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World Powers Hypocrites

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  • World Powers Hypocrites

    I think any time in history, where there have been mass executions, where populations have been annihilated, were indigenous people have been relocated etc should be recognized.

    Native Americans, Bosnians, Armenians, Algerians, Philippines, Bombings of Nagasaki & Hiroshima, Slave Trade, Spanish Inquisition etc - all of it should be recognized.

    I don't care who you are, what religion, what race, from a humanity point of view it is our obligation to research the past and classify it accordingly so we do not repeat these mistakes. Not in an effort to blame people today for what happened in history, but to bring closure and understanding so we will never repeat those acts again. That is the only good thing that can come from such horrible crimes.

    Now in stating this, I have to say, I find it incredibly hypocritical that the US, France or other nations which have recognized or pushing to the Armenians Genocide refuse to face their own history and the Genocide they committed.
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    Re: World Powers Hypocrites

    Originally posted by Timetells View Post
    Bombings of Nagasaki & Hiroshima...

    You need an education in history. Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended WWII.


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      Re: World Powers Hypocrites

      While you're educating yourself on WWII history, read this..

      The Potsdam Declaration and the Japanese response.
      About the leaflets dropped over 33 Japanese cities, warning people of the bombing.
      The Japanese government's inability to decide to surrender even AFTER TWO A-BOMBS were dropped on their cities.
      The Emperor's final decision to announce the surrender publicly and the military coup that nearly succeeded.
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        Re: World Powers Hypocrites

        The Allies could have just surrounded Japan, they had no navy or airforce at the time, so a land invasion was not necessary (how is an island nation supposed to attack anyone once their navy and airforce is gone?). It was also not necessary to drop the nukes at 8am, when everyone in the city is either going to school or work. It was also not necessary to drop a 2nd nuke a few days later. There was also a majority faction within Japan who wanted to surrender, it was only the minority ultra-militants who wanted to fight to the death. You simply have to negotiate with the peace faction and ignore the Emperor and his minority of followers.

        The reason they nuked Japan was so Japan surrenders to the US instead of the USSR. The country who forces a surrender gets to rebuild the nation, as the US did with Japan. They did not want Soviet influence over Japan, so they nuked 2 cities to force a quick surrender before the Soviets had a chance to make Japan surrender.

        But anyways its funny that Timetells is advocating genocide recognition in one thread and denying it in another.
        Mass Murderers Agree: Gun Control Works!

        Ten soldiers wisely led, will beat a hundred without a head.


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          Re: World Powers Hypocrites

          Originally posted by ArmSurvival View Post
          The reason they nuked Japan was so Japan surrenders to the US instead of the USSR. The country who forces a surrender gets to rebuild the nation, as the US did with Japan. They did not want Soviet influence over Japan, so they nuked 2 cities to force a quick surrender before the Soviets had a chance to make Japan surrender.

          The reason they 'nuked' Japan was due to the Japanese government's response to the Potsdam Declaration. After Hiroshima, the Japanese government couldn't decide whether to surrender or not, after Nagasaki the same problem presented itself. That's when the Emperor himself declared he would make the announcement publicly that Japan would surrender. Right after that the military instigated and nearly succeeded in a coup. Instead, Hirohito went on the radio and made the announcement.

          The 'nuking' of Japan didn't stop the Soviets from taking the Sakhalin Islands.


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            Re: World Powers Hypocrites

            The USA is responsible of the unnecessary mass murder of thousands of Japanese civilians.