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Armenian background

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  • Armenian background

    Originally posted by armen111 View Post
    Well maybe you do not like them i dont know but they are caucasian like Armenians and Persians and Afghans and Turks too!
    This is a joke or something? Persians, Afghans, Turks - Caucasus people??? Caucasus isn't just a region on the map. Armenians actually have genes that other Caucasians have. I don't mean Georgians only. I had a research by some scientist on this topic. There was a chart of people in Causasus and their connection. We have simular genes (a very tiny bit) with Chechens. That's how far it gets. It was surprising to me though.....

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    Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

    Originally posted by sergeyisanov View Post
    The number of Russians killed during the war is almost three times more than those died during the Holocaust!
    are you talking about the xxxish Holocaust? Then it would be much more then that.

    and it is not because Germans wanted to commit a genocide. It was because Russians and Stalin are f*cking stupid. There were battalions that were made to be sent to die. They went almost to the field with no to very little weapons with them. If those kind of battalions didn't not exist there would be MUCH less deaths during the WWII


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      Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

      Armenia lost 300.000 people in the fight against the forces of fascism and we will not tolerate nazi propaganda such as nonsense about the "aryan race"


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        Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

        there is no Aryan race, though Armenia has an Aryan cultural/historic background and to acknowledge it has nothing to do with Nazism or fascism.

        And do care to explain the differences between Hitler and Stalin, that made one fascist, and not the other.


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          Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

          I don't care about Stalin. The German Empire attacked Armenia (and would probably give us to the Turks) and Armenia beat them up. I have videos with the Armenian battalions dancing in Berlin traditional Armenian dances.


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            Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

            Attacked Armenia? how, when and where?


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              Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

              Eh WWII?


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                Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

                show me some links, or elaborate yourself.

                Also, why do you think Armenians would've suffered under Nazi domination any more than they did through the turbulent times of the Soviet Union?


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                  Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

                  there is no Aryan race

                  False. Aryan is a sub race of the Caucasian race. Many of our great historians talk about the Aryan tribes that once inhabited the Armenian Highlands before the various migrations to Europe and Asia took place. I'd suggest that you do some non western (read jooish) reading on racial anthropology.
                  For the first time in more than 600 years, Armenia is free and independent, and we are therefore obligated
                  to place our national interests ahead of our personal gains or aspirations.



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                    Re: Armenian Race and Cultural Background

                    you mean that crap from the 1920s?

                    There is nothing objective about race, it is all subjective, it is the will of the group. We decide race for ourselves, and so if a bunch of people come together and call themselves Aryans and do that for a long time and have no problems, then they "become" Aryans.

                    I mean think about it, prior to the late 19th century, no so called "Aryans" even considered themselves as such, ever. So basically, it's just a bunch of ethnocentric Europeans who came along at some point in history, coined the name, established its categories based on physical measurements, and today they are enhanced by haplogroup classifications (though far from perfect if people like Obama have R1a1).

                    In reality, Aryan is a linguistic marker and although you may be able to argue that there was an "Aryan world" in Eurasia at some point in history, where their language, customs and beliefs where favoured and widely transmitted to gain prominence in a great many important human settlements, it does not reflect the world we live in today... A lot has changed since then, the Roman empire redefined things, the rise of Turkic tribes, assimilating the Aryans of central Asia, the middle ages, continuous pouring in and mixing of different peoples, etc... etc...

                    Aryan is a legacy, not a race anymore, though many people try to remain attached to this former legacy through ideas of being racially "Aryan". That's all, and it's fine, so long as they actually do something culturally and intellectually interesting and constructive (and perhaps not violent), in the name of a revival of global interest towards this great legacy, but I remind them and you that very often, a person's race is either based on the individual's desires and interests for identification, or through systematic classification programs instituted by the men in power who run the socio-economic-political show in the land that the individual lives in and want to manipulate that individual bases on either physical markers or linguistic ones through racial categorizations.

                    I have noticed that these believers of modern day Aryan race often resort to classifying people's phenotypes in order to justify their categorizations, seeking to admit some Caucasoid phenotypes as "Europid" or Aryan, while excluding others. What is troublesome is the reality that phenotypes work as territorially derived continuums, where a certain phenotype is especially prominent in a certain land, and gradually or abruptly loses prominence based on the occurrence of different phenotypes in adjacent territories, and this phenomenon works beyond the Caucasian/Mongolian/Negro classification, and is very often based on socio-politics and socioeconomics, so to me, it is more justified to base race solely on the socio-political circumstances of a group and nothing else.

                    The main objective of this neo-Aryan consciousness is to keep immigrants out, stop them from mixing with Europeans, etc... That's all, and different leaders and different groups tailor this Aryanism to suit their particular needs. It does not engage its followers in intellectually inspiring activities like their revered artists from their lands engaged in, it only worships them, somewhat like catholics worship their saints. I find this is worthless and purports mediocrity. Be the saint, don't babble about how he's better than a saint of another race.
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