Armenian expert backs "normalization" of ties with Turkey

Mediamax news agency
11 Aug 05


Consistent normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations meets the
interests of the Armenian people, the head of the analytical centre
for globalization and regional cooperation, Stepan Grigoryan, said in
Yerevan today.

Addressing a seminar in Yerevan, Grigoryan said that the establishment
of diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey without conditions
and the lifting of the border blockade by the Turkish authorities
would contribute to Armenia's increased role in the region.

He said that the balance of forces in the South Caucasus would change
if the events were to develop this way and there would be no longer
need for the Russian military presence in Armenia.

Although the Turkish side has still been putting forward some
conditions, certain positive impulses towards the normalization of
relations with Armenia can be seen, Grigoryan said. The talks on
Turkey's membership of the European Union due in early October could
play a decisive role in the process, he said.