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Charles Aznavour Invite You To Testify

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  • Charles Aznavour Invite You To Testify

    This message is extremely important !


    Dear Compatriot and Friend,

    We solemnly commemorated the 91st ceremony of the remembrance in memory of the Genocide of 1915 perpetrated by the "Young Turks" government of Ottoman Empire. May 18, 2006, the French Parliament did not have the advisability of being able to approve the bill penalizing the negation of the Armenian Genocide after the profanation of the Memorial of Lyon city (France). In turn, our sons and daughters should not have to struggle to make the Turkish State recognize the ignominy of the Genocide inflicted on our people. Their future should be normal and happy within a society that has made peace with itself. This is why we are making a solemn call to the whole community so that every one of its members can witness the drama that has affected them personally on 1915.

    We are asking men and women from all continents to stand vigilant, as the memory of the Martyrs is decried, as unprecedented violence is being inflicted on the sons and daughters of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, and as the very existence of our identity, symbolized by the vestiges of our culture, is being willfully wiped out.

    Today, Armenians are the target of the denial of the crime of which their parents were innocent victims.

    Scorned, bruised, exasperated, but nevertheless Armenian, we have to tell the world, once and for all, that the time for geopolitical procrastination has passed. We are not claiming to be victims, but protesters for simple justice. In the absence of burial sites, enables every one of us to write in the names of those who lost their lives on our ancestral soil. Once this has been done, another task will be invoked: to insure the permanent recognition of the Genocide of the Armenian people and the inevitable consequences of recognition.

    This is the first time that a website of this type has been published. A map of Asia Minor, which can be found on the homepage, which is dated 1920 (Treaty of Sevres), shows the Armenia whose contours were outlined May 1920 by US President Woodrow WILSON. The idea is to allow Diaspora Armenians to locate the birthplace of ancestors who disappeared during the Genocide, and to enter their names in a database. A second interactive operation allows people to view the names that have been entered, region by region, and make contact with a family from the same place but now living on the other side of the world; a promise for the family to eventually be reunited.

    Just like a petition, the recording of the names of the victims will become a recognized document render to the United Nations, the only institution whose competence in this area is acknowledged by Turkey.

    Brought to task, the Turkish government has embarked on an unprecedented campaign of denial of strength of which Armenians would again be the victims.
    The time has come for all Armenians to resist.

    Therefore, on the occasion of the 91st commemoration of this human cataclysm, we call upon each of to resist falling into silent consent by visiting the website now at to see for yourselves and to help show that our dead have names. This is our duty.

    To honor the memory of our 1,500,000 Martyrs, please pass this information, in urgency, on to other descendants of victims.

    Thank you very much.

    Jean ECKIAN
    WorldWide Campaign “Our Dead Have Names”
    Co-organizer of the recording « Aznavour for Armenia »

    Charles AZNAVOUR
    Roving Ambassador of Armenia
    Ambassador of Goodwill at UNESCO
    Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honor
    Commander of the Order of Arts & Letters
    Commander of the National Order of Merit
    Large Medal of French Academy

    Pr. Verjine SVAZLIAN (Armenia)
    Doctor of Sciences
    Leading Researcher
    Museum-Institute of the Armenian Genocide,
    Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography,
    National Academy of Sciences.

    xxxxran KOUYMJIAN (USA)
    Haig & Isabel Berberian Professor of Armenian Studies
    Director, Armenian Studies Program
    California State University, Fresno

    Youri DJORKAEFF (France – USA)
    International Soccer player,World champion 1998
    (currently in the team of the Red Bulls of New York)

    Alexis GOVCIYAN (France)
    President of Coordination Council of Armenian Organisations of France
    & Europe of the Memory / -

    Postdoctoral Scholar
    Stoddart Supramolecular Chemistry Group
    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    University of California, Los Angeles

    Richard ABDALIAN
    Senior Vice-President (Intl operations)
    Universal Music Mobile

    Berdj ACHDJIAN
    Achdjian Gallery

    Researcher of Armenian Research Center

    Claude ANOUCHIAN
    Apostolic Church website (Creator-Administrator)

    Armand ARAPIAN
    Opera singer

    Jean Garbis ARTIN (Marseilles, France))
    Research Association of the Armenian Memory

    Armen ASATRYAN, MD, MPH - Atlanta, GA (USA)

    Hayk R. ASATRYAN (Armenia) « Light a Candle » campaign
    Light a Candle website (Originator-Administrator)

    Vahagn AVEDIAN (Sweden) « Let's Light the Night » campaign
    Armenica (Project Manager)

    Simon AYNEDJIAN (Cyprus)
    Gibrahayer e-magazine (Chief Editor)

    Armand BAHADOURIAN (Lyon-France)
    Chevalier of the National order of Merit
    President of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Lyon-France

    Aram BARCEGHIAN (Argentina) « Armenia Forever » campaign
    Armenian Communities of Latin America and Spain
    Coordinator (IAN website)

    Jean-Pierre BERBERIAN
    Armenian Euro-Association (Spokesman)
    Local Councillor of Marseilles city
    Chevalier on National Merit Order

    Rev. Fr. Dr. Khatchadour BOGHOSSIAN, Pastor
    Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church (Worcester, Mass. USA)

    Marie BOGHOSSIAN ** Yeretzgin ** (Worcester, Mass. USA)

    Me Haytoug L. CHAMLIAN (Canada)
    Attorney -at- Law

    Diana DERGARABETIAN (Argentina)
    Sardarabad (Editor)

    Denis DONIKIAN
    French writer (Armenian Cause)

    David C.EKCHIAN (Switzerland)
    Switzerland-Armenia Association (website)
    Originator-Administrator :

    Alain GERARD In charge of
    Imprescriptible website against genocide denial

    Sako GESOKSHENIAN (Lebanon)
    Proud to be Armenian website (Creator-Administrator)

    Alain GUZELBODUR (France)
    AGBU Paris (Youth Chairman)

    Garo HAKOPIAN (Sweden)
    Chairman : Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden.

    Armin « R-Mean » HARIRI (USA)
    « Open Wounds » (video)

    Serguei HOVSEPIAN Programmer (USA)
    National Chaldhood Cancer Foundation
    Armenian news aggregator

    Hrach KALSAHAKIAN (United Arab Emirats)
    AZAD hye website (Originator-Administrator)

    Jean-Claude KEBADJIAN
    Armenian Research Center

    International Academy Ararat of Sciences

    Alfred MARKARIAN (Australia)
    Garoon Armenian Monthly
    Sports Publisher

    Seta MARTAYAN (Italy)
    Armenian Community Association of Roma & Lazio

    Roger MERIAN
    Psychanalyst, Rennes University

    Misak OHANIAN (United Kingdom)
    (CEO), Centre for Armenian Information & Advice (CAIA)

    Armen G. SARKISIAN (Uruguay)
    Armenian Portal website (Originator – Administrator)

    Burbank ANC Activist

    Yervant SIMONIAN (Brazil)
    Armenia Brazil Association website
    Originator – Administrator

    Jean Varoujan SIRAPIAN :
    Tchobanian Institut
    Founder President

    Ara TORANIAN Editor (France)
    Nouvelles d Armenie Magazine
    News paper and website

    GenocideEvents website

    Jeannine VARTANIAN
    Chevalier of the National order of Merit
    Edouard VARTANIAN
    Chevalier of the Legion of Honor
    Tebrotzassere school

    Vahe VARTANIAN (Italy)
    Friendships Armeno-Italian Association (Zatik)

    Hrant S. VARTZBEDIAN (Egypt)
    Armenians United Worldwide

    Eilian WILLIAMS (Walles, UK)
    Wales-Armenia Solidarity

    YEVROBATSI website
    Editorial staff

    « Never Again » campaign

    Because Union makes Force, you also, add your signature to the list of the international personalities, and send this mail amongst your friends circle and to activate your networks.Be our spokesperson in your area !

    Thank you very much.