AZG Armenian Daily #118, 28/06/2005

Armenian Genocide


WAC Condemns Kiev Authorities

Chairman of the World Armenian Congress, Ara Abrahamian, condemned
Ukrainian authorities in Kiev who opposed the decision of the Crimean
parliament to hold remembrance day of the Armenian Genocide in
1915. Abrahamian said that Kiev's negative response to the Crimean
parliament to remember the Armenian Genocide reveals immaturity of
the Ukrainian authorities and shows that the country is not ready to
join the democratic states.

The Supreme Rada of Crimea, urged by head of the Russian Congress of
Crimea Sergey Shuvaynikov, declared April 24 to be the remembrance
day of the Armenian Genocide. The Ukrainian authorities have not been
making their stance known for 1 month.

In an interview to daily Azg Muscovite political analyst
Andranik Mihranian indicated 2 moments explaining Kiev's position:
President Yushenko paid an official visit to Ankara and the Turkish
influence here is obvious, secondly, there is the Azeri factor as
Ukraine is largely dependent on Azerbaijan as regards to energy
carriers. Mihranian reminded of the United States' example: more
than 3 dozens of US states have recognized the Armenian Genocide
but the executive power of the country does not interfere and try to
apply pressure.