According to Israelis themselves one of their defense website (link below) states that Israel is to supply Turkey with Condor2 EO/IR Long-Range Oblique Photography System (EO/IR LOROP). No suprise to me but worth mentioning in regards to the detoriating relationships between Israel and Turkey.

generates simultaneous high resolution visible and IR images, covering wide areas in a short time span. The key advantage of Condor2’s oblique photography is reduced risk to the aircraft by enabling photography at higher altitudes and longer stand-off distances, thus distancing the platform from ground threats such as anti-aircraft missiles. Our oblique photography systems incorporate an innovative electro-optical camera, based on unique technological and optical capabilities developed in-house at Elop.

The fully autonomous Condor®2 system can operate from a wide variety of platforms including supersonic fighter aircraft, business jets and maritime patrol aircraft at altitudes of up to 65,000 feet. The self-contained payload houses the camera, containing a Cassegrain Ritchey-Chretien mirror telescope with a linear array of butted CCD detectors and IR detectors in the focal planes. The system's autonomous navigation capability is INS/GPS embedded on the camera. The payload also contains a System Management Unit (SMU) and Video Processing Unit (VPU). The peripheral units, such as the data link, digital solid-state recorder, air-conditioning unit, and power supply, also reside in the pod.

This will be a very high technological transfer from Israel to Turkey.


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