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Col. Alparslan Turkes of Turkey sign of devil

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    Bull shiett
    "All truth passes through three stages:
    First, it is ridiculed;
    Second, it is violently opposed; and
    Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

    Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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      How interesting your ideas Expect the side you do not agree,let's argue..


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        Percantage of racist expansion of peoples in any nation is very small .
        thats why they resort to killing to divide.
        most citizens of any country is peacefull
        "All truth passes through three stages:
        First, it is ridiculed;
        Second, it is violently opposed; and
        Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

        Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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          Originally posted by HayerMiacek
          the same murderer Ataturk, the same Ataturk who was half Jewish

          it is truly sad that your country worships a fraud and a murderer
          Atatürk is the legend of Turk nation and if you regard him as a murderer, when he is appreciated by all of the nations around the world, that means yu are the most uneducated people. Ataturk is a legend against imperialism. Toy of imperialism can not understand that


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            Originally posted by Gavur
            Percantage of racist expansion of peoples in any nation is very small .
            thats why they resort to killing to divide.
            most citizens of any country is peacefull
            In Greece, it is taught like that: we have to conquer our lands. That is why most of them hate Turks. This is not a racist idea. The union willing of a race is the part of the nature; just like Pan-Turkism.


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              Originally posted by Silver
              lol. Are you racist friend? I never heard he is jewish but even if he was full jewish we wouldn't care. He would still get the same respect he does now. He beat all imperialistic countries and gave freedom to the Turkish people. It doesn't matter what his race is. We judge people by their actions not their races. And he is murderer because he killed invaders?
              Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938) was the founder of the Republic of Turkey and the consummator of the Armenian Genocide. Kemal was an officer in the Turkish army whose defense of Gallipoli in 1915-1916 defeated the Allied campaign to breach the Dardanelles and quickly eliminate the Ottoman Empire from World War I. A supporter of the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), he stayed out of politics until 1919 when he organized the Turkish Nationalist Movement in the drive to oust the Allies who had placed strategic portions of the country under occupation after its defeat. Kemal established headquarters in Ankara, amnestied CUP members who joined his movement, and regrouped the remaining Ottoman army and other irregular units under his general command.

              Kemal first directed his forces against the French in Cilicia with fatal consequences for the Armenians. With Allied encouragement and promises of protection, most surviving Armenians had repatriated to their hometowns in Cilicia in 1919. The attack by Kemalist units against the city of Marash in January 1920, which was accompanied by large-scale slaughtering of the Armenians, spelled the beginning of the end for the remnant Armenian population. The Armenians of Hajen (Hadjin) put up a last desperate fight for seven months only to be reduced by October 1920 to less than five hundred survivors who fled from a city completely torched by the besieging Turks. When the French formally agreed to evacuate Cilicia in October 1921, the debacle signified a second deportation for the Armenians of the region. In the meantime, the Turkish Nationalist forces had gone to war against the Republic of Armenia. With secret instructions from the Ankara government to proceed with the physical elimination of Armenia, General Kiazim Karabekir seized half the territories of Armenia in November 1920 as Red Army units Sovietized the remaining areas. Once again the Armenian population was driven out at the point of the sword with heavy casualties as the city of Kars and its surrounding region were annexed by Turkey.

              The final chapter of the Armenians in Anatolia was written in Smyrna (Izmir) as Kemalist forces routed the Greek army and entered the city in September 1922. Soon after, a fire begun in the Armenian neighborhood consumed the entire Christian sector of the city and drove the civilian population to the shore whence they sailed into exile bereft of all belongings. With this exodus from the mainland, Mustafa Kemal completed what Talaat and Enver had started in 1915, the eradication of the Armenian population of Anatolia and the termination of Armenian political aspirations in the Caucasus. With the expulsion of the Greeks, the Turkification and Islamification of Asia Minor was nearly complete.

              With the restoration of Turkish sovereignty over Anatolia, Kemal turned his attention to the modernization of the country. Designated President of the newly proclaimed Republic of Turkey in 1923, he embarked upon a thorough-going process of Westernization while promoting a secular Turkish national identity. This effort was epitomized in the adoption of the Latin alphabet for the modern Turkish language. In 1934 the Turkish Grand National Assembly hailed Kemal with the surname of Ataturk, meaning the father of the Turks, in tribute to his singular contribution in forging modern Turkey. With an eye toward securing his legacy, in 1931 Kemal founded the Turkish Historical Society, which was charged with the guardianship of the state's official history. In 1936 Kemal began to pressure France to yield the Sanjak of Alexandretta, or Iskenderun, a district on the Mediterranean under French administrative rule whose inhabitants included 23,000 Armenians. Preoccupied with the deteriorating situation in Europe, France yielded when Turkey send in its troops in 1938. Kemal died that year having prepared the annexation of the district. His action precipitated the final exodus of Armenians from Turkey in 1939 as most opted for the French offer of evacuation to Syria and Lebanon rather than risk mistreatment yet again.


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                Originally posted by Aytug
                Yep, to be a Turk: You have to feel..Just like Levon Panos Dabağyan...He is one of the most nationalist man in Turkey. It is not important whether you are in Armenian race or Greek race. What you feel is important..Otherwise, it is racism...I agree, are you racists?
                nobody is racist, it is just funny how your ancestors were yelling Turkey is only for Turks, were implementing pan-Turkic ideaologies, where non-Turks and non-Muslims (refered as gavurs) had to be expelled from the country and now you worship a person who was not even a full-blooded Turk

                kind of ironic, that is all


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                  Hum Genet 2004; 2 (114): 127-48

                  Excavating Y-chromosome haplotype strata in Anatolia.
                  Cinniolu C, King R, Kivisild T, Kalfolu E, Atasoy S, Cavalleri GL, Lillie AS, Roseman CC, Lin AA, Prince K, Oefner PJ, Shen P, Semino O, Cavalli-Sforza LL, Underhill PA

                  Analysis of 89 biallelic polymorphisms in 523 Turkish Y chromosomes revealed 52 distinct haplotypes with considerable haplogroup substructure, as exemplified by their respective levels of accumulated diversity at ten short tandem repeat (STR) loci. The major components (haplogroups E3b, G, J, I, L, N, K2, and R1; 94.1%) are shared with European and neighboring Near Eastern populations and contrast with only a minor share of haplogroups related to Central Asian (C, Q and O; 3.4%), Indian (H, R2; 1.5%) and African (A, E3*, E3a; 1%) affinity. The expansion times for 20 haplogroup assemblages was estimated from associated STR diversity. This comprehensive characterization of Y-chromosome heritage addresses many multifaceted aspects of Anatolian prehistory, including: (1) the most frequent haplogroup, J, splits into two sub-clades, one of which (J2) shows decreasing variances with increasing latitude, compatible with a northward expansion; (2) haplogroups G1 and L show affinities with south Caucasus populations in their geographic distribution as well as STR motifs; (3) frequency of haplogroup I, which originated in Europe, declines with increasing longitude, indicating gene flow arriving from Europe; (4) conversely, haplogroup G2 radiates towards Europe; (5) haplogroup E3b3 displays a latitudinal correlation with decreasing frequency northward; (6) haplogroup R1b3 emanates from Turkey towards Southeast Europe and Caucasia and; (7) high resolution SNP analysis provides evidence of a detectable yet weak signal (<9%) of recent paternal gene flow from Central Asia. The variety of Turkish haplotypes is witness to Turkey being both an important source and recipient of gene flow.
                  "All truth passes through three stages:
                  First, it is ridiculed;
                  Second, it is violently opposed; and
                  Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

                  Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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                    Go Get FUQt!

                    Originally posted by Aytug
                    A Turkish saying :"If you betray the man you are eating with, then you will eat bullet where you had eaten earlier"
                    For kemal's sake! Again that "Armenians betrayed their "masters", they got what they deserved" bullxxxx.
                    We fed your lazy Mongol asses for a thousand years, you ungrateful nomad.

                    You ungrateful barbarian. Armenians built your goddamn "empire".

                    That's it. From now on, I'll stop copy/pasting from my mega textfile and I will send total lost causes like you to my Genocide FUQ. I wrote it especially for you. Recite it as loud as you can, waving your hand in the air as if on stage, in front of an audience.
                    Four things denialist Turks do when they are confronted with facts:

                    I. They change the subject [SIZE="1"](e.g. they copy/paste tons of garbage to divert attention).[/SIZE]
                    II. They project [SIZE="1"](e.g. they replace "Turk" with "Armenian" and vice versa and they regurgitate Armenian history).[/SIZE]
                    III. They offend [SIZE="1"](e.g. they cuss, threaten and/or mock).[/SIZE]
                    IV. They shut up and say nothing.

                    [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]A country named Azerbaijan north of the Arax River [B]NEVER[/B] existed before 1918[/COLOR][/URL]