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Theology of Armenian Genocide?

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  • Theology of Armenian Genocide?

    What is the Armenian understanding of the genocide they suffered in terms of how it relates to God?

    Do they believe it was some sort of punishment God metes out to the nations He most loves?

    I ask because J*e*w*s have struggled with the Holocaust and trying to understand God's role in those events.

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    Re: Theology of Armenian Genocide?

    If I had to explain the cause of the Armenian Genocide through my religion, I'd explain it like this:

    God has no role in this world. Adam was warned that this world would happen if we ate the "fruit of knowledge of good and bad." By eating that fruit, Adam deliberately disobeyed God and obeyed Satan. Since Adam was a free man, he had the right to choose who to follow. If religion is involved in the Armenian Genocide, God did not do it. Satan did. Satan controls the world. He is the source of all evil intentions within people, and he does this through demons and means we cannot fully understand. Since Satan wants to destroy Christianity, he has steered the world to do the opposite of everything God wants and Christianity teaches (to be good, and respectful). Preparing for the return of Jesus (as told by the Revelation), Satan started to get agitated in the near past, and with WWI, dealt his first major blow to the first Christian nation (Armenians). Then, he went on to eliminate the nation God created to write and spread his Word (which prophesied, and led to, the arrival of Christ) — Israelites. Satan has since been filling the world with sin at an exponential rate, until Jesus comes back and cleanses the universe of sin and its source, Satan.

    This is a direct answer to your question, which was a Christian perspective on the cause of the Armenian Genocide. Of course, whether the reader, you, or I believe this is subjective.
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      Re: Theology of Armenian Genocide?

      God loves everyone the same because he created all of us, donít understand why he should have favorites or chosen people like some claim.
      God paved the roads and gave us the manual how to drive on them, if we drive by his law and obey the rules, have respect to all other drivers, we shouldnít have tragic accidents, but if we choose not to obey the law and ignore all the rules, drink, get stoned and drive as we choose to drive, we will have very tragic accidents, and because of one ignorant fool lots of innocent people will suffer the consequences. Itís is as simple as that! Than we come and say why God allows such tragic things happen.
      If everybody listen to Godís words and not to twist it to fit their evil agendas the world will be much better place to live in, but if we ignore them anything can happen, even Genocides and much worst.
      I need to say this too though, there are evil forces that purposely try disrupt Gods rules and laws and show dangerous shortcuts to people.
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        Re: Theology of Armenian Genocide?

        All religion is created by man, has its root in ignorance and superstition and has nothing to do with god whether it/she/he exists or not. A few milliseconds direct exposure to gamma ray emanating from a dying star turned supernova from several thousands of light years distance can destroy life on our planet. The galaxy Andromeda containing over two hundred billion stars (i.e. suns, i.e. possible worlds with intelligent life forms) is heading towards our Milky Way (with about a hundred billion stars) at an unbelievable speed of several thousands of kilometers per hour and will eventually collide with our galaxy millions of years later. Just imagine the amount of destruction in terms of worlds this event will result in till the two are merged and form a single galaxy with less possibility of the generation of stars, i.e. eventual death of the resulting galaxy billions of years later.

        WTF has god to do with all this? For this same god's sake, guys, just take all the Jew mythology gobbledygook of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc. for what it is: Mythology.
        A country named Azerbaijan north of the Arax River NEVER existed before 1918
        A nation called "Azeri" NEVER existed throughout human history


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          Re: Theology of Armenian Genocide?

          Funny, asking how the genocide relates to God is triggering a metaphysical symposium among Armenians.

          The laws of God are the laws of nature. How willing one is one to grasp and humble oneself to those laws, when they cling to petty ideals of identity? The Armenians who perished during the genocide saw God... reality as it really is, in an excruciatingly painful, often humiliating way... Because Armenians were killed for their identity, something God, and nature, does not understand in my opinion.

          God is beside you at all times, from before you are born, when the amino acids that form your DNA are still in the muscle mass of animals which will eventually be slaughtered by humans and sold to your parents for eating... to when the carbon atoms of your body are constantly being collected into your lungs, soon to be ejected out of your body and returning back into the world outside of you as you prepare for another penetration of the atmosphere into your body through your mouth... to finally when you "die"... or so you think. To form an identity and figure out God and his treatment of our race that way dismisses too much of who we are as creatures of God to begin with.
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          I was taught how to think.