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Dr. Faiq bragged that personally killed thousands of Armenians ... "

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  • Dr. Faiq bragged that personally killed thousands of Armenians ... "

    In the previous issue of "HB" has published an article based on research professor at the University of New York Vahagn Dadrian about little-known Armenian genocide - namely, the participation of Turkish physicians in the destruction of the Armenian population. The study was first translated into Russian until 2008. And, unfortunately, it is still unknown to the general reader.

    December 15, 1918 Armenian Dr. Mihran Norayr publicly accused the Turkish colleagues, without mentioning specific names, but with a detailed description of episodes of medical killing, in complicity in the genocide of Armenians. Speech has led to public debate in the press, which was attended by some Turkish surgeons, as well as the Department of Hygienic Service under the Ministry of War and Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Public Health. The first response to the speech Norayr in which dry denied all the charges, followed by the Department of sanitation services. Discouraged such denial, the famous Turkish surgeon, Dr. Haydar Cemal, wrote a letter to the Turkish daily newspaper, in which he condemned the practice of denial as usual for the Turkish authorities. "He also sent an open letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs, which represents a unique in its kind of admission of guilt Turk since the armistice in 1918: "I have noticed that in discussions of the Armenian issue wines are usually placed at the threshold of the governors and military commanders ... If orders for the extermination of the Armenians started from the main headquarters of the Party Ittihad, allegedly, the question of subsequent offenses is even more serious. I would like to bring to your attention those of barbarism committed by the Armenians, which took the form of "scientific" methods. It would be against my conscience to bring these issues into oblivion. Therefore, I call upon my honor and conscience of the committee members to investigate and give them the fact that I personally had to watch. They decide on preventive measures, those responsible for atrocities. In January 1916, when a raging epidemic of typhoid fever, on the orders of the chief health officer of the Third Army innocent Armenians, who have been identified for deportation from Erzindzhana, injections with the blood of typhoid patients without prior decontamination of blood. This experiment, which could raise except for animals intended for vivisection, has led to an agonizing death of a large number of casualties of the Armenians, who urged that the injections are made ​​for therapeutic protection against infection with typhoid. When Emeritus Professor Hamdi Saud published in the journal Military Medicine article from his researches, he only said that the experiments were conducted on "people sentenced to death," not obgovarivaya their Armenian identity. I have personally witnessed the criminal experiments, which indicated the professor put on people whose guilt was that they were Armenians. Head of the Central Military Hospital in Erzindzhane, Refet, two doctors from the Armenians, assisted him, as well as Dr. Salaheddin, the chief doctor of the hospital the Red Crescent Society of this city, devoted to all the details of the crime.
    These unspeakable atrocities committed against the Armenians, were both pseudo-scientific and administrative properties. They have a spot on the entire medical profession. I am ready to provide further details on this case. "
    Referred to in this letter, Dr. Salaheddin replied as follows. He was, unfortunately, the details are familiar with the events in the central hospital Erzindzhana, and he is ready to cooperate with authorities in the apprehension of those responsible for these acts, his conscience will be cleared spot with a dishonored the profession of doctor will be washed away, and turkizm freed from the heavy burden . Because "... a large number of Armenians subjected to this inhuman experiments, they are unlikely to have contributed to improvement of others ... No positive results were obtained in the course of these experiments. Unfortunate Armenians, whose life has been relegated to a level below the cattle were sacrificed in the name of dubious scientific research. As I recall, the blood that was taken from the Armenian patients infected with typhus, disarm, as required by ad hoc medical rules only when vaccination injections were made ​​by the Governor Erzindazhana Tahseen.
    Midst of the unfolding scandal, Dr. A. Khanjian reported that Professor Hamdi Suad, the author experiments with typhoid serum, is a psychiatric cure-induced acute psychosis, and forcibly kept in hospital medical school. It is very important in this context that one of the companions of Dr. Shakir in his memoirs, wrote about his active participation in the initiation of measures to combat typhoid. It turns out that in the same city Erzindzhane experiments with typhoid serum also raises the army doctor, Captain Hamid. According to testimony from an officer of the Armenian origin of the 90 th Regiment, thirtieth Infantry Division, the third Ottoman army, the objects of his experiments were all the same Armenians Cadets Training School officers of the reserve, open at the beginning of the war and has about 150 Armenians. According to the witness that the main purpose of Professor Hamdi Suad in the experiments was to determine the "differential impact of serum on bodies such as the heart, brain, liver, and so on. For this purpose he used the soldiers of Armenian descent, involved in the construction battalions." The only Register of documents on these medical experiments kept in the Central State Historical Archives of Armenia, where they reportedly are indexed and cataloged.
    Called Turkish doctors involved in the genocide of the Armenian population, "Butcher", there would be an insult, because many of them myself and perceived. Arab officials of the empire, held a training school for civil servants the Ottoman Empire and who had access to some well-known to the Turks, genocide perpetrators that is, to "senior officers and officials of the managers Diyarbakir, leads a self-image of a Turkish doctor:" Doctor named Aziz Bey told me that when he was in Merzifune in the governorate of Sivas, he heard that a caravan of Armenians directed to the destruction site. He went to Kaymakamu (Managed Area) and told him: "You know that I'm a doctor, and between doctors and butchers, there is little difference, because the doctors basically the busy and that cut people. Duties Kaymakama little these days are different from ours, they also cut the human body, I beg you to allow me to watch this operation. " Permission was granted, and the doctor went to watch. At the place of execution, he found four butchers with long knives. Gendarmes divided the Armenians into groups of ten men and one by one sent them to the butcher. Butcher ordered the Armenians rubberneck. They obeyed without a murmur, and the butcher cut them neck like sheep. The doctor was surprised at their equanimity in the face of death: they have not uttered a word, did not show any signs of fear. "
    In our context, the more significant the fact that kajmak Merzifuna (or Merzuvana), Dr. Faik, he was a doctor by profession. During his detention, a Turkish court-martial, as reported by the Turkish daily newspaper, Dr. Faik bahvalyalsya fiercely that he personally killed thousands of Armenians who were in his jurisdiction. Recognizing the significance of the massacre at Merzifune, British Deputy High Commissioner in Istanbul, Vice Admiral Richard Uebb, 17 February 1917 sent a detailed report to Balfour, in which Dr. Faik named chief organizer of the extermination and plunder of Armenian population of cities with 13 thousand people. Faik name is listed in the top of the list of performers of the Armenian Genocide.

    In the massive meticulously documented research, commissioned by the British Foreign Office during the war, the famous historian Arnold Toynbee, the massacre in Merzifune described in the introductory part of the report. "The convoys were subjected to brutal mass destruction, as soon as they reached the next town along the route." The report of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. White, president of the American College of Anatolia in Merzifune, was present in the city during the massacre, highlights the fact that "many criminals have been released and that the places of mass executions of Armenians were "... packed with gangs of criminals ... It is estimated that 12,000 Armenians of the city only a couple hundred people survived the massacre ... they were here as samples of unparalleled heroism and faith . Some Armenians, beginning his path to the executioner's ax, the courageous spirit of peace, saying goodbye, saying: "Pray for us. We will not see you anymore in this world, but someday we will meet again. "
    Professor Theodore Elmer, American college professor, confirms the role of criminals in the massacre and wrote on his personal observations of the Circassians Cavasso, who was ordered to accompany the convoy: "He came back a day or two later and told him a thousand two hundred or more people from the convoy of Armenians lined in rows of five, with hands bound, and driven towards Amasya ... they drove to a prearranged place. Here the captives were stopped and fives with his hands began to drive in a tent ... where they cut open with axes. "
    In his report dated 26 August 1915 a representative of the American Consulate in Samsun, Mr. Peter wrote that he had unsuccessfully tried to stop the deportation of the Armenians, who worked at the college and hospital Merzifuna. According to him, Dr. Faik considered the offer 300 gold Turkish pounds for each of the Armenians of the hostages to prevent their deportation, but it seemed to him, "kajmak, commander of the gendarmerie and the Mayor of Beled Reis could not agree on how to divide this sum .
    In the scheme of the Ottoman domination like zhivoderstvo is no exception. As Toynbee wrote this: "The challenge, which answer the Ottoman Empire, is to handle with his new subjects as the human herd, evolving only to the level of the human equivalent of watchdogs Nomad." However, there are herds in order to satisfy needs of their masters: another excuse for their existence there. As soon as they become useless or benefit from them is reduced and they are regarded as a burden, not wealth, they are sent to slaughter. The only difference with the loss of human life that they are no matter what should not be used after the murder. Slaughterhouse Armenians was functional and at another level: she served as the highest goal turkizma - creating homogeneous ethnic composition of the nation.
    However, none of the above considerations can not explain some other ways of barbarous treatment of the Armenians, which are abundant in the discourse of genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. For example, the Turkish ophthalmology demonstrated irrational cruelty, whose objectives can not be analyzed from a functional point of view. In his retrospective book, internationally renowned photographer Karsh tells of a case with the Armenian girl, an orphan, survivor of the genocide, which was in charge "of his family ...", it (Karsh) mother always admonished her to use your hands instead of eyes, which were the most cruel manner poked out. " There is a remarkable story of the mother of Konya, which is the spring of 1919 took her newborn baby to the doctor. Her story sheds light on the source of violence. In this article, bitterly entitled "Patriotism Turkish doctor," she tells us about the conversation she heard in the waiting room in a foreign language between the two Turkish ophthalmologists: "That's how we do it. It should be blinded by one of them a week. " When she returned home and put lotion, issued by an ophthalmologist, a child's eye, the eye began to swell, and the pupil to blur. She drove the child in Istanbul at the reception to the famous doctor. She was told that a solution which has been sustained lotion, issued to her, led to the irretrievable loss of the eye and has already begun the destruction of the second eye. Only if the mother realized the meaning of words, overheard her in the waiting room.

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    Re: Dr. Faiq bragged that personally killed thousands of Armenians ... "

    American Mabel Evelyn Elliott has worked in Istanbul during the truce chief doctor at the hospital of the Company to provide humanitarian assistance in the Middle East. In her memoirs, she described the medical cases from his experience as a representative of the Association of American Women's Hospitals. Here is one of the described cases of Armenian girls in the hospital in Ushkyudare, a suburb of Istanbul, where Florence Nayntingeyl laid the foundation of the Red Cross and the traditions of contemporary nurses: "You should have seen them as they remembered me, one by one passing through my consulting room: gentle, well- educated girls, dressed with an instinctive sense of taste, even in borrowed clothes, with a delicately combed hair and shiny nails, they always talked in a low voice. None of them had never talked about his life during the war. For the first time, perhaps, their silence was disturbed by the need to respond to medical questions of professional qualities, and when they started talking, it seemed that they did not stop. Stories and flowed from them. It was hard to believe first in what I had heard. The doctor sees a deeper abyss of human society than any other person, except that the priest, but I was known only to American lives ... It's amazing what these girls can see and experience it and sit in front of me with their stories about what happened. Their stories differed little from each other: the difference is more felt in the individual temperament of the girl child. Some sat quietly, with folded hands and softly spoke incessantly about their everyday, every word is increasingly turning pale, while bloodless lips do not become completely white. Other enlivened, gradually losing control over itself, and ended up screaming and crying. He was the best of this opportunity to pour out the bitterness, which so long tormented by a silence of their souls, and I never stopped them. I was sitting in a small white room, and listened ... was among them a girl, whose story gave fantastic unbelievable. Even with my eyes closed, it was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in this nation, celebrated their feminine beauty. delicate features of her face seemed to have survived to us from ancient sculptures of the great masters, and her skin was transparent, like a baby and her body was one of the rhythmic line. But when she opened her eyes, it was painful to look at it. In one eye socket was ripped out eyeball so grotesque, that seemed like a gargoyle ... I could not believe what I saw. I'm used to a cooling soul horrors, but it was beyond my strength. When a knife or a hot rod can render to such mutilation of beauty, why should a man given to the finest tools for the surgery? "I can not answer this question. The answer to this question is so deeply ingrained in the Turkish character, that Only the Turks, probably, can give an answer, because I checked his eyes and saw the truth of her story. Microscopic scars were still visible on the tiny muscles eyes. A well-prepared, thin skill Turkish surgeon used all his experience to so disfigure the Armenian girl. He was engaged in this complex operation when thousands of Turkish soldiers died in hospitals from wounds sustained in fighting in their homeland, and a shortage of hirugicheskoy care. "
    This manifestation of concentrated centuries of hatred, turned into a professional sadism can not be viewed outside the context of the social system in which such hatred bear and ripening for such an unworthy title rights of remuneration at the appropriate time. Data from the narrative of Dr. Elliott and her comments confirm this conclusion, highlighting the nature and scope of the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

    Between the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and the destruction of xxxs, Slavs and gypsies by the Nazis during the Second World War are striking similarities in the behavior of the performers. In this sense, the Armenian Genocide can be seen as a precedent for the ensuing Nazi project. It is hard to deny that the Armenian genocide, in some respects directly influenced, if not stimulated the extermination of xxxs, Slavs, Gypsies and other peoples by the Nazis.
    The most significant of these similarities are the episodes with experiments on human beings that were used as guinea pigs for the serum antidote for fever. Moreover, fear of epidemic typhus caused a similar patern of behavior in the Ottoman and the Nazi authorities. Robert Jay Lifton, referring to the general behavior of Nazi doctors, said "extensive sadism," which was present in the general scheme of "mass murder." Contraption disguised as a procedure of "disinfection", but cause instant death to babies, victims of genocide in Trabzon, oppresses its prototypical Nazi gas chambers. Likewise, if not more, important is the fact that Turkish and Nazi physicians not only identified themselves with the performers, but they acted as functionaries and leaders of a monolithic political party, which controlled the state. The sources of the Armenian genocide is no shortage of narratives of Turkish doctors who risked their own lives, hid their Armenian counterparts or deportantov. But in the environment in which they worked, such conduct was a deviation from prevailing norms. Courageous revelations of two Turkish surgeons who made ​​them in the first months of the armistice, about how young Armenians were used as guinea pigs, as well as transience, which Turkish nationalists to close the topic, well illustrates this environment.
    Turkish doctors and surgeons, to the extent to which they were involved in the process of achieving the target of the Party Ittihad, without hesitation becomes the servant of the party. Their little worried about the emergency of war, on the contrary, the global war, which has plunged Turkey Ittihad Party, inspired them with his new abilities. This involvement was not without rough opportunism and the extent to fanaticism, which served as their surrogate for what Nietzsche called "exquisite cruelty" for the art and science of treatment. Hippocratic oath they shamelessly could throw in a landfill for useless. Another phenomenon, which found significant similarities between the genocide of Armenians during the First World War and the destruction of erveev, Slavs and Gypsies during the Second: the destruction of Armenian doctors had serious consequences both for the Turkish military, and for the Turks from the civilian population, who perished during the war including the lack of medical care. As he wrote a Swiss chronicler of the war: "Armenian army doctor, who tirelessly worked day and night in the hospitals of the Ottoman Turkish saving lives, have been eliminated." This category was included and the service medical staff of Armenian descent. Class Armenian health professionals Ottoman Empire suffered irreparable loss, comparable with the losses of the Armenian people. Many of them have disappeared, others have fallen victim to an epidemic or on the battlefield. But for those who were killed in the massacre, often without the participation of their Turkish counterparts, the Armenian sources are the following statistics: reliably known facts about the deliberate destruction of 67 physicians and surgeons, 54 pharmacists, 10 dentists and 7 medical students. Such destruction of representatives of the medical class of the Armenians was not the last factor that predetermined conditions are appalling sanitation, lack of necessary medical assistance, in which Turkish troops stayed in the trenches of World War I, conditions, unthinkable for the German army.
    Even in the agony of defeat in war flywheel slaughter of Armenians did not cease its rotation, as if registering the level of frustration Young Turk monsters of unfinished business. So, Dr. Shakir (pictured), in anticipation of imminent defeat by the American consul in Erzurum, Stapleton gave the commander of Russian troops, who are about to be solely responsible to take the city, that "if from the head of at least one Turk, hair fall, then the answer is to destroy all that remained of the Armenian nation. "Shakir added:" The paramount to from Istanbul to India and China established a unified Muslim population with Syria as a liaison between the Mohammedan peoples of Asia and Africa. This extensive project will be executed by the scientific genius and the organizational talents of the Germans and Turks unwavering hand. "


    The fact that none of the doctors and medical workers Ottoman Empire engaged in genocide of the Armenian people did not receive the appropriate punishment - only some have been involved as a pro-forma to the prosecution of the charges without penalty - an instructive example of how justice and power in Turkey worked hand in hand. Careful preparatory work undertaken by the victorious allies for the tribunal, designed to "condemn the war criminals who are accused in the massacre, were in vain. Activities of the Turkish military field courts has been stopped, and then abolished with the advent of Mustafa Kemal. To exploit the differences between the allies, weakened in World War I and political crisis, Ataturk eventually able to impose his will in 1923 with the signing of the Lausanne agreement, which Winston Churchill, with his sarcasm, said: "History will in vain search for the word Armenia.

    Elena Shuvaeva-Petrosyan
    The newspaper New Times