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Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

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  • Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

    I am really quite fascinated with the use of Solar Power. I feel that Armenia, given her situation should little by little start looking at these options.

    I also read up harnessing the power of the sun for heating and lighting.

    For example, certain 1-story buldings may be constructed such that that they filter the suns rays for office or schools lighting purposes. The type that only really need to be lit during the day.

    There is one resource that is available all around -- daylight.

    The major problem is the cost of the initial investment. Solar panels are quite expensive. But this could be a good future route and relieve dependence of gas and oil which are also used as tools of pressure.

    I also like wind-generated power.

    Here in Wisconsin there are a lot of these "windmills" all over the place. The issue here however, is real-estate.
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    Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

    thats a good idea.


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      Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

      There's a concept of sustainable municipalities which have sprung up in Sweden. This is basically a framework and a philosophy that not only conserves energy but in the long run provides economic development. The good thing is Swedes are actively looking for other countries to cooperate with and spread this framework.

      Several towns and townships in Wisconsin have adopted the sustainable framework: everything from switching to energy-saving machinery to better recycling to improved transportation and of course alternative ways of energy generation. Since Armenia is not hung up on oil and gas and consumption of oil and gas, I would think such ventures would be ideal. The only "but" here is that a sustainable framework does require capital in the beginning.


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        Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

        There is a company called Cafesjia(n) that advertises all the time on CNN here in Yerevan. There comercial concerns using solar, wind and water to crate energy. The problem is, their comercial is vauge. I have no idea who they are advertising to, or what the purpose of the comercial is. Moreover, they give no telephone # or website to find out information on their company (googling didn't result in anything either).

        If anybody knows anything about this company, feel free to enlighten me. I also find this very interesting.
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          Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

          Originally posted by skhara
          Here in Wisconsin there are a lot of these "windmills" all over the place. The issue here however, is real-estate.
          Wisconsin has the major advantage of being in the middle of a 2000-mile wide corn field.

          Solar power is definitely a great source to try to tap. For my mom's birthday last year, I got her a pool ornament that has a small solar cel on it and during the day, it uses the energy to pump water like a little fountain. It's a pretty cool little gadget with essentially 0-cost to keep running.

          They have a lot of these wind-mills around the gay area in California (e.g. along the 580 east of Oakland). But they are ugly as hell. Solar panels actually look really cool too so they won't be such an eye sore usually.
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            Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

            I think such an idea of using these renewable energies can make us years ahead when the oil crisis really hits the world in 50 years.

            I also think we should make more of the Nuclear Plant. Although i believe it is to be decommisioned in 2016.

            Does anyone know any NGO's which help with finance for developing countries to introduce these sources of energy?


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              Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

              "If Brazil can do it, Armenia can too!"


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                Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

                good idea


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                  Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

                  That works, but Armenia has limited land, which means having huge areas of land dedicated for solar or wind power will not be reasonable in the future when land is even more limited there. Having individual families set them up on their houses or businesses setting them up on their roofs sounds good though.

                  Armenia has to become an information behemoth instead, focusing on research, consulting, etc.


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                    Re: Solar and wind Power for Armenia?

                    lol, All this talk, reminds me of the use of solar power in a village in Hayastan that I visited a couple of years ago. They were using a rusty old tractor fuel tank to heat their shower water. If only they believed me that it would work a lot better if they painted it mat-black so that less of the energy is reflected away. I actually go ridiculed for the suggestion . Yeah well, what can you do