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Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

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  • Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

    I made this thread so we can discuss the internal political affairs of Azerbaijan or share articles that are related to this topic. I would like to start this thread with three articles regarding the presidency of Ilham Aliyev. It seems that there is a chance he will be elected for a third and perhaps even fourth time. There is talk about changing the constitution regarding this matter in Azerbaijan. I wasn't too surprised about this and I think that this is good news for us. In my opinion as long as Azerbaijan keeps its current leadership we won't have much to worry about.

    Milli Medjlis deputy: "If we restrict Ilham Aliyev's presidency with two terms, we may lose such a leader"

    10 November 2008 [10:16] - Today.Az

    Deputy executive secretary of the Yeni Azerbaijan ruling party Siyavush Novruzov intends to raise an issue to review the articles of the Constitution, restricting presidency in the country with two terms.

    "This is my personal initiative and I intend to learn the opinion about it from the party activists, after it I will raise it in the parliament", said Novruzov to Interfax-Azerbaijan.
    The party activist considers the established term of presidency not democratic.
    "This is not democratic for if people want a person, who proved to be the best leader, to remain the head of the state, this opinion should be taken into account", said Novruzov.
    Member of the political board of the Yeni Azerbaijan party Aydin Mirzazade is still unfamiliar with this initiative, but he noted that in case the issue is raised, he will support it.
    Novruzov's initiative was also supported by another member of the ruling party, deputy and head of the Russian community of Azerbaijan Mikhail Zabelin.
    "I will agree with Novruzov at least for the only reason that our country needs a strong and influential leader. The recent elections showed that Ilham Aliyev is such a leader. Indeed, if I.Aliyev's presidency is restricted with two terms, we may lose such a leader", said he.
    According to the deputy, "if a person deserves being elected three or four times, if this is really a large scale leader, why not provide him with such an opportunity".
    "I think this issue should be discussed at the session of the party board. If this issue is discussed, I will support it", noted Zabelin.

    Yes Tseghakron Em - Yev aha K'yerdnum Vahagni Achi Vrah Yerbek Chmexanchel Ukhtis Dem - Aprel, Gorcel u Mernel Vorpes Tsexamard.

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    Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

    Hafiz Hajiyev: "I am also among those who want to see Ilham Aliyev as a president for more than 10-15 years"

    "Siyavush Novruzov's proposal about holding a referendum and removal of articles, prohibiting election of a person as a president of Azerbaijan for more than twice, from the Constitution, is just an opinion", said chairman of the Muasir Musavat party Hafiz Hajiyev.

    He said this opinion is not limited by anything.

    "I also want the prolongation of the presidency term. But in order to equal it to the Constitution, it is necessary to present definite arguments, define public opinion and hold the analysis.

    In the near future I also intend to propose an initiative, which will have something in common with additions to the Constitution. I am also among those, who want to see Ilham Aliyev as a president for more than 10-15 years.

    Some will ask me why Hafiz Hajiyev supports this opinion for I am a representative of opposition. Naturally, I have my ambitions and even so more I took part in the presidential elections twice. But I do not want Ilham Aliyev to cede his powers to anything else at the age of 49-50...", announced he.


    Yes Tseghakron Em - Yev aha K'yerdnum Vahagni Achi Vrah Yerbek Chmexanchel Ukhtis Dem - Aprel, Gorcel u Mernel Vorpes Tsexamard.


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      Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

      Fazail Aghamaly: "Ilham Aliyev's retiral would do no good to people of Azerbaijan"

      The idea to hold a referendum and exclude articles, prohibiting election of a person as President of Azerbaijan for more than twice, is intended to protect the interest of statehood and people, said chairman of the Ana Veten party Fazail Aghamaly.

      According to him, the president is responsible for his people and analyzing Ilham Aliyev's activity for the past five years, we will become witnesses that Azerbaijan's image has strengthened on the international arena, we have attained a status of a leader in the South Caucasus and the country started to develop dynamically and intensively.

      "Yet at the age of 52 Ilham Aliyev will have to leave the politics, as, under the Constitution, he can not be elected more than twice. It is considered that for politician his activity begins at this very age. Ilham Aliyev's retiral would do no good to our people", said he, thus supporting Siyavush Novruzov's initiative.

      Asked whether such a reform can be attributed to democratic principles, he said some politicians, who read much of history, compare the concept "democracy" with the principles, established in the United States.

      "Naturally, we respect the United States and principles, established there. Yet, Azerbaijan has its own peculiarities, as we locate in such a geopolitical region that casual people, who may be at powers, will lead the country to disasters and tragedy.

      In this connection Aezrbaijan must have such a leader, whose interests and positions will be recognized by the world community. Ilham Aliyev has already got this status.

      On the other hand, there is no doubt that people will again vote for the president", said Aghamaly.


      Yes Tseghakron Em - Yev aha K'yerdnum Vahagni Achi Vrah Yerbek Chmexanchel Ukhtis Dem - Aprel, Gorcel u Mernel Vorpes Tsexamard.


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        Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

        Garakent tragedy turns 17
        20 November 2008 [13:12] - Today.Az

        This happened 17 years ago. There was not an official information, but mourning melody was sounded on TV, which was a sign of alert...

        Later there appeared a list: Osman Mirzoyev, Ismen Gaibov, Mohammed Asadov, Tofik Ismaylov, Vagif Cafarov, Veli Mamedov, Aly Mustafayev...

        This is a list of passengers of the air force helicopter Mi-8, knocked down by a heat-seeking missile near Garakent village on November 20 of 1991. Those, who will later be called "the prominent state figures of Azerbaijan" and those, to whom we bound the hopes for success in the just launched Karabakh war on November 19 and for the collapse of information blockade...

        First, there appeared an official version: the helicopter crashed into a rock in the fog. The fact that he was knocked down was admitted several days later. It took us several years to eliminate all doubts and state that the missile, which knocked down Mi-8, was launched from Armenian positions. But there are too many "white spots" in the history of the last flight of Mi-8. It is still unclear why the helicopter with the state secretary, minister of internal affairs, general prosecutor, press secretary of the president and many others on board was not accompanied by "a fire support helicopter" and why all of them were in the same helicopter - it contradicts to all possible rules of security.

        It is unclear how Armenian militants managed to get information about the exact route of flight, which only representatives of the command of Soviet troops had in Karabakh! It is unclear where they got a specialist, who can treat heat-seeking missiles. The source of the missile is also unclear - at that time the most popular weapon in Karabakh were hail guns and Alazan missiles. And it is far more unclear how could a tape in the black boxes of the Mi-8 helicopter burn off. The most possible explanation: a specialist arrived on the spot before the inspectors and power representatives and got rid the tape.

        Understanding came later. Autumn of 1991 was a "time of great hopes" in the post-Soviet area. After August most people were confident that know everything will improve, while the bitter heritage of the former USSR will sank in oblivion. At that time, on the wave of post-August euphoria, there appeared a "Zheleznovodsk initiative" on reconciliation in the Karabakh - the same, according to which a cultural autonomy would be granted to Karabakh within Azerbaijan. A peacekeeping mission of Russia and Kazakhstan was launched in Karabakh and most people consider that it has more chances for execution than many further peaceful initiatives. This was not profitable either for apologists of the Armenian expansionism and those, who again attempted to "tie" Azerbaijan and Armenia to Moscow by using Karabakh and those, who attempted to earn on arms trade... At that time, it was necessary to frustrate the "Zheleznovodsk initiative" and the conflict resolution...

        Yes, this is true. But there was another thing in this case, the very law of terrorism: when the target and the victims become prominent figures. Those, whose death will be painful for all. And those, whose "termination" will have a real impact on the development of events. It so happened, either deliberately or not, that they were on the board of the helicopter, which did not land on November 20 of 1991.

        No one will ever learn how would events in Karabakh develop, if the missile did not reach the target. And the most tragic is that nothing could be different, as we could not imagine whom we were having a war with, being confident that we face not professional terrorists, trained in Lebanon and Syria, but local Karabakh Armenians, who listen to the nonsense of Balayan and people, similar to him. We believed in the guarantees, received from Russian "militants" without analyzing the interests of Moscow in Karabakh or its historical priorities. And the most terrible thing is that we seem not to understand it even now.

        May them all rest in peace!

        NURANI - Ekho newspaper archive


        Picture from the burning helicopter

        If anyone can speak "azeri", there's this if you wanna translate for everyone else

        And I just searched for the location of the crash and it's insanely close to the frontline of the war. What kind of idiots fly all these VIPs through the frontline?
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          Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs
          Azerbaijani society is gradually approaching the critical boiling point

          With his latest statement the Azerbaijani President came close to Mikhail Saakashvili. The only difference is that in preserving his power Aliyev will be supported by Islamic countries, instead of the West.

          Judging by the renewed bellicose statements of the Azerbaijani President, internal political situation in the country is far from the bright image that the clan of Aliyevs is presenting to the world. The great drop in prices of oil has already found a reflection in the Azeri press, which is «carefully» hinting that the world crisis has had its say also on Azerbaijan. The flow of petrodollars is already thinning into a narrow stream and, as a result, the poor society of Azerbaijan is finally slipping into a precipice. It is only Baku that is prospering, while the rest of Azerbaijan can see no bright spot in their hard lives.
          /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Thus, people must once more be entrapped into a war, and it must be done on international level. In his interview with RAI International Italian-language channel, Ilham Aliyev stated that “The Moscow declaration on the Karabakh problem does not deprive Baku of the right to settle this conflict by way of force. This declaration does not include any commitment, preventing Azerbaijan from the forced way and therefore, hoping for a political settlement, we must at the same time be ready for taking any kind of measures including use of force, which has never been and is not inadmissible”. As a matter of fact, Azeri politicians have never been able to adequately perceive the reality. The only exception used to be Heydar Aliyev, who did his best to keep his son from a destructive war. However, the son went dizzy with dithyrambs and luxurious life, though he used to have the latter even as a child. But it happens: people are born either poor or rich. You can be poor with a million and rich without a penny in your pocket. Apparently, Ilham Aliyev belongs to the first group. But, be that as it may, with his latest statement the Azerbaijani President came close to Mikhail Saakashvili. The only difference is that in preserving his power Saakashvili relied on the West, while Aliyev will be supported by Islamic countries, whose influence in Azerbaijan has been rapidly growing. It may even so happen that Ankara turns its back on Baku, in spite of today’s pledges of friendship and mutual support. And the Islamic factor, or to be more exact the Wahhabi one, is growing more and more influential in Azerbaijan. Moreover, according to observations by Azeri conflict analyst Arif Yunusov, “Adherents of radical Islam are not only the poor or the unemployed, but also a great number of young people with European education.”

          In Yunusov’s words, “The Azerbaijani public is disappointed in the United States, Israel and in western countries in general, so burning of the U.S. or Israeli flag doesn’t make a stir. There are three trends in the Azeri society: pro-western, pro-Russian and pro-Islamic. The most serious factor is political Islam, which appears as a power capable to regain Karabakh. Islamists also say that the world powers will come, pump out all Azeri oil and then leave Azerbaijan to the mercy of fate. There is also a sense of helplessness before Russia. Both the USA and the West make nothing for our country except for declaratory statements. So, European Union is Azerbaijan’s last hope and it can help resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict,” declared Yunusov at an international conference in Yerevan.

          The clan of Aliyevs perfectly realizes that if the nation’s rage is not shifted to a favourable direction, it can easily “wipe out” the Government. The Azerbaijani society is gradually coming to the critical boiling point, and repeatedly mentioning about the enemy, whose image has been so faithfully and keenly cherished for 70 years, can at least temporarily attract the Azeri people who hang themselves, shoot themselves, and in despair kill their relatives and friends. Moreover, Azerbaijani authorities continue falsifications and lies on the bones of thousands of Lezghins and Tats, who in 1918-1919 were killed by Musavatists in the Kubin district of South Lezghistan that now forms part of Azerbaijan.

          According to Information Agency “Khabal” the Azerbaijani authorities have launched excavations in the sites where, consistent with Azerbaijani archive documents, mass burials of the Lezghins are to have taken place. “In order to deny their contribution in the killings of local peaceful people, the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences decided to shift the blame on … Armenians…, what could be expected if we take into account the stupid anti-Armenian propaganda in the country,” the agency reports.

          Thus, the war «till final victory» is still ahead. Besides the Armenians, Lezghins, and Tats, there are also the Talishes, Udins, and other national minorities, who are subject to «azerbaijanization» or extermination. Psychology of nomads is not capable of anything else.
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            Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

            Azerbaijani hacks on website of Vienna University
            16 December 2008 [15:06] - Today.Az
            Day.Az has received a letter from famous Azerbaijani hacker deutsch1988.

            In the letter, the hacker says that he hacked on the website of the Vienna University. The hacker placed a temporary page at the website (see the screenshort below).

            He said this action is a warning, while the main page of the website will be hacked on next time.


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              Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

              Bahar Muradova: "The majority of the public supports lifting restrictions on election as president for more than twice"

              The parliament must take into consideration the opinion of Azerbaijani public, politicians and the majority of Azerbaijani people and consider the issue of lifting restrictions on the election as president for more than twice, said vice speaker of Milli Medjlis of Azerbaijan Bahar Muradova.

              She said only some circles consider this step to be contradicting to democracy.

              "This is their opinion. Everyone has a right for free expression of their opinion, as Azerbaijan is a democratic state. Therefore, we will discuss the opinion of not these people but of the majority of Azerbaijani public", said she and added that the consideration of this issue depends of its discussion by the commissions.

              According to Muradova, the parliament may adopt a decision on this issue this year.

              As for the conduction of a referendum, she noted that the parliament can adopt the due decision only after this issue is considered.


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                Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

                David Babayan: Azerbaijan transforming into khanate

                /PanARMENIAN.Net/ The recent transformations in Azerbaijan will finally result in a new public and political organization of this country, according to an expert.

                “The Azerbaijani republic is transforming into Azerbaijani khanate,” David Babayan said. “Under the pretext of ‘public demand’, Azerbaijan has launched a procedure to let the President be elected more than twice.”

                “This process will certainly affect the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement and will prove the necessity of international recognition of NKR. At that, the international community will face a serious choice: whether to follow democratic values or to resort to double standards,” Babayan said.

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                  Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

                  Fazail Aghamaly: "The political parties of Azerbaijan and Turkey must hold a conference in Baku"

                  An appeal will be sent to the parties, represented in the Supreme National Assembly of Turkey, calling them to hold a conference in the light of strengthening of ties between this country and Armenia", said Fazail Aghamaly, deputy of Azerbaijani parliament and chairman of the Ana Veten party.

                  He said the political parties of Azerbaijan and Turkey must hold a conference in Baku.

                  "This proposal was initiated by the Ana Veten party and necessary work is held in the political structure in this direction.

                  We want the conference to be held in Baku. Strengthening of relations between Turkey and Armenia raises many issues, therefore, it is necessary to clarify all these moments. It is necessary to define what the strengthening of these relations will bring to Azerbaijan and if it is worthy to restore ties at all.

                  This issue is especially urgent and we want it to be clear. Armenia must return the occupied lands of Azerbaijan", noted Aghamaly.


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                    Re: Azerbaijan - Internal Political Affairs

                    Originally posted by Federate View Post
                    If anyone can speak "azeri", there's this if you wanna translate for everyone else
                    Many of the victims had such Azeri names!

                    # İqor Aleksandiroviç Plaviski – QMB-nin prokuroru
                    # Vladimir Vladimiroviç Kovalyov - QMB-nin Daxili İşlər İdarəsinin rəisi
                    # Sergey Semyonoviç İvanov – Dağlıq Qarabağ üzrə milli təhlükəsizlik şöbəsinin rəisi
                    # Nikolay Vladimiroviç Jinkin – fövqəladə vəziyyət rayonunun komendantı
                    # Mixail Dmitriyeviç Lukaşov – milis general-mayoru
                    # Oleq Nikoloyeviç Koçerev – polkovnik-leytenant
                    # Vyaçeslav Vladimiroviç Kotov – vertolyot heyətinin komandiri
                    # Gennadi Vladimiroviç Domov - vertolyot heyətinin üzvü
                    # Dmitri Borisoviç Yarovenko –vertolyot heyətinin üzvü

                    Yet Azeris insist Armenians won because of the pesky Russians!