Thanks to this list of the former Armenian schools of Baku
Բաքվի հայ դպրոցները :

I have been creating this page : http://www.globalarmenianheritage-ad...kou_ecoles.htm

It is important to have their titles in russian so that to be able searching with [ ]

>> ...and thus find :

- more datas, photos, etc
- and their addresses so that to locate these schools on the map :,0.110035&z=13

This page is important for France because there had been official relations between Universities of France and of Azerbaidjan : in order to show to the French academics with whom they are dealing with.

Now we have videos on the web to show to these French "Academics" :
- about Sumgait pogromes
- about Bakou pogromes
- about the destruction of Julfa Armenian Cemetery.

Thank you for your help. Nil.