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Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

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  • Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

    What you guys think of this?


    Atonism & the Cult of Mithras

    Atonism has operated from behind many a guise down through the long ages since it was born in, and eventually expunged from Egypt. As we reveal in our works, Atonist elements are overwhelmingly conspicuous in Judaism, Culdeanism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Gnosticism, as well as in Masonry and Templarism. We have also shown that Atonism was a corruption of Druidism and Amenism, the ancient stellar theologies.

    Authors from a Christian background, who may be apologists for Judaism and Christianity, habitually demonize Druidism and Amenism in their various works. This is inevitable it seems given their skewed perspectives of world history.

    Regardless of these regrettable prejudices which often serve to mar their works, many authors inadvertently provide us with excellent insights into the manner in which corruptions of solar worship, such as Atonism, spread throughout the world in early times.

    The famous image of the Phrygian cap-wearing solar hero Mithras slaying the bull. The image is purely Atonist. The bull symbolizes the Amenists and the old astrological "Age of Taurus"

    In this section we provide excepts from the book entitled Terror and the Illuminati, by David Livingstone. This book deals with the spread of the supposedly Persian Cult of Mithras. This cult was prominent during the period of Roman imperial expansion and during the rise of Christianity. Unlike Mr. Livingstone, however, we are convinced that this strange solar sect or cult was little more than a cover for Atonism. In our reading of Hellenistic and Roman history, Mithraism and Atonism are merely two names for the same ancient cabal. They both refer to the Dragon Court, or Brotherhood of the Snake, that has its origin in the pre-diluvian epoch.

    Those familiar with our work on the Irish origins of civilization, will understand the connections between the Egyptian, Roman, and British Atonists, and the manner in which they gained converts and worked to secure their great but insidious world order.

    Livingstone also traces the all-important connections between these Atonist or, as he refers to them - "Judaic" or "Davidic" - bloodlines, and the modern royal dynasties. He deals with the elite houses of Sinclair, Angevin, Lorraine, Guise, Welf (Guelph), Brandenburg, Hapsburg, Merovingian, Carolingian, Stuart, and Plantagenet, etc. Of great interest also were the connections between the "xxxish" Herod family and the Roman Caesars.

    Mr. Livingstone's book is technical and dryly written. He expects his readers to be familiar with the vast majority of his information. We hope, therefore, that these key extracted excerpts will provide a good summary and account of the salient points of this interesting but laborious book.

    Terror and the Illuminati
    by David Livingstone

    The Cult of Mithras
    It was in the dissemination of the original Mysteries of Mithras, that we find the first coalescence of those families which would ultimately produce the leading Illuminati bloodlines. This network was centered around the House of Herod, and included an important Armenian bloodline. The importance of this Armenian bloodline figures both in their supposed descent from the Lost Tribe, and their mixed Alexandrian and Persian heritage, a hereditary Syrian priesthood of Baal, and the family of Julius Caesar. It was the coalescence of these families, at the turn of the first Millennium BC, that effectively incepted the conspiracy. And, while the trail of these familial relationships is complicated and detailed, it is essential to examine them, in order to properly understand the origin, direction and beliefs of their successors, the Illuminati.

    Essentially, these families were responsible for the formation and spread of the Mithraism, the most popular cult of the Roman Empire. It was this cult that remained the core doctrine of the Illuminati for centuries to come. Initially, the formation of Mithraism served a conspiracy to supplant the Christian Church. It was ultimately successful, when one of their descendants, Constantine the Great, implemented Catholicism, which was but an assimilation of Mithraism, associating Jesus with the cult of the dying-god. The cult eventually penetrated to the Islamic world to produce the heresy of the Ismailis, from which emerged the first terrorist network, the Assassins. It was the legend of contact with the Assassins with the notorious Knights Templars, during the Crusades, which became the basis of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

    Initially, the cult of the heretical Magi was most prevalent in that part of Asia Minor, that is, of Armenia, Cappadocia and Pontus. Pontus was founded following the death of Alexander the Great, shortly after 302 BC. As the greater part of this kingdom lay within the immense region of Cappadocia, which in early ages extended from the borders of Cilicia to the Black Sea, the kingdom as a whole was at first called “Cappadocia towards the Pontus”, but afterwards simply “Pontus”. Pontus included not only Pontic Cappadocia, but also Colchis, and Lesser Armenia. Therefore, this cult of the Magi, which worshipped the dying-god in the form of Mithras, was most prevalent in that part of Asia Minor to which the so-called Lost Tribes had been relocated, to be later absorbed by Scythians and Medes.

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    Re: Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

    Well, no wonder that Prometheus was killed on Mount Ararat....


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      Re: Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

      Not long ago I posted a thread that in some sense deals with this topic:

      You are welcome to post any questions or comments.
      Մեր ժողովուրդն արանց հայրենասիրութեան այն է, ինչ որ մի մարմին' առանց հոգու:


      Please visit me at my Heralding the Rise of Russia blog:


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        Re: Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

        Originally posted by Armenian View Post
        Not long ago I posted a thread that in some sense deals with this topic:

        You are welcome to post any questions or comments.
        Thank you, Armenian.

        Btw, here are some videos about the so-called Illuminati bloodlines: Documentary: Bloodlines Of Power


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          Re: Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

          Originally posted by Armenian View Post
          Not long ago I posted a thread that in some sense deals with this topic:

          You are welcome to post any questions or comments.
          thanks for the link comrade.


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            Re: Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

            Sames II Theosebes Dikaios
            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            Sames or Samos II Theosebes Dikaios was a man of Armenian[1] descent who lived in the 2nd century BC. Sames was the second king of Commagene. He was the son and successor of Ptolemaeus of Commagene.

            Sames reigned as king between 130 BC-109 BC. During his reign, Sames ordered the construction of the fortress at Samosata which is now submerged by water from the Ataturk Baraji Dam. Sames died in 109 BC. His wife is unknown, his son and successor was Mithridates I Callinicus.


            May 2007

            The importance of what was said in the previous chapter needs to be grasped. It can now be proven that the mythical and Biblical dragon, because it incorporated both Harmonia and Ladon>Daphne, is the Samosata bloodline. Proof is as easy as the family (of Sames II) naming Samosata also ruling Sophene = Daphne. Therefore, the Biblical dragon goes back through the dynasty of Sames II, which was the Orontid dynasty. Not since I identified the dragon cult as the Bagratid dynasty of Armenia have I closed in on it with such tangible terms. The Bagratids, who claimed to be from king David of Israel, were also from the Orontes line.

            It's roundly believed that Samosata was a city of the Hittites of the historians. The only way for Dionysus proper (i.e. from Semele) to have become a Nesi branch Hittite people is for his Samaali branch to have settled in Nesi...which could then be calibrated as a Semele-Samosata alliance. It may not be necessary, however, to define the Nesi branch as having anything to do with the Ethiopian mount Nysa, as Nesi may have been named directly from Nuzi.

            Consider that while "Samael" was defined as a demonic character by the Hebrew-Chaldean Kabala, the same term was also made to represent the highest virtues; it's typical of Kabala to paint Satan God, and God Satan. The two following definitions of the term are followed by who made them:

            "Samael, The Demiurge, The Craftsman or Creator, the deity responsible for the creation of the physical universe. Platonism and Gnosticism

            Samael, the concealed occult Wisdom. Chaldean Book of Numbers

            For new readers, mythical Semele (mother of Dionysus) was the subject of the previous chapter. Following a theory that she depicted ancient Somalis removed to Lydia is of course a very key discovery, for who would have thought? It worked well into my previous discovery that Samosata was key to the dragon leading to "Uncle Sam" in America, especially when I found that the capital of the Hittites had been Samuha. The secondary capital had been Sapinuwa (= "land of Sapin" = Daphne), and as one can see, this appears to be an extension of Sophene.

            Suddenly, the Samaali of Ethiopia led me to find that the Samosata-Sophene dragon cult was Hittite. The Hittites are defined as peoples from the Tigris river who came to rule the Hatti city of Hattusa and continued on using the name of the city in identifying themselves, for they had lived in and around the city in previous generations and had therefore become assimilated. Since they were not in fact Hittites, a new identification is long overdue, and I would suggest Kassites from Nuzi, for it was the Nesi Hittites who overcame Hattusa. In fact, as inscriptions tell that a king of Kushar had destroyed Hatti-ruled Hattusa, the Kothar-wa-Khasis cult is suspect. This fits excellently with the known knowledge that Hittites had a close religious affiliation with the Khassi region (Kizzuwatna) of Cilicia.

            As I am pegging Khassi as a realm of the Kassites, and as I've identified Kassites with the Assi (on the Tigris), it becomes apparent that the Kassites were a major constituent of proto-Armenians, for it is known that Armenians stem from an Azzi peoples (around Lake Van). The peoples who came west to raze Hittite-ruled Hattusa, known to have been the Azzi, included the "Armatanan." The Hittite king, Hattusili III wrote:

            From afar, the Azzian enemy came and sacked all the Upper Lands and he made Samuha his frontier...From afar, the Armatanan enemy came, and he too sacked the Hatti lands. And he made Kizzuwadna, the city, his frontier. And Hattus, the city, was burned down."

            We are sorry. The page you requested cannot be found. We have recently redesigned our website and many of the pages have been moved in the process. The page you are looking for may have been removed, renamed, or is temporarily unavailable.

            "Armenia" is a development from "Arma/Urme" of Urartian and Assyrian records. Arma terms did not, apparently, exist until the Urartians, and therefore did not exist in the age of Hermes and Harmonia as per their depictions in the Greek theater. It can be deduced thereby that these two mythical terms were created (by myth writers) after Armenia proper had been formed, and that the writers had therefore viewed Hermes and Harmonia as proto-Armenian stock.

            I therefore feel that I am correct in identifying Hermes and Harmonia as Amazons of Mysia and Lydia, for it is known that Armenians proper descended from Mushki, Phrygians, and Azzi. An online writer says: "Mush-ki is the Armenian -k' plural and therefore represents the first wave of his Thraco-Phrygian infiltration [into Armenia, to form Armenia proper], while just plain Mush is Mysia and refers to the Phrygians." (webpage above)

            In this book, I have Hermes and Harmonia stemming from Armenia, when, technically, it was the other way around, something I did not realize till now. What I've meant is, not only that the two mythical characters stemmed from the land that came to be Armenia, but from proto-Armenian blood...what might have been deemed Aram in early days. In this picture, Armenians proper coming west-to-east from Phrygia (beginning 12th century BC) were just returning to the lands that their fathers possessed centuries earlier. More simply, the Azzi and their Samosata-Sophene kin, known to have been proto-Armenians, went west from proto-Armenia, made a military impression on the Hatti and Hittite kingdoms for some time, but then retreated/migrated/invaded the land which they had been in initially, at Lake Van. Hermes and Harmonia, by that time, were not only in Greece, but in Britain.

            An online forum suggests that "Armatanan" is unidentified by historians, and that the term was rare. The worse news is, the term can break down as Ar-Mitanni, which has further uncertainty as either "mountain of Mitanni," or an Armenian-Mitanni mix. Or is that good news? Only if you like fog. Prior to the Azzi taking over the Hittite kingdom, the Mitanni were over-ruling Kizzuwatna, meaning that Hittite Hattusa could have been destroyed by the Mitanni as well as the Azzi, or even that the Azzi were themselves the remnants of the Kizzuwatna Mitanni. I'm suggesting that an Azzi-branch Mitanni ruler changed the name of Adaniya to Kizzuwatna, even as "Azzi" reflects "Kizzu" quite well.
            We are sorry. The page you requested cannot be found. We have recently redesigned our website and many of the pages have been moved in the process. The page you are looking for may have been removed, renamed, or is temporarily unavailable.


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              Re: Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

              The Ashkenazi


              While the branches stemming from the families that produced Mithraism, namely the House of Commagene, of Herod, Emesa, and the Claudio-Julian line, would produce the leading families of Europe, through the intermarriage of the Saxons and the descendants of Charlemagne, these bloodlines would receive another important infusion during the Crusades. It was the intermarriage, through that pivotal period, of this Mithraic bloodline with the various aristocratic houses of Armenia, and related branches of Eastern European aristocracies, of Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary, descended from the enigmatic Khazars of southern Russia, that would ignite the activities of occult organizations, all notoriously associated with the Holy Grail, and whose most feared symbol was the skull and crossbones.

              The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, written in the ninth century AD, begins by saying that the Britons, like the Saxons, came from Armenia and the Picts of Scotland from the south of Scythia. The idea that the Scots came from Scythia is found in most legendary accounts and also in unedited versions of the Venerable Bede.[1] It was their counterparts, who chose to remain behind in the Don River Basin, who converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD, and who were known as Khazars. Therefore, these various peoples all descend from the Scythian tribes, who first appeared in Europe in the seventh century BC, when they crossed the Araxes River, the ancient name of the Aras River in Armenia, the area where the Israelites were last known before departing for Europe.

              In the article in the November 2001 issue of The American Journal of Human Genetics, Ariella Oppenheim, of the Hebrew University of Israel, wrote that her new study revealed that xxxs have a closer genetic relationship to populations in the northern Mediterranean, including Kurds, Anatolian Turks, and Armenians, than to populations in the southern Mediterranean, like Arabs and Bedouins.

              The Armenians traditionally identify themselves as descendants of Ashkenaz, the son of Magog. However, both Armenian and Georgian historians also record that after the destruction of the first Temple, Nebuchadnezzar transported numbers of xxxish captives, not only to Babylon, but also to Armenia and the Caucasus.

              There is little likelihood of the these “Lost Tribes” retaining their identity. Rather, by the end of the fourth century BC, some Armenian cities had large xxxish populations.[2] The medieval Armenian historian Moses of Khorene, wrote that King Tigran II the Great, king of Armenia in the first century BC, settled thousands of xxxs from Syria and Mesopotamia in Armenian cities. It appears that some of these earliest xxxish settlers later converted to Christianity. Josephus wrote that Judean xxxs were taken by the Armenian king Artavazd II, and resettled in Armenia, again during the first century B.C.E., but some years after Tigranes’ resettlement.[3]

              Researcher Kevin Alan Brook suggests that one possible avenue for the transmission of Armenians genes to Ashkenazi xxxry might be the aristocracy of the ancient kingdom of Adiabene, who converted to Judaism in the first century AD. According to Josephus, Monobazus:

              ...the king of Adiabene, who had also the name of Bazeus, fell in love with his sister, Helena, and took her to be his wife, and begat her with child. But as he was in bed with her one night, he lad his hand upon his wife’s belly, and fell asleep, and seemed to hear a voice, which bid him to take his hand off his wife’s belly, and not hurt the infant that was therein, which by God’s providence, would be safely born, and have a happy end.[4]

              The child’s name was Izates, and when he was older, a xxxish merchant named Ananias acquainted him with the religion of Judaism, with which he became deeply interested. His mother, Queen Helena, had been previously won over to Judaism without his knowing it. Upon ascending the throne, on the death of his father, Izates discovered the conversion of his mother, and he himself intended to convert to Judaism, and even to accept circumcision. He was, however, dissuaded from it by both his teacher Ananias, and by his mother, but was ultimately persuaded thereto by another xxx, Eleazar.

              Izates was succeeded by his brother, Monobazes II, who, according to xxxish tradition, as recorded in the xxxish Encyclopedia, was the son of Agrippa II and Helena.[5] Monobazes II himself had a son, named Izates II, who married Cleopatra, the granddaughter of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, and sister to Ptolemy King of Mauritania, who had been married to Drusilla, before she divorced him for Felix Antonius.[6] Their granddaughter, Awde of Osrhoene, married Mithridates Arshakuni, the son of Vologaeses I of Parthia, the great-grandson Antiochus I of Commagene, and from him were descended the kings of Armenia and Parthian and Sassanid Empires of Persia.[7] The grandson of Awde and Mithridates Arshakuni, Vologaeses V “Great King” of Parthia, married the daughter of Pharamenses III, who was a descendant of Alexander the Great, as well as Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Their son was Chosroes I “the Great” Arshakuni, King of Armenia, who ruled from 197 to 238 AD, the father of Tiridates II of Armenia.



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                Re: Armenian Bloodlines Leading Illuminati Bloodlines

                The Armenians traditionally identify themselves as descendants of Ashkenaz, the son of Magog.
                That's bs! The three sons of Noah who came out of the ark after the flood was over were Shem (the elder), Ham, and Japheth (the smaller). Japheth begot Gomer; and Gomer (Japheth’s elder son) begot Ashkenaz, Riphath and Togarmah (the little brother). Now this Togarmah was the father of Armenians, Georgians, and Caucasian Albanians, those three people descended from him.

                Either way all of this folklore, if you will, was added to our culture after the adoption of Christianity, before that no Armenians claimed such a thing, and the oldest Armenian creation story was that we were all the children of the Sun (being a representation of our sumpreme Deity, Aramzd or Ara).
                For the first time in more than 600 years, Armenia is free and independent, and we are therefore obligated
                to place our national interests ahead of our personal gains or aspirations.