus; 01-14-2004, 07:37 PM.

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  • jahannam
    Originally posted by whitelotus its a copy and paste from a website

    as long as you understand the point of the article, who gives a flying xxxx how many grammatical errors it has

    my life doesnt revolve around spelling everything correctly or making sure its all grammatically correct, xxxx it

    it doesnt make me a better person if i spell it correctly , or if my grammar is good. I just dont seem to give a crap about correcting it when i have more important things to worry about in my life
    are you on crack or something?
    calm the heck down.
    although I usually don't agree with Nimrod, this time the guy has a point.
    "Carol Black" is a totally odar name to start out with.
    and with NOTHING mentioned about her "armenian" background in your little article makes people suspisious.
    so relax..

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  • Nimrod
    Originally posted by whitelotus like i said above.

    i copied and pasted from a website.

    shes armenian, it doesnt matter if the article doesnt state it or not.

    many armenians that came here over 100 years ago took the very first word or name they saw on buildings, trucks, companys as there own name.

    green, black, etc.

    she is an old generation of armenians that immagrated here, which have changed there last names for a reason, it was either forced, or they did it so they wouldnt get race xxxx from anglos.

    they even went as far as forming gangs full of men and woman, who walked to school together, studied together, did everything together, because they needed one anothers support, protection and no one else understood the language besides that group of 20 kids etc.

    I am aware of the fact that during assimilation, they took the process a bit too far. And how the hell would we know if she is or is not Armenian if it is not STATED? No one believes people's words, it needs and would it nicer if it was stated. Also, she s HALF Armenian not full. Read my article that I have found on her. I mean if you put it that way so is Princess Di--which I am sure indeed did.

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