Unlike many of the other threads, this one particularly applies to the males. I know many might disagree with the notion that sex is mainly about guys, but closer examination reveals otherwise. Everything said about girls maturing faster than boys does not apply in this case. Although there are no hard and fast rules for oral sex, I would just like to hear your opinions on this sort of maneuver during sex. I find this kind of movement subjective enough to open up for a discussion.

Let us also keep in mind that people should recognize the anti-sexual propoganda being asserted around from various parents of all ages in the world. I, for one, find it interesting how what works one time with one woman might not work with another female. However, the most important thing to do is to be aware of how her body is responding to you. With that being said, there is no force in the universe so powerful that it can prevent teenagers or parents or anyone for that matter, from getting "horny" and any rational approach to tantric sex information should acknowledge that fact, or it will be about as relevant to today's Armenian youth as old Will Smith's albums are to Urban "rap" labels today. Without further a due, let me hear your non-judgmental views on this subject matter.