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What is Bernard Lewis Besides an AG Denier?

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  • What is Bernard Lewis Besides an AG Denier?

    This is for all of the bosnian muslim/albanian lie perpetrators.

    ================================================== =======

    Executive Intelligence Review EIR
    Nov 30, 2001


    British Svengali Behind Clash Of Civilizations

    by Scott Thompson and Jeffrey Steinberg

    On Nov. 19, octogenarian British Orientalist spook Bernard Lewis wrote an
    elaborate apologia for Osama bin Laden, a fervent pitch for the
    inevitability of the "Clash of Civilizations," in the pages of New Yorker
    magazine. Under the headline "The Revolt of Islam," Lewis lied that the
    emergence of "Islamic terrorism" in the recent decades, is completely
    consistent with mainstream Islam, which is committed to the subjugation of
    the infidels to Islamic law. He went through 14 pages of a fractured
    fairy-tale history of Islam, quoting bin Laden's Oct. 7, 2001 videotape,
    where the Saudi expatriate spoke of Islam's "humiliation and disgrace ...
    for more than 80 years" - a reference to the crushing of the Ottoman Empire
    by Britain and France in 1918. Lewis invented a tradition of jihad,
    "bequeathed to Muslims by the Prophet":

    "In principle," Lewis explained, "the world was divided into two houses:
    the House of Islam, in which a Muslim government ruled and Muslim law
    prevailed, and the House of War, the rest of the world, still inhabited
    and, more important, ruled by infidels. Between the two, there was to be a
    perpetual state of war until the entire world either embraced Islam or
    submitted to the rule of the Muslim state." Among all the different
    "infidels" ruling the House of War, Lewis asserted, Christianity was
    singled out as "their primary rival in the struggle for world domination."
    Lewis cited slogans painted on the walls of Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock
    from the Seventh Century, assailing Christianity.

    Lewis then claimed that the evolution of modern Islamic terrorism,
    specifically the al-Qaeda terrorism, had a long proud history within Islam,
    dating to the Assassins cult of the 11th-13th Centuries. (Lewis wrote a
    1967 book, The Assassins, extolling the virtues of this secret society.) He
    also identified Saudi Arabia and Egypt as two regimes legitimately singled
    out by the Islamic jihadists, for their corruption by "modernism."
    He concluded, ominously: "For Osama bin Laden, 2001 marks the resumption of
    the war for the religious dominance of the world, that began in the Seventh
    Century.... If bin Laden can persuade the world of Islam to accept his
    views and his leadership, then a long and bitter struggle lies ahead, and
    not only for America. Sooner or later, al-Qaeda and related groups will
    clash with the other neighbors of Islam - Russia, China, India - who may prove
    less squeamish than the Americans in using their power against Muslims and
    their sanctities. If bin Laden is correct in his calculations and succeeds
    in his war, then a dark future awaits the world, especially the part of it
    that embraces Islam."

    Bernard Lewis Plan, Take II

    Since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Lewis has,
    not surprisingly, resurfaced in numerous locations. After all, the 85-year
    old British Arab Bureau mandarin has been London's point-man in the United
    States since 1974, when he was posted to H.G. Wells' outpost at Princeton
    University's Center for Advanced Studies, to secure American compliance
    with British geopolitical manipulations in the Middle East, the Caucasus,
    the Caspian Basin, and Central Asia.

    To put it bluntly: British intelligence senior operator Lewis is the
    guiding hand behind the ongoing U.S. neo-conservative drive for a new
    "Thirty Years War" in Eurasia. This drive is at the heart of the ongoing
    coup d'йtat attempt against the George W. Bush Administration, which began
    with the Sept. 11 irregular warfare attacks on New York City and

    Lewis' arrival at Princeton, after serving on the faculty of the University
    of London's Middle East and Africa faculty (the repository of the original
    India House files, long officially referred to as the Colonial Department),
    coincided with then-Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger's fomenting of
    the civil war in Lebanon. That persists to the present day, and served as a
    laboratory for the later "Islamic revolution" in Iran.

    Lewis is no mere British quackademic. After obtaining his doctorate in the
    history of Islam from the University of London School of Oriental and
    African Studies, he joined the university faculty in 1938. From 1940-45,
    Lewis was, in his own understated words, "otherwise engaged," as a wartime
    British Military Intelligence officer, later seconded to the British
    Foreign Office. To this day, Lewis remains mum about his wartime

    Since arriving at Princeton, Lewis has been demonstrably responsible for
    every piece of strategic folly and insanity into which the United States
    has been suckered in Asia Minor. The Wellsian "method to his madness" has
    been the persistent push to eliminate the nation-state system, and launch
    murderous wars stretching across the Eurasian region.

    * During the Carter Administration, Lewis was the architect of madman
    Zbigniew Brzezinski's "Arc of Crisis" policy of fomenting Muslim
    Brotherhood fundamentalist insurrections all along the southern tier of the
    Soviet Union. The planned fostering of radical Islamist war provocations
    was known, at the time, as "the Bernard Lewis Plan."
    Among the fruits of
    this Lewis-Brzezinski collusion: the February 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini
    "Islamic Revolution" in Iran, which overthrew the Shah, and sent the
    once-proud center of the Islamic Renaissance back into a 20-year dark age;
    and the 1979-1988 Afghanistan War, provoked by Brzezinski's July 1979
    launching of covert support for Afghan mujahideen "Contras" inside
    Afghanistan - six months prior to the Soviet Red Army's Christmas Eve

    As early as 1960, in a book-length study he prepared for the Royal
    Institute for International Affairs, under the title The Emergence of
    Modern Turkey, Lewis polemicized against the modernizing, nation-building
    legacy of Turkey's Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He argued instead for the revival
    of an Ottoman Empire that could be used as a British geopolitical battering
    ram against Russia and against the Arab states of the Persian Gulf - in
    alliance with Israel.

    * It was Bernard Lewis who launched the hoax of the "Clash of
    Civilizations" - in a September 1990 Atlantic Monthly article on "The Roots
    of Muslim Rage," which appeared three years before Brzezinski clone Samuel
    Huntington's publication of his Foreign Affairs diatribe, "The Clash Of
    Civilizations." Huntington's article, and his subsequent book-length
    treatment of the same subject, were caricatures of Lewis' more
    sophisticated British Orientalist historical fraud, which painted Islam as
    engaged in a 14-century-long war against Christianity. Huntington
    acknowledged that Lewis' 1990 piece coined the term "Clash of

    * In 1992, in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, Lewis celebrated in
    the pages of the New York Council on Foreign Relations' Foreign Affairs
    that the era of the nation-state in the Middle East had come to an
    inglorious end, and the entire region should expect to go through a
    prolonged period of "Lebanonization" - i.e., degeneration into fratricidal,
    parochialist violence and chaos.

    "The eclipse of pan-Arabism," he wrote, "has left Islamic fundamentalism as
    the most attractive alternative to all those who feel that there has to be
    something better, truer, and more hopeful than the inept tyrannies of their
    rulers and the bankrupt ideologies foisted on them from outside." The
    Islamists represent "a network outside the control of the state.... The
    more oppressive the regime, the greater the help it gives to
    fundamentalists by eliminating competing oppositionists."

    He concluded the Foreign Affairs piece by forecasting the "Lebanonization"
    of the entire region, save Israel: "Most of the states of the Middle East
    ... are of recent and artificial construction and are vulnerable to such a
    process. If the central power is sufficiently weakened, there is no real
    civil society to hold the polity together, no real sense of common national
    identity or overriding allegiance to the nation-state. The state then
    disintegrates - as happened in Lebanon - into a chaos of squabbling, feuding,
    fighting sects, tribes, regions and parties."

    * In 1998, it was Lewis who catapulted Osama bin Laden into prominence with
    a November/December Foreign Affairs article, legitimizing the Saudi black
    sheep as a serious proponent of mainstream, militant Islam. Lewis' piece,
    "License To Kill: Osama bin Laden's Declaration Of Jihad," showered praise
    on bin Laden, pronouncing his "Declaration of Jihad Versus Jews and
    Crusaders" "a magnificent piece of eloquent, at times even poetic Arabic
    prose ... which reveals a version of history that most Westerners will find

    Caught In The Act

    Osama bin Laden released his 1998 jihad call on Feb. 23, 1998, six months
    before the truck bombing attacks against the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and
    Kenya. The very next day, Bernard Lewis' signature appeared on a widely
    circulated Open Letter To President Bill Clinton, released by a previously
    unheard-of entity called the Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf,
    demanding that the U.S. government throw its full support behind a military
    campaign to overthrow Saddam Hussein. The Open Letter called for carpet
    bombing Iraq, and for the United States to aggressively give financial and
    military support for the Iraqi National Congress, yet another corrupt and
    inept "Contra" pseudo-gang, created by U.S. and British intelligence
    elements, and based in London.

    In addition to Bernard Lewis, the Open Letter was endorsed by former U.S.
    Rep. Steven Solarz (D-N.Y.), notorious Anglo-Israeli propagandist and spy
    Richard Perle, convicted Iran-Contra criminal Elliott Abrams, Jonathan
    Pollard fellow-traveller Steven Bryen, Frank Gaffney, New Republic
    publisher and Al Gore mentor Martin Peretz, Paul Wolfowitz, Washington
    Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) research director David Wurmser, and
    Dov Zakheim.

    Lewis' public alliance at that time with the leading lights of the "Mega"
    apparatus - now waging all-out war against the Bush Administration's efforts
    to box in Israeli madman Ariel Sharon - is noteworthy, but not surprising.
    Lewis is lionized inside Israel, and by the Israeli Lobby in America as a
    geopolitical giant. On Feb. 19, 1996, Lewis was feted in Jerusalem, where
    he delivered the ninth annual B'nai B'rith World Center "Jerusalem Address"
    on "The Middle East Towards the Year 2000." His son, Michael Lewis, is the
    director of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee's super-secret
    "opposition research section." This is one of the most important
    wellsprings of propaganda and disinformation, presently saturating the U.S.
    Congress and American media with war-cries for precisely the Clash of
    Civilizations Bernard Lewis has been promoting for decades.

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    It's good to know those few Genocide deniers beyond the level of the Armenian Genocide.. to see what kind of ppl we're dealing with and where they stand in the world! Great article.

    [CENTER][I][COLOR="Red"][B]"We must remind the Turkish Government that when they had Sultan Abdul Hamid, we had Andranik Pasha, Serob Aghbyur, and Gevorg Chaush. When they had Taleat pasha, we had Soghomon Tehleryan. New Hrants will be born, and our struggle will go on. [/B][/COLOR][/I][/CENTER]

    [COLOR="Black"][CENTER][B]"Hrant Dink's murder is tragic proof that the Turkish government - through its campaign of denial, threats and intimidation against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide - continues to fuel the same hatred and intolerance that initially led to this crime against humanity more than 90 years ago."[/B][/CENTER][/COLOR]


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      Originally posted by Parandzem
      What is Bernard Lewis Besides an AG Denier?
      He is Burntarse Jewis
      Four things denialist Turks do when they are confronted with facts:

      I. They change the subject [SIZE="1"](e.g. they copy/paste tons of garbage to divert attention).[/SIZE]
      II. They project [SIZE="1"](e.g. they replace "Turk" with "Armenian" and vice versa and they regurgitate Armenian history).[/SIZE]
      III. They offend [SIZE="1"](e.g. they cuss, threaten and/or mock).[/SIZE]
      IV. They shut up and say nothing.

      [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]A country named Azerbaijan north of the Arax River [B]NEVER[/B] existed before 1918[/COLOR][/URL]


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        Burntarse Jewis: Pan-Turkist and Anti-Iran Devil!

        See where Shlomos and pan-turkists like Gondorian and oslonor get their poison from.

        Evil, through and through.
        Four things denialist Turks do when they are confronted with facts:

        I. They change the subject [SIZE="1"](e.g. they copy/paste tons of garbage to divert attention).[/SIZE]
        II. They project [SIZE="1"](e.g. they replace "Turk" with "Armenian" and vice versa and they regurgitate Armenian history).[/SIZE]
        III. They offend [SIZE="1"](e.g. they cuss, threaten and/or mock).[/SIZE]
        IV. They shut up and say nothing.

        [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]A country named Azerbaijan north of the Arax River [B]NEVER[/B] existed before 1918[/COLOR][/URL]


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          A food critic?
          "All truth passes through three stages:
          First, it is ridiculed;
          Second, it is violently opposed; and
          Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

          Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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            No let me guess again!

            HOLDWATER! ?
            "All truth passes through three stages:
            First, it is ridiculed;
            Second, it is violently opposed; and
            Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

            Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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              Serdar Argic?
              "All truth passes through three stages:
              First, it is ridiculed;
              Second, it is violently opposed; and
              Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

              Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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                Ahmet Cosar?
                "All truth passes through three stages:
                First, it is ridiculed;
                Second, it is violently opposed; and
                Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

                Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)