A sailor comes back from Hong Kong.
He's had an erection for a week.
He goes to a doctor.
Doctor says; it's going to have to be amputated.
Sailor says; no way, I'll get another opinion.
Sailor goes to 2 more doctors and they both say it needs to be amputated.
Sailor tells his friend this story and his friend says; it's hong kong dong, you need to go to china town and see a Chinese doctor.
So sailor goes to a Chinese doctor in china town and tells him that he's had this erection for a week and all the American doctors want to amputate it.
Chinese doctor says; thats the trouble with American doctors, they always want to do surgery.
Sailor asks the Chinese doctor what he should do.
Chinese doctor says; nothing.
Sailor says; really!
Chinese doctor says; you don't need to do anything, it's going to fall off in a couple of weeks anyway.