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The Paranormal Thread

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    Originally posted by Anonymouse
    I don't dispute that, there are two laws of physics, the ones we know, and the ones we don't know. Since we don't know that, it defies current explanations.
    ..untill we know a 0.01% of those things .. and start celebrating
    My life is my own reaction. It is my own echo ..


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      The Phoenix Lights

      Exclusive to
      Compiled by James Neff
      All material ©2002, Jeff Willes

      When one hears "the Phoenix Lights" almost everyone generally has one image in mind and one idea; 7 to 9 intensely bright balls of light forming a slight "V" shape in the night sky over Phoenix, Arizona on the evening of March 13, 1997. That night dozens of video-cam operators and thousands of Phoenix residents witnessed the appearing and disappearing of brilliant UFO(s) which hovered over the city just beyond the Estrella mountain range, a spectacle so astonishing that even the national news could not cover it up or blow it off as a flock of geese or mere space debris re-entry.

      But did you know that video footage was shot earlier that same day, in roughly the same location, of equally bright, glowing objects over Phoenix? While the military attempted to scrub the UFO story in the days following the event with claims of flares being dropped by nearby Luke Air Force Base, Jeff Willes, a Phoenix resident and UFO hunter, knew better. He had videotaped the same intensely bright objects hovering and maneuvering over Phoenix earlier that same day -- these were definitely not flares! (Jeff says that night he did indeed see flares, so he saw the two different lights and doesn't believe they are the same thing. His video more than proves this fact).

      Local FOX 10 affiliate put Jeff's footage and story on the air, interviewing Jeff and featuring the night-time Phoenix light footage as well. Remarkably, FOX 10 didn't try to make Jeff look like a nutball, or dismiss the UFO sightings, but presented a curious, journalistically sound exposé on the anomalous event. I guess it's a little hard to pan a story that so many thousands of other credible witnesses also experienced, but this was unusually friendly television coverage. Perhaps this time, because Jeff was simply not alone -- the whole city of Phoenix were guests to the many sightings -- and his footage provided excellent evidence that turned most of the debunking claims of the night-footage into vapor rather quickly. FOX even offered its viewing audience some of Jeff's other remarkable UFO footage, as he spends a lot of time outdoors shooting the skies, watching for UFOs. It has paid off and Jeff has the goods, as we will see.

      On the 13th of March, Willes was taking his usual video survey of the Phoenix skies when suddenly strange spheres of intensely bright light appeared hovering motionless in the sky. Experienced in shooting UFO footage, Jeff framed the shot with the mountain range for visual reference and several necessary zooms and pans. The orbs of light seem to just dangle there, silently in the cloudy sky, slightly twinkling but by no means strobing, neither did they exhibit any standard FAA flashing lights. As the minutes passed, one of the objects began to slowly move off in another direction until it disappeared beyond the looming cloud bank. The movement was almost imperceptible. The remaining object, still glowing brilliantly then began to move in the same direction and Jeff tailed it steadily with his cam until it, too, moved out of sight, becoming just a tiny glimmer in the distant atmosphere. On Jeff's video, watching the full sequence in fast-forward mode really reveals the remarkable movement of these utterly anomalous objects in the sky, and it becomes abundantly clear they are below the low cloud cover. They very clearly cannot be jets or planes, balloons, ultra-lights, flares, helicopters, stars, planets or swamp gas.

      The entire taped event lasts approximately 30 minutes. Later that evening, the startling appearance of the 7-9 shining UFOs in the night sky in distinct formation all but serves to verify that what Jeff Willes was shooting in the daylight came back to hover in the same spot, only this time with a few 'friends.' Jeff says those lights were directly over them, while the orbs he shot earlier in the daytime were captured from the mountains west of the city. Willes footage also seems to suggest that the Phoenix lights were not attached to one extremely large object, as some conjecture, but was composed of many individual, glowing UFOs (unless what Jeff captured were merely scout craft for the location for a much larger UFO?).

      In the digitized images below, what Jeff videotaped is laid out in sequence, from initial appearance to final movement. The quality and clarity of the video itself is hundreds of times greater. The lights at first hover, motionless. The intensity of the lights appear to shift from very brilliant to dim, then, each moves off becoming undiscernible to the camera.

      Achkerov kute.


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        It's so true that there are UFOs, because it's impossible in the entire universe to be only in Earth; life. There are lots of solar systems with the same as ours and obviously lives in those planets, maybe more advanced than we are!!!
        NASA labs have UFOs and they're experimenting on them. Aliens are not myths, they are true, they are around us and we cannot see them.
        Ha Ha



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          There is an alien posting right here in these forums. His name is Dan.
          Achkerov kute.


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            by Barry Chamish

            The respected American UFO abduction researcher Derrel Sims arrived in Israel in mid-January (1997) for five days of intensive work. His primary goal was to thoroughly test a Netanya household over three days and then look into the case of Yuri Isaacov of Nazareth who underwent a bizarre abduction last September. By the end of his trip, Sims also examined another abductee, Yossi Saguy.


            On Dec. 31, 1996 at 7:55 PM, Shoshana Bar-on, a fortiesh mother and grandmother, was returning home from Tel Aviv by car with her live-in boyfriend Ilan Cohen. Both spotted an orange/red disk flying over the seaside cliffs of Netanya. Ilan stopped his car and both chased the object. They saw it break into three parts; one part further split into dozens of glowing plates which fell on the beach below.

            Shoshana bent over the cliff and saw four typical small greys on the ledge below. She called Ilan over to look but he could not see the entities. She stood up and saw a nine-foot long, clam-shaped craft appear opposite her. The top of the "clam" opened and she saw four entities, three in a row and a pilot sitting forward, seated in tight, tiny chairs.

            One of the entities floated vertically from the craft and stunned Shoshana with his "white projector-like beams coming from his eyes.” He approached her and rubbed her arm to the neck with a stubby, soft hand. She later recalled that his touch didn't feel bad. Nonetheless she was screaming at Ilan to save her but he didn't hear anything. He watched her slowly collapse to the ground but could not run to pick her up because he was "frozen, magnetized to the spot."

            Within a few minutes he found the strength to approach her but couldn't lift her because, "She felt like a concrete block buried in the ground.” With much effort, he finally did manage to drag her away but she insisted he take her back "in a voice that wasn't her own.” Ignoring her request, he pulled her to the road, several hundred yards distant where he flagged down a car which drove them to a nearby hospital.

            At this point the story becomes strange enough to scare off any rational UFO investigator. Shortly after admitting Shoshana with a burnt face, Ilan decided he didn't like the treatment they were receiving and before being released, escaped the hospital with Shoshana, the police trailing right behind.

            They made good their escape, returned to their apartment where Ilan called a long list of local UFO researchers to attend, essentially, a press conference. Within an hour, about a dozen ufologists surrounded the bed where Shoshana and Tali, Ilan's eleven-year-old daughter from a previous marriage lay.

            Over the next week, Ilan dragged the researchers on numerous wild UFO chases until all had written him off as berserk. Hearing a rumor that Maariv reporter David Ronen was about to print an unfavorable report of him, Ilan had a lawyer issue a restraining order against him, preventing publication of his piece.

            Nonetheless, both Ilan and Shoshana appeared on television Channel Two's 5 PM news program and I was impressed by their story. I called the station and agreed to meet them the next day despite dire warnings within the UFO community.

            Shoshana modestly related her story and told me of other phenomenon: a drilling sound in her left ear, horrid headaches, a pungent stench when the spirits entered the apartment, an ammonia-like taste in the mouth after, a needle puncture behind her ear. Her story was sincere and the puncture mark real.

            Ilan, far too energetically added details. His daughter had been visited by spirits or whatever they were for the past year. They were stealing away her devotion to him and transferring it to them. He had videos made of the UFOs flying over the cliff and he returned to the encounter site and collected strange rocks left on the ground.

            The rocks sold me. One was light and brown. When you lit it with a match it bubbled and melted. Drippings from the rock landed on the table and immediately turned hard and black. I had never seen a rock like that and didn't believe Ilan capable of creating one for a hoax.

            I phoned my editor Michael Hesemann and gave my verdict that this was a powerful case. Accepting my conclusion, I was flattered that Hesemann quickly organized Sim's trip to Israel to investigate in depth.

            He arrived on a Friday and Ilan gave a demonstration that was an immediate doubt-breaker. He took out a shiny rock found at the encounter site and placed it on an ice cube. Though it had not been heated and was at room temperature, it melted right through the ice and became almost as cold as it. Derrel and I agreed that we had never heard of a rock that does anything like this. Where did the heat come from?

            Derrel next passed a black light over Shoshana. Explaining that fluorescence is a common feature of alien encounters; he found what he was looking for in her hands. Her palms and fingers glowed yellow green and near perfect fluorescent circles were found just below her thumb. The soles of her feet also displayed subdermal fluorescence.

            We went to sleep; I relieved that I had not dragged Derrel ten thousand miles for nothing. The next day, Derrel began serious questioning, designed in part to trip Soshana up. Ilan didn't approve of the approach, in fact was confused by it and became increasingly more intrusive.

            With great difficulty, Shoshana drew, under Derrel's skilled guidance, accurate drawings of prototypical small greys about 90 cm in height and possessing arms that dangled below the knees. With even more difficulty

            Derrel succeeded in putting Shoshana under light hypnosis. She recalled the incident three times but each time she saw the "projector eyes" her face contorted and she snapped to with a painful headache.

            Despite a failure to recall her encounter in detail by hypnosis, other evidence strengthened her case. Ilan had been recording puncture marks all over her body and tiny black orbs that fell from them. He collected a number from previous intrusions and pointed out recent marks. These were photographed by us and the orbs collected for later testing.

            As evening approached I stood by the window and smelled a stench that shocked me. I yelled, "The smell, it's here.” It was like burnt tires and it came from nowhere. No electric appliance or any other source could explain its presence. It filled my sinuses and left a lingering, awful taste in my mouth. Derrel was next to smell it and did so on four other occasions in four other locations in the apartment. There was no logical explanation for it.

            As the investigation continued, Ilan became impossible. Seeing that Shoshana and his daughter were the main foci of the research, he became totally intrusive and insulting when things weren't done his way. I was warned that this would happen but was unprepared for how irritating the behavior could

            be. I left the apartment in anger at 2 AM vowing to return only for the final hypnotic session the next day.

            Derrell warned Ilan that he would be the next to leave unless he removed himself while he was examining Shoshana and Tali. He acquiesced and Derrel gathered more vital evidence. A red ball of energy had entered Shoshana's bedroom the previous week and she told it to go away. Five minutes later it appeared outside her window. She had told me the same story previously only she ordered the ball away from Tali's room and it changed directions before leaving.

            Tali's tales of abductions dovetailed with Shoshana's. The beings flew in a craft too small for Shoshana to fit it. They had a spare chair just big enough for her to fit into. The next day she told me she had to sit in the

            snug chair while flying or she would float around the little craft. She also added that when they took off, her stomach rose from the propulsion.

            Tali was just as persuasive as Shoshana because of both her sharpness and her innocence. She knew the names of two of her abductors; Shimshon, the nice one and Makhluf, not as nice. When Derrell drew her a picture of a somewhat more elongated face, she recoiled from fear. She added details of the chairs Shoshana had drawn. Because Shoshana had only seen the craft at eye-level, she had not seen the legs of the chairs but she had seen arms with control buttons on them. Tali had seen the same arms and buttons but the legs as well. And both confirmed that the beings had rather stubby fingers.

            Tali had described a site near a beachside hotel where she said the beings lived. Ilan insisted on taking Derrel to the location though he had misgivings. Two nights before Ilan had taken us to the cliffs to point out

            UFOs which were clearly boats and planes. But this time he didn't disappoint. Telling Derrel to stand away, Ilan walked to a spot some yards distant and was quickly surrounded by usually skittish alley cats. Something drew them to him in unexplainable numbers.

            An added factor that must be considered is the location of Netanya, some ten miles west of the village of Kadima. Since 1993, this tiny area has seen five highly documented encounters with tall aliens; at least fifteen landing circles imbued with a red cadmium-based liquid and hundreds of craft sightings.

            Our mutual conclusion was that the cases of Shoshana and Tali are genuine. Derrel believes Shoshana was not abducted, the craft's size would mitigate against that but Tali was on numerous occasions. We agreed that the case is a strong one but because of the difficulty, in fact, near impossibility of working properly, we would not want to do a repeat investigation.
            Achkerov kute.


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              Hey, I can't believe I missed this thread. Thanks Anon!

              A lot of abductees report experiences of time travel alternate dimensions. That has yet to be explained. Do you think it's a possibility or just science fiction?
              Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.
              ~Albert Einstein

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