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Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

This is a sticky topic.
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    Urgent Action Regarding Rep. Jane Harman- Armenian Genocide Resolution

    How about all the Armenians in her district who have mistakenly voted for her??

    Armenian Genocide Resolution -- Urgent Action

    Rep. Jane Harman Secretly Seeking to Kill Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106)

    Los Angeles Area Activists Urged to Take Action In a shocking development, sources on Capitol Hill reported today that Los Angeles area Member of Congress Jane Harman, while publicly serving as a cosponsor of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, is in fact working aggressively behind the scenes, alongside the Turkish government, to defeat this human rights legislation.

    Please take a moment to contact Rep. Harman’s office today.

    1) By phone – Please Call (202) 225-8220 and ask for Foreign Affairs Staffer Jay Hulings.Sample Phone Script:
    [The phone will be answered by a receptionist. Ask to speak to Jay Hulings, the aide that handles foreign affairs for the Congresswoman. Whether you speak to this assistant or leave a written or voicemail message, please state your name and then share the following points.]

    * I am calling to express my sharp disappointment with the Congresswoman’s betrayal of her commitment to support universal recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    * Learning of her secretive opposition to the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106) is particularly troubling given her longstanding public support for this human rights legislation.

    * I am deeply troubled by her hypocrisy and wanted to tell you that I will be sharing this sad news with my friends and family in her district.
    [Close your call by asking for a written explanation of the Congresswoman’s reversal.]

    2) By email - Go to to send Rep. Harman a message - choose your words wisely.

    3) Send an ANCA email

    Harman wrote a letter to House Foreign Relations Committee Chair Tom Lantos Wednesday urging him to withdraw it from consideration, and announcing that she will oppose the very resolution she affixed her name to. Excerpt:

    My father was a refugee to the United States from Nazi Germany. I understand the consquences of ethnic and racial persecution, and am comitted to fighting and condemning acts of genocide wherever they occur. That is why I agreed to cosponsor H. Res. 106. I am convinced that a terrible crime was committed against the Armenian people. That crime should be recognized and condemned.However, following a visit to Turkey earlier this year that included meetings with Prime Minister Erdogan, the Armenian Orthodox Patriarch and colleagues of murdered journalist Hrant Dink, I have great concern that this is the wrong time for the Congress to consider this measure.Due to my security focus in the House, I have made 18 trips to the Middle East region over the past 14 years and am persuaded that Turkey plays a critically important role in moderating extremist forces there. Given the nature of the threat, I believe it is imperative to nurture that role -- however valid from the historical perspective, we should avoid taking steps that would embarrass or isolate the Turkish leadership.
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      Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

      Dear Siamento,

      You silly girl seem to have forgottan with what you have promissed to the people in this forum. You promissed that you can not stand the word T**rk. What happened. Please do not say that you copied this articles from somewhere else. This is your duty to change as you promissed.One more thing I can offer you is that you should visit Turkey soon and leave all your hatred behind as this does not help you.


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        Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

        Originally posted by ulkucu
        hocali genocide

        More azeri genociden.


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          Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

          Originally posted by bluewolf View Post
          look!!!armenian stupid gays.You didn't understand history and you will not anytime.Because you are miserable and you are cursed race!!

          where is the adminitrator of this forum?
          i wonder why u let those bastard turk and turkish speak...they should be banned>..


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            Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

            He is allready banned. Now the rest of them.
            You should never argue with idiots because they will just drag you down to their level....then beat you with experience!!!!!!!

            "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" Voltaire


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              Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

              I'm not sure this is the place to post this but here it is. In my intro I comment as the to lies and hypocrisy that has me ashamed of my country, especially as it relates to the current administration, president, and all of their sheeple.

              In case no one remembers back to 2000 . . . here is an article about chimpy's promise to Armenians in 2000 that he is rescinding on now.


              Armenian National Committee of Illinois

              PRESS RELEASE

              For Immediate Release ~ 2001-03-27
              Contact: Email: [email protected] ~

              Bush Reaffirms Genocide Pledge

              Chicago - During a recent trip to Chicago to promote his tax-cut plan, President George W. Bush made statements to members of the Armenian National Committee (ANC) reaffirming his campaign pledge to "ensure that our nation properly recognizes the tragic suffering of the Armenian people."

              Bush made the statement while visiting the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to promote his $1.3 trillion tax cut to the investment community. During a tour of the trading floor, Hagop Soulakian and Sevan Loughran of the ANC of Illinois approached the President to inquire about his position on issues of concern to Armenian-Americans.

              In response to Soulakian's query, the President replied that "The Armenians are great people. You know I made a promise to you before I was elected," Bush stated. He then mentioned that he had sent a letter to the Armenian community during the presidential campaign, and concluded his comments by stating "We're going to take care of the Armenians."

              In the letter, which was written in February of 2000, Bush stated that "The Armenians were subjected to a genocidal campaign that defies comprehension ...", using the word genocide to describe the 1915 massacre of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman government. The statement was important as Bush's democratic opponent, Al Gore, and his predecessor, Bill Clinton, took great care during their eight-year administration to avoid using the 'genocide' word in their public statements in order placate the Turkish government. In recent years Turkey has spent millions of dollars on a campaign to deny the occurrence the Armenian genocide and apply political pressure on Western governments.

              "We were encouraged to hear that President Bush intends to honor the
              campaign promise he made to the Armenian-American community," stated Rita Sarrafian of the ANC of Illinois. "The entire Armenian-American community will be anxiously waiting to hear the President clearly and unambiguously characterize the Armenian Genocide as a genocide," she concluded.

              Currently, the ANC of Illinois is joining ANC's across the country in a post card campaign to urge Bush to honor his pledge. Thousands of individuals have already sent postcards to the President in the campaign, which is scheduled to conclude on April 24, 2001, the day that Armenians world-wide commemorate the Armenian Genocide. Bush is expected to release a statement on that day to mark the genocide.

              A partial text of Bush's letter appears below.
              "The twentieth century was marred by wars of unimaginable brutality, mass murder and genocide. History records that the Armenians were the first people of the last century to have endured these cruelties. The Armenians were subjected to a genocidal campaign that defies comprehension and commands all decent people to remember and acknowledge the facts and lessons of an awful crime in a century of bloody crimes against humanity. If elected President, I would ensure that our nation properly recognizes the tragic suffering of the Armenian people." (George W. Bush 2-19-2000)

              I would like to see the entire letter, but it doesn't seem available. Anyway obviously yesterday and today, chimpy seems to have forgotten his stance when he was prowling for votes.


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                Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

                Originally posted by fcker
                we didn't armenian genocide but, we murdered to Hrant Dink heheeheh ...
                but we did genocide north Iraq to Iraqi Kurdish heheheheh
                YOU ARE AMERİCA'S ADULATORS you are blackguard
                The Turks are not never genocide,this is your lie...

                I hate america,armenia(n) and greek.
                This is classic.

                ...just another example of the mentaly ill, emotionally void and intellectually inferior Turk.
                ԼՈԼ, Փեփսի Ատտիքթ


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                  Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

                  Originally posted by fcker
                  we didn't armenian genocide but, we murdered to Hrant Dink heheeheh ...
                  but we did genocide north Iraq to Iraqi Kurdish heheheheh
                  Grow up after that come to make comment!


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                    Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

                    Arshag Kazanjian

                    Feb 27 2008

                    2008-02-27 09:53:05 - Wolfgang Gust, a former editor of the respected
                    German news magazine Der Spiegel, has over the last years published
                    many important documents from Foreign Office archives.

                    These documents in the original German version and in English appear
                    on their internet page

                    Over the last ten years, he and his wife Sigrid, have made a
                    significant contribution to the collation of historical evidence
                    regarding the Armenian Genocide. Although their work is not yet
                    complete it is already viewed as the most authoritative source
                    concerning the Genocide during the Ottoman Empire epoch. In recognition
                    of his contribution to the History of the Armenian Genocide, Karekin II
                    the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos awarded him the Surp Sahak-Mesorp
                    medal in 2004. He also received the Dennis Papazian prize in 2006.

                    Unfortunately, the work of Wolfgang and Sigrid Gust is not generally
                    known within Germany nor within the international community. Not only
                    do the published documents clearly expose the extent of the murderous
                    Turkish policy but also the responsibility of the German Empire for
                    the Armenian Genocide. This chapter of German history is unknown to
                    most of the German population.

                    Wolfgang Gust was born in Hannover in 1935. He studied in Freiburg,
                    Bonn, Hamburg and Toulouse.

                    >From 1965 to 1966 he was Economic Editor then Political Editor of the
                    News magazine 'Der Spiegel'. He ran Spiegel's office in Paris from
                    1970 to 1976 and it was here that Gust learnt about the tragic fate
                    of the Armenians for the first time. In 1992 a three part article
                    appeared in the Spiegel magazine written by Wolfgang Gust about the
                    war in Mountainous Karabakh and the Armenian Genocide. For the first
                    time ever, an authoritative German magazine had reported in detail
                    the events of the Armenian Genocide. This sensational article aroused
                    angry protest within the Turkish community in Germany and protests
                    took place outside the Hamburg editorial offices of Spiegel. Despite
                    countless threats from fanatical Turkish nationalists Wolfgang Gust
                    intensified his work to find out the truth surrounding the History
                    of the Armenian Genocide. In 1993 his first book was published: 'The
                    Armenian Genocide - The Tragedy of the Oldest Christian Nation'. It
                    was voted as one of the best ten books of the month and in 2002. The
                    Armenian translation was published in Yerevan.

                    After Wolfgang Gust went into retirement in 1993 he continued his
                    assessment of the German documents and correspondence concerning the
                    Genocide. In many important articles published in leading Journals
                    and Quarterly's, Gust examined the extent of German responsibility for
                    the Armenian Genocide. Due to Wolfangs Gust research the manipulation
                    of the documents published by Joannes Lipius in his work 'Germany
                    and Armenian 'in 1919 were discovered. By referring to the original
                    documents he was able to deliver evidence which showed that the
                    German Government by the end of the First World War had tried to
                    cover up their responsibility for the crimes committed. From the 444
                    German Foreign Office documents published by Lepsius just after the
                    end of the war in 1919, it is clear that Genocide had indeed taken
                    place. However, documents which could have placed responsibility on
                    Germany were either manipulated or not published.

                    Thanks to the work of Wolfgang and Sigrid Gust these German Documents
                    were made accessible to Historians and the general public. Prof.

                    Vahakn N. Dadrian wrote about the significance of these documents as
                    follows: "As I keep emphasizing in my writings and lectures over and
                    over again, noc corupus od documents, including the holdings of U.S.

                    National Archives can be compared in terms of substantiveness,
                    authenticity an overall value to that associated with the holdings
                    of the German state archives." A large number of the documents have
                    already been translated into English.

                    >From the beginning Wolfgang Gust´s goal was to ensure the widest
                    possible access to the documents and to raise public awareness. This
                    has been possible through the internet. The publication of
                    these documents is seen by Gust as the first part of a long-term
                    comprehensive documentation project. 'Our long-term goal is to complete
                    in time for the 100th Anniversary of the Genocide that is 24th April
                    2015, the publication on our internet platform of all the important
                    State files regarding the Armenian Genocide.'
                    What if I find someone else when looking for you? My soul shivers as the idea invades my mind.


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                      Re: Armenian Genocide in the news. Recent and noteworthy articles and news.

                      turkish delights ....

                      "Turkish Ambassador Dismisses U.S. Scholar For Telling the Truth on Armenian Genocide

                      "Back in 1985, Prof. Donald Quataert, Associate Professor of History at the University of Houston, and 68 of his pro-Turkish colleagues signed a joint statement questioning the veracity of the Armenian Genocide and asking the U.S. Congress not to approve a commemorative resolution on this crime against humanity. That denialist statement, paid for by the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, was published as a half-page ad in the May 19, 1985 editions of the Washington Post and the New York Times.

                      Incidentally, Prof. Quataert, along with scores of other scholars, had received funding from the Institute of Turkish Studies (ITS) and other Turkish sources. The ITS was founded in 1982 by the Turkish government in Washington, D.C., with a $3 million grant.

                      Last week, an unexpected revelation was made concerning Prof. Quataert who had served as Chairman of the ITS Board of Governors from 2001 until the end of 2006. Prof. Mervat Hatem, President of the Middle East Studies Association, sent a letter to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, expressing her outrage at the dismissal of Dr. Quataert from the ITS Chairmanship.

                      The MESA letter revealed that Prof. Quataert was forced to resign "after he refused to accede to the request of ITS's honorary chairman, [Turkey's] Ambassador [in Washington] Nebi Sensoy, that he issue a retraction of a scholarly book review he wrote" about the Armenian Genocide. The letter also indicated that "unnamed high officials in Ankara" had "threatened to revoke the funding of ITS if he [Quataert] did not publicly retract statements made in his review or separate himself from the Chairmanship of the ITS."

                      Prof. Hatem expressed her serious concern that "the reputation and integrity of the ITS, as a non-political institution funding scholarly projects that meet stringent academic criteria, is blackened when there is government interference in and blatant disregard for the principle of academic freedom." She reminded Prime Minister Erdogan that the dismissal of "Dr. Quataert sharply contrasts with your government's recent call to leave the debate regarding the events of 1915 to the independent study and judgment of scholars." Prof. Hatem concluded her letter by asking the Turkish authorities to reinstate Prof. Quataert as chairman and place ITS funds in "an irrevocable trust immune from political interference and infringement of academic freedom." Copies of the MESA letter were sent to Amb. Sensoy, the ITS Board and the President of Georgetown University where the Turkish Institute is housed.

                      Prof. Quataert's difficulties started when in Fall 2006 the Journal of Interdisciplinary History published his review of Donald Bloxham's book, The Great Game of Genocide: Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians. In that review, Prof. Quataert boldly criticized Turkish scholars' work on the Armenian Genocide by stating that "they were not writing critical history but polemics ... Many of their works were directly sponsored and published by the Turkish government ... "

                      Dr. Quataert noted that the "wall of silence" of Turkish scholars on the Armenian Genocide was "crumbling." Despite his earlier objection to the word genocide, he explained why he had decided to use that term for the first time in his book review. While acknowledging that his reference to the Armenian Genocide "may provoke anger among some of my Ottomanist colleagues," he said that not doing so "runs the risk of suggesting denial of the massive and systematic atrocities that the Ottoman state and some of its military and general populace committed against the Armenians." Prof. Quataert further observed: "Indeed, ...accumulating evidence is indicating that the killings were centrally planned by Ottoman government officials and systematically carried out by their underlings." He concluded the book review by admitting that "what happened to the Armenians readily satisfies the U.N. definition of genocide."

                      Prof. Fatma Muge Gocek, an Associate Member of ITS, told the Armenian Reporter last week that after Prof. Quataert's dismissal two ITS board members had resigned and two more, in addition to herself, were considering doing so. A knowledgeable source disclosed to this writer that the two ITS board members who have resigned are: Prof. Resat Kasaba, Chair of the International Studies Program at the University of Washington-Seattle and Marcie Patton, Associate Professor of Political Science at Fairfield University.

                      Dr. Gocek, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, sent a letter to the ITS last week, expressing her surprise that she was still on its Board. She said that no one from ITS had contacted her in more than five years. She described Prof. Quataert's dismissal "as an infringement on his academic freedom" and the Turkish government's funding of ITS "with strings attached" as "unethical."

                      Prof. Quataert's transformation from a denialist to a believer in the Armenian Genocide is based on the growing body of scholarship in recent years both within and outside Turkey. A comparison of the 2000 and 2005 editions of his book, The Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922, illustrates the gradual evolution of his position on the Armenian Genocide. In a sharp departure from the cautious language used in his first edition, Dr. Quataert in the 2005 edition of his book points out the organized nature of the killings: "The patterns of killings were chillingly similar in the various areas, powerfully suggesting the presence of a coordinated program." He further states: "On the evidence presented, it seems plausible that high-ranking officials of the Ottoman state, utilizing the Special Organization, directed a concerted, centrally orchestrated program that murdered massive numbers of Ottoman Armenians." Finally, Dr. Quataert comes to the conclusion in his 2006 book review that what had happened to the Armenians in 1915 was indeed a Genocide.

                      The Turkish government now has a new scandal on its hands, thanks to the reckless behavior of its Ambassador in Washington, who clearly violated the academic freedom of a prominent American scholar. The Ambassador's actions should embarrass the Turkish government in front of not only the public at large but also the academic community worldwide. This scandal may also cause the Internal Revenue Service to look into possible violations of U.S. laws by ITS in view of the improper control of an American non-profit organization by a foreign government. Georgetown University officials may also review their association with ITS, given the latter's blatant violation of academic freedom.

                      Once again, the Turkish government has been caught trying to export its gag rule on the Armenian Genocide beyond its borders to Washington, D.C. Indeed, as the MESA President pointed out in her letter, Prof. Quataert's dismissal exposes the Turkish government's lack of sincerity in suggesting that scholars rather than politicians should deal with the Armenian Genocide issue."