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Peace at home, peace on earth:Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

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  • Peace at home, peace on earth:Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

    I have read your posts. I came to this forum because I sometimes grow suspicious about official history. I thought I can perhaps learn the other side of the coin from you friends.

    Yesterday I was listening to NTV-BBC radio, and a Greek refugee of 1973 from Istanbul was talking about the new movie he made about the forced deportations of (1) Turks from Greece to Turkey, and (2) Greeks from Turkey to Greece.

    He was not aggressive, and I really was surprised at what I heard from him. I am 37 years old, and a farily educated person (MBA from USA), but nobody thought us much in Turkey about the details of why Greeks left in 1973 and Turks came back...

    Turkey is a secular democracy, but words cannot speak louder than deeds, so I decided to read you ladies' and gentlemen's posts here...I just ask myself:



    I still have the same feeling,...for what it is worth.

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    not that long ago you started a war in Cyprus , you -Turkey, occupied half the island and killed innocent people, and resettled turks from turkey to cyrprus. then you call it Turkey.

    where is the logic in that?

    dont you talk about the armneina genoide, and what you THINK of it...

    The armenian genocide was a long time ago...i dont care if you belive it or not. ┤you should stop lying and start facing the truth.

    the turks are not only at fault here, everyone and that goes for almost hole europe
    who blindly goes with the flow and chooses not to speak about abuse of human right, and turkish violence are equally to blame.
    Words are stronger than weapons of massdestruction- Me


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      Tres Bien: I think you're being a bit too agressive. His post was mild-mannered and respectful. There's no need to be so harsh so hastily.
      Aspiring Memetic Engineer


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        I get very sad when my Turkish and Armenian friends get into arguments about the genocide because the people living in Turkey these days did not do this. I am from Bulgaria so I have way too many friends from both nationalities.

        I think Turkey should apologize to Armenia on the official international level but can that make up for so many lost lives? I am not sure.

        Now without any of you getting offended, I think there are too many similar things between the two cultures for Armenia and Turkey to be so alienated. And I think that at least on the personal level we should be respectful to each other.

        Don't worry about alienating anyone by being too blunt. You're golden. Bold, brazen and a bit cocky, perhaps -- but definitely golden.


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          I think Turkey is scared of admitting the Genocide cause that would mean reperations need to be made and they don't want to loose money/land/or respect in this situation.
          "All I know is I'm not a Marxist." -Karl Marx


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            stark avade.

            If they have thought of coming to an armenian forum and writing a comment about the armenian genociide, surely they most also know about other things and be intrested. they must know how their goverment and country for not very long ago started another war , and this time in cyrprus.

            I ts dubbel-standars. Sure we have manythings in comon with turks

            Espacially the backwardsness. Yes,sorry its common nowaadays in the armenian community, and families. thats about it.
            Last edited by Tres Bien; 08-13-2004, 12:17 PM.
            Words are stronger than weapons of massdestruction- Me


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              The point is that your response was unrelated to his post and harsh for no reason.
              Aspiring Memetic Engineer


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                It had to do with Ataturk, Ataturk was a genocidal maniac so xxxx him.
                "If we wanted something, we just took it. If anyone complained twice, they got hit so bad, believe me, they never complained again."- Goodfellas


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                  I saw your post. It was probably perceived as inappropriate by the administrator.
                  Aspiring Memetic Engineer


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                    I read Hyejinx1984's comment in the tread "working with turks". He says that he worked with 4 turks in an office, they were nice to him, but somehow he felt uneasy and "WANTED TO KILL THEM"...

                    I think this is a problem, but nothing about "supposed" or "true" genocide. I simply think this is a "sick" comment to make, and this hyejinx forum guest shows criminal attitude.

                    Back to the topic: The more I think about the situation around 1915, the more I realize what could have happened: Armenians, thinking they finally had a chance to grasp the land of Turks (ottomans) while the Ottomans were "in their opinion" weakened by the war with Russians, attacked Turkish communities, murdering many Turks. Obviously the first murderers were Armenians, but not the general Armenian populus, just some sick-disgusting Armenian militia-men.

                    The Ottomans, after successfully subduing the stupid Russians, turned back to face the rebelling and treacherous militia...of the Armenians. While delivering the "justified" response to the Armenian militia-losers, the situation got out of hand, and TOTALLY UNNECESSARY AND HATE-DRIVEN ATTACKS ON INNOCENT ARMENIANS was committed by the Ottoman troops...

                    Disgustingly opportunistic Armenian militia-losers versus the frenzied Ottoman troops: the two true crime perpetrators of history that need to be remembered...

                    Who paid the price? The innocent folk of decent Turkish-Armenians and Turks...

                    This is my opinion.