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  • Gavur
    Serenity through flamboyant utterances

    6. juli 2007
    Armenian Genocide

    A perfect example of awareness through music. System of a Down was for a long period of time my favourite band, and although I nowadays only listen to their self-titled and Toxicity albums, if at all, I did get involved in the meaning of their lyrics and their overall message.

    Having the song P.L.U.C.K as one of my favourite SoaD tracks, I got involved in the Armenian Genocide through the song's lyrics and my interest for history. P.L.U.C.K basically stands for; Politically Lying Unholy Cowardly Killers, aimed at the Turkish government.

    The point is that the Turkish government deliberatly refuses to admit that the genocide ever took place, and one of the things I hate are governments that hides its country's secrets and withholds information essential for a better future (for Turkey and Armenia in this case). How can they even dare to deny a genocide, taking place only 90 years ago, ever happened? And this was a large scale genocide, the Ottomans took at least 1 million Armenian lives, and some of the survivors and thereby eyewitnesses are alive this very day or was 10 years ago.

    What is even more outraging is the fact that the Turkish government does indeed have records of the genocide; strategic plans and whatnot. It's impossible for them not to. But still they keep this information away from the world as well as their fellow citizens, making the younger Turks also deny the genocide, as they believe there is no proof. They think they are patriotic, fighting for their country's pride and for its future. And as well as withholding information regarding the genocide, the Turkish government also cencors a lot of information regarding it coming from abroad.

    This nationalism dominant within the Turkish youth is in vain. In the future, hopefully sometime soon, more and more countries together with Turkey will recognize the genocide. There is just too much evidence. I, speaking from a more objective view, feel no hatred towards the Turkish youth, only their government. I regard them as inhuman, as human for me is doing something to improve the life and future of our very own species; arranging a genocide is quite the contrary.

    To progress as a species, we must learn our history, and not forget and repeat it.

    Posted by Fredrick at 04:03

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  • Gavur
    Life in the Armenian Diaspora -Dennis Hastert

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  • RUDO
    My men won a Grammy.I predicted that they would.So I am waiting for new awards.
    Congrulation my favourite band

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  • Gavur
    System Of A Down Wins Grammy for 'B.Y.O.B'

    LOS ANGELES (Combined Sources)--System Of A Down won a Grammy Wednesday night in the "Best Hard Rock Performance" category for their single "B.Y.O.B." off the album Mezmerize. System beat out Audioslave ("Doesn't Remind Me"), Nine Inch Nails ("The Hand That Feeds"), Robert Plant ("Tin Pan Valley"), and Queens Of The Stone Age ("Little Sister").

    In 2005, System Of A Down--Serj Tankian (vocals), Daron Malakian (guitar, vocals), Shavo Odadjian (bass), and John Dolmayan (drums)--became the first band in the history of the Billboard chart to score two Number one debuts with new albums in a single calendar year. The two albums, Mezmerize and Hypnotize, both debuted at number one, in May and November, respectively.

    "B.Y.O.B." [Bring Your Own Bombs], the first single off Mezmerize, questions the ongoing war in Iraq and President's Bush involvement in it. The song asks repeatedly, "Why don't presidents fight the war?/ Why do they always send the poor?/ Why do they always send the poor?"

    System has been nominated for the Grammy's twice before. Their single "Chop Suey!" was nominated for Best Metal Performance in 2002 and "Aerials" was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2003. Both singles were off the album Toxicity.

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  • Reincarnated Am
    System Of A Down Plea For Genocide Recognition

    SYSTEM OF A DOWN rocker SERJ TANKIAN has staged a rally to build support for a bill which would recognise the mass murder of millions of Armenians as genocide.

    Tankian, whose grandfather is a survivor of the atrocities, demonstrated outside the office of US House of Representatives speaker DENNIS HASTERT, along with several members of the Armenian National Committee (ANC), in a bid to get official condemnation of the slaughter of his countrymen at the hands of the Turks between 1915 and 1917.

    He says, "We're trying to encourage him to do the right thing historically, morally and even politically.

    "Europe, South America, Canada and 38 out of 50 states in the US have already recognised what happened as genocide, so it's a historical fact.

    "If the US as a nation recognised the genocide, because it is such a close ally of Turkey, it would help Turkey deal with its own past.

    In a letter to Hastert, Tankian wrote: "My grandfather STEPAN HAYTAYAN is a 97-year-old survivor of the genocide. He's my only link to the past. I promised him I would try to reach you and explain how important American recognition is to the surviving children of the first genocide of the 20th century."

    10/11/2005 09:18

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  • Tongue

    Yerevan, October 28, PanArmenian.Net. Today Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian met with System Of A Down soloist Serge Tankian, RA MFA press center reported. The Armenian FM highly appreciated the band's contribution to the promotion of international recognition and propaganda of Armenian issues. "You encourage the self-consciousness of the young generation of the Armenian Diaspora and maintenance of the Armenian identity," Vartan Oskanian noted. The interlocutors exchanged views on the prospects of the Armenia-Diaspora cooperation in various fields.

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  • Reincarnated Am
    The Blog Serj Tankian It's Time to Remember

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  • Gavur
    System Of A Down Rally Attracts International Media Attention

    Multi-Platinum Band Calls for Vote on Armenian Genocide Resolution

    New York Times, BBC, and MTV Join Local ABC, FOX, and WB stations and Area Newspapers in Covering Event outside the Batavia, Illinois Office of Speaker Dennis Hastert

    WASHINGTON, DC (ANCA)--The pro-Armenian Genocide Resolution rally last week by System Of A Down outside the Batavia, Illinois office of House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) received extensive media coverage--both internationally and within the Speaker's local suburban Chicago media market.

    The September 27 event was organized by the multi-platinum band System Of A Down, along with the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), Axis of Justice, and the Armenian Youth Federation. Over two hundred fans, including a large number of Armenian Americans from Chicago, attended the rally to urge the Speaker to schedule a vote on legislation pending before Congress that would recognize the Armenian Genocide. At the rally, the band delivered a letter asking the Speaker to allow the legislation to move forward. Speaker Hastert pledged to allow the full House to vote on Armenian genocide legislation in August of 2000, but retreated from this promise in October of that year, citing pressure from the White House. On September 15 of this year, the House International Relations Committee overwhelmingly approved legislation recognizing the Armenian Genocide. The highlights of the media coverage included:

    * Over 560,000 households in the Chicago area watched video from the rally via ABC channel 7 News (Nielsen Audience: 310,980), WGN-WB (Nielsen Audience: 231,385), and WFLD-FOX (Nielsen Audience: 22,726).

    * The New York Times covered the rally, as did three area newspapers read by Speaker Hastertís constituents: The Beacon News, The Daily Herald, and The Kane County Chronicle.

    * News of the rally was broadcast on radio internationally via The World (BBC) and locally by Chicago Public Radio.

    * The rally received excellent coverage in the entertainment media via stories on the websites of MTV (two stories), VH1, Rolling Stone, and a range of other media outlets.


    --New York Times (September 26, 2005, Arts Section)

    --ABC channel 7 news --WLS-ABC CHICAGO, IL SEP 27 2005 5:00PM CT Nielsen Audience: 310,980

    --ABC 7 News at 5, WGN-WB CHICAGO, IL SEP 27 2005 9:00PM CT Nielsen Audience: 231,385

    --News at Nine, WFLD-FOX CHICAGO, IL SEP 28 2005 5:00AM CT Nielsen Audience: 22,726 Fox News at 5AM (Pre-Rally coverage) (Post-Rally coverage)

    --VHI (a radio program in done in co-production with the BBC)

    --Rolling Stone:

    --The Beacon News

    --The Daily Herald

    -Kane County Chronicle:

    --PR Newswire

    --Los Angeles Daily News

    --Yahoo News

    In the two weeks since that vote, thousands of System fans have sent free ANCA WebFaxes urging Speaker Hastert to hold a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution:

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  • hovhannesian
    Thank you SOAD and thank you tongue for this post

    I think SOAD are doing good job... at least they are using an initiative method. A few more artists and musicians like them can make a real change in the world.

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  • Hovik
    System of a Down rallies outside Hastert's office

    Rocking Denny's boat
    System of a Down rallies outside Hastert's office

    By Matthew DeFour
    Staff writer
    Sept. 28, 2005

    BATAVIA - Politics in music hasn't changed much since the days when Neil
    Young lamented "four dead in Ohio," but politics in practice has.

    Heavy metal rockers System of a Down headlined a political rally at noon
    Tuesday outside U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's Batavia office to
    bring awareness to the slaughter of thousands of Armenians by the Turks
    in the 1920s.

    Lead singer Serj Tankian, whose grandfather survived the massacres,
    delivered a personal letter asking the speaker to call for a House vote
    on two controversial resolutions that would recognize the massacres as

    "By allowing this vote, and allowing the will of Congress to be freely
    expressed, you will be doing the right thing morally and, at the same
    time, encouraging Turkey to deal honestly with its past and more openly
    with its future," Tankian read though a megaphone to a crowd of about
    125 people, including elderly Armenian descendants of the survivors and
    young fans who will see the band perform Friday at Allstate Arena in

    Tankian handed a copy of the letter across a police line to a sergeant
    who took it inside to Hastert's office. Hastert himself was in
    Washington and unable to make an appearance, but a spokesman said the
    speaker was attentive to the demonstrators' concerns.

    "He's allowing the House to move through the process and he's listening
    to different viewpoints," spokesman Brad Hahn said. "As a speaker he has
    an obligation to build consensus."

    The question of whether to recognize the atrocity as genocide has
    divided Americans of Turkish and Armenian descent for decades, and the
    U.S. relationship with Turkey, especially during the Iraq War, has
    complicated the matter.

    Demonstrators emphasized that Hastert promised the Armenian community in
    August 2000 that he would allow the House to vote on a resolution, but
    since then he has had two opportunities to do so without result.

    In October 2000 and July 2003, separate House committees passed
    resolutions that would have recognized as genocide the murders committed
    by the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1923. Neither resolution was
    scheduled for a House vote before the end of the term.

    Hastert has said that both the Clinton and Bush administrations have
    opposed the resolutions because of an alliance with Turkey.

    Last week, the House International Relations Committee passed a
    resolution by a vote of 33-11, calling for Turkey to acknowledge the
    atrocity as genocide. Another resolution that passed 40-7 calls on the
    United States to do the same.

    "On these particular (resolutions) he (Hastert) hasn't been dragging his
    feet - yet," said Greg Bedian, chairman of the Armenian National
    Committee of Illinois. "But three strikes and we'll see what happens."

    Bedian helped to organize the event along with the Armenian National
    Committee of American, the Axis of Justice and the Armenian Youth
    Federation, which successfully lobbied Springfield this year to pass
    legislation recognizing the atrocities in public education curriculum.

    When Tankian finished reading his letter, the audience cheered for him
    to give a rallying speech, but he said he would rather meet everyone
    individually. As he worked his way through the crowd, taking pictures
    and signing autographs, some greeted him in Armenian while others
    thanked him for making them aware of the issue.

    "Up until a couple days ago, I had heard nothing of this," 15-year-old
    David Gerhard of Downers Grove told Tankian. "But I became outraged that
    something like this hasn't been taught in any of our classes."

    Gerhard, like many of the young people in the crowd, heard about the
    event - and the issue - through the band's e-mail, which wasn't sent out
    until Monday night.

    Most of the demonstrators arrived by bus from Glenview and other Chicago
    suburbs, though some came from as far away as Minnesota, Wisconsin and

    They brandished signs that read "You can't rewrite history" and chanted
    "You can't buy the truth."

    Read between the lines, that last chant could have been a reference to a
    recent Vanity Fair magazine article in which a translator alleged that
    Hastert had received campaign contributions from Turkish officials to
    stymie the House vote in 2000. But aside from murmurs in the crowd,
    organizers never mentioned the article or allegations in their speeches
    or as part of the program.

    "I think that speaks to the validity of the Vanity Fair report," said
    Hahn, who reiterated Hastert's position that the article had no

    After about an hour, the event came to an end with Armenian-Americans
    young and old singing the Armenian national anthem.

    Heratch Doumanian came from Indiana to participate in the event and
    honor his grandparents and uncles and aunts who "died in the desert."

    "(The legislation) will prevent future genocide," Doumanian said. "If
    people realize they're accountable for it."<><>

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