Where do dreams come ?
A question for the intellect .
A portion of a dream:
I was standing in the middle of air
Their was no floor , no ceiling , no walls
Everywhere I looked I could see
As far as I could see
The longer I looked
The further I could see
It was clearer than I had ever seen before
After looking around for awhile
I saw something but I couldnt tell what it was
So I started walking toward it
After walking for awhile I could make out what it was
It was an empty chair
And I remember thinking ( at least ) 2things to myself : this chair must be very special because it was all
by itself --- billions and trillions of miles and just one chair:and I thought : this chair must be enourmouse
Then after that without taking any more steps I was standing much , much closer to the chair
And someone was sitting in the chair
And I was looking at that someone from just below the knees
And when I lifted up my eyes
This is him that I saw
Except for his eyes he looked like a man
He had legs and arms and a body ( big girth on his body , from stomach to chest he was huge
He had a beard and a mustach
He had lines in his forehead
And his hair formed a peak in the front and went long past his shoulders
His skin that wasn't covered by his beard was youthful
But his eyes
I'm going to fail know but I will try
You know how an old person sometimes gets swollen puff bags under their eyes?
He had enourmouse swollen puff bags but instead of being only under his eyes they went all around each eye
I just failed then
I could talk for forty lifetimes and never come close
He looked older than old
His face spoke of eternal youth
But his eyes were the eyes of ages
And I was standing their looking at him and I wasn't even breathing
And it didn't seem to matter
And he said to me: artashes, look around
And I looked all about his chair and said: why you cast no shadow and neither does your chair, their are no shadows anywhere
And he said: as I have given you to behold me I'm going to give every one to behold me
An when they see me as you have their will be no shadow of a dought , I am
And then he said to me : my name is time
When you saw me sitting in my chair
You saw time sitting still
And then he said: when everyone sees my chair empty as you have
They will all know: time is up
Dreams, everyone's had them