Bros, been closely following the debate between Lernakan and KarotheGreat in the other thread that the new Karo the dictator closed to show us how much free speech he likes according to his signature.

But really. Wow! Really impressed by Lernakans maturity and Vahrams patriotism. but the democract turned dictator Karo reminds me of many Haysatantsis I run into in USA all the time.

Trust me guys, every single one of these "Armenia needs western values and economics" people come from Armenia's labor/lower class of society, you will find not find one intelektual or serious professional in them. They ran away from Armenias chaos in 1990s and they are living now on welfare in the USA and they pray to God for the USA everyday - Aper, Amerikan lava, Amerika siruna, Amerikan inch el ani jishta! Blahblahblah! Tsarits nor ichats mardiq en. And God forbid on of them gets a little education - wohooo they think they are geniuses LOL! Anyway bros, its all about personal character and family upbringing.

I remember Karos recent posts, he went from having Vardan Mamikonyan Avatar to having avatar of Ramkavar party. That's like having a sex change LOL! And looks like his understanding of America comes from movies and CNN.