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Save the Persian Leopard

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    Re: Save the Persian Leopard

    Uhh.. Christina.. there is a problem with your history...
    The "native Americans" had no way of being introduced to gunpowder that originated from China. When they did find out about guns, they were in heavy demand by the native Americans.
    They gave thanks because it was the earliest form of science - it was their way to explain things. They had to use what they could see (nature) to explain what they didn't know. That's why they called the land "Mother" because she could be seeded and "Give birth" to new life. The Moon was timed to every woman's menstrual cycle.

    As for the Chinese... some places there still do that. Also in Korea. Also in Mexico...
    The irony is: That's "time-honored tradition". They were the available food source. It wasn't til much later people got the idea to have them as domesticated animals to protect their lands. Then further to just have as pets.

    We still do a similar thing here in America, with pigs and chickens mostly.


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      Re: Save the Persian Leopard

      I'm a vegetarian and rarely eat fish or chicken. Oddly, when I try, I can't. I know how the majority die is horrible. If they were killed with a
      sharp knife where there was no nicks so so pain, that would be more humane. I saw a program where after the loyal race horses are out of
      usage, they do not win anymore or they are older, whatever, their owners sell them to Mexican companies to kill them. There is a view of a
      bad hit on the head and the man misses, that is horrible!

      I do not like the race track business either.

      there are alot of organic farms where the family owned businesses let their chickens and turkeys, etc. ruin wild and feed on natural or better
      food than the forced horrible junk in the farms where they are caged in horrible conditions. Organic alternative markets have these good ones,
      and other foods, at a higher price of course.
      I am sure everyone knows this.

      it shows the pathetic state of our civilization when people do not evolve and respect animals. There is a known saying: abusing an animal
      is the first step, then one graduates to hurting children then their spouses.

      China has no excuse in this modern age. This is 2011 not 1556!


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        Re: Save the Persian Leopard

        The crap capitalist/zionist USA does to people is even worst then what the chinese do to dogs. How did we go from talking about endangered species to dogs in china anyways?
        Hayastan or Bust.


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          Re: Save the Persian Leopard

          Christina's earlier post.


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            Re: Save the Persian Leopard

            Originally posted by Persopolis View Post
            I'm not sure if they are considered a subspecies or not. I agree with you that saving their natural habitat is key. I just think it's magical to know that we have big cats running around in those mountains and forests around the Caspian (and I hope they eat a few Pan-Turkists )

            I do know that we used to have a Caspian Tiger in Iran that was different from other Tigers - it's now extinct but you can see a picture of it here: short ears / bushy face like a lion.
            Maybe it's just as well as Tigers are very dangerous animals and those things used to kill Indians in a wholesale fashion. In ancient times Lions and Leopards where common thoughout the ancient world, even in Europe.

            European Lion

            Due to their remote extinction, little is known about these subspecies of lion. Lions feature heavily in Ancient Greek mythology and writings including myth of the Nemean Lion which was believed to be a supernatural lion which occupied the sacred town of Nemea in the Peloponese Aristotle and Herodotus wrote that lions were found in the Balkans in the middle of the first millennium BC. When Xerxes advanced through Macedon in 480 BC he encountered several lions. Before 20 BC they became extinct from Italy and around the year 1 AD from Western Europe also. Around the year 70 they were restricted to northern Greece, in the area between the rivers Aliakmon and Nestus. Finally, in the year 100 they became extinct in Eastern Europe too. After that lions in the European continent became restricted to the Caucasus, where a population of the Asiatic lion survived until the 10th century.

            The European Lion became extinct due to excessive hunting (lion hunting was popular among the Greeks and Romans), over-exploitation, and competition with feral dogs. Along with the Barbary lion and the Asiatic lion the European lion was used in the Roman arenas, where they fought against bestiarii, and animals like the Caspian tiger, the aurochs and bears. Due to geographical distribution they were more accessible to Romans than North African and Middle Eastern lions. As the European lion became increasingly rare, Romans began to import lions from North Africa and the Middle East to fight in the arenas. Further details about their extinction are unknown.



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              Re: Save the Persian Leopard

              Originally posted by Christina View Post
              I saw a program where after the loyal race horses are out of usage, they do not win anymore or they are older, whatever, their owners sell them to Mexican companies to kill them.
              Central Asian Turkic and French people eat horse meat and I don't see whats wrong with it. It costs a lot of money to feed and keep horses and I don't think that you fully understand this. It's much better that these animals be slaughtered for their meat than be allowed to starve or be otherwise mistreated.
              Last edited by retro; 05-17-2011, 01:22 AM.


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                Re: Save the Persian Leopard

                As we all know: all animals, insects, etc: are part of a ecological structure, and yes the food chain theory too, but if one animal or a bunch are
                extinct it upsets the delicate balance that the Lord made for his creation. He must love animals and variety as in the Book of Genesis, man was the
                last "animal" (LOL) to be "created."

                Such wisdom to create so many different breeds, sub breeds and all plants too-this shows a beyond comprehension of superior
                mind. Even the natural organic herbs and plants that can naturally heal us the pharamaceuticals are destroying --they take the
                natural plant or whatever it is, and since they can not, as we all know, make profit on that, they concoct horrible medicines to
                make the masses addicted and generate their profits.
                The birth control pills that women take as you know, when that enters the water supply and other meds and what not
                from humans, it is digested by the fish,and the animals that eat that, the polar bears scientists and researchers did tests
                and they are very toxic and their babies and we are doing damage to their health and species!
                Man is the worst animal of all!
                (at least the majority) Noah and a few others in the Bible found favor with the Lord.

                We are destroying the species of all kinds of animals at too fast a rate. Not just the plants and rare trees.
                Mankind needs to change the thinking of how to relate to nature. The world does not and must not be
                seen as revolving around us and neither that we can rule over or take advantage of animals.

                We are to be living in tune , husbandry and respect nature and not abuse it. In the end, what goes around
                comes around!

                Mankind has lost the connection to earth and the frequency of the place we are to be in within it.


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                  Re: Save the Persian Leopard

                  Only problem is: we can't live "peacefully" with animals.


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                    Re: Save the Persian Leopard

                    Originally posted by retro View Post
                    Maybe it's just as well as Tigers are very dangerous animals and those things used to kill Indians in a wholesale fashion. In ancient times Lions and Leopards where common thoughout the ancient world, even in Europe.
                    The problem is once these cats kill their first human they loose their fear and stop hunting their normal pray, since 1 they develope a taste for human flesh and 2 we are easier to catch. Also older males who have lost their dominance and power and are not as fast anymore target humans who are increasing in numbers and moving into their territory. Once this happens they become "man eaters" and must be killed. The only other time that hunting these types of animals is justified is population control, like wolfs....and self defense.
                    B0zkurt Hunter