Hrant Dink’s assassination: “How happy is the one who calls himself Turkish Terrorist"
1/20/2007 - By Hadi Elis

The peoples of Turkey have lost a brother, a friend, Journalist Hrant Dink, “An Armenian of Turkish Citizen" who said this sentence, and that caused his death.

“How Happy is the one who calls himself Turkish Terrorist."

Yes, few “Happy Turkish Terrorist" killed a fine Gentleman in a very cowardice “Turkish Way" - shoot from behind.

"A bullet has been fired at democracy and freedom of expression," Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a hastily convened news conference as news of Dink's murder spread.

No shame to talk about “Democracy and Freedom of Expression" where Mr. Dink was taken to court for saying “I am no Turk, I am an Armenian of Turkish citizen." A court in Istanbul, were trial resumed for sometime sentenced him for three years in prison recently. His crime was “insulting Turkishness", and let see now Who Insulted Turkishness with Martyring him?

"I'm living together with Turks in this country," Dink told the AP. "I don't think I could live with an identity of having insulted them in this country ... if I am unable to come up with a positive result, it will be honorable for me to leave this country."

The attack on Dink was an attack on Turkey and on Turkish unity and stability, Mr Erdogan said, adding that the "dark hands" behind the killing would be brought to justice.

Dark Hands? What Dark Hands you talking about Sir, you are the PM of the country called Turkey that some of your citizens has Dark Hands. You should call "Ripley's believe it or not" about this.

Yes PM Tayyip Erdogan, the killers - the happy Turkish Terrorists - will be brought to the Justice (?) as soon as your government learns what is justice, and do the Job of going after them, so the so-called security forces could be send after the other "Happy Turkish Terrorists" who killed Musa Anter, MP Mehmet Sincar, Vedat Aydin,Bedrettin Comert, Cavit Orhan Tutengil, Ugur Mumcu, Ahmet Taner Kislali, Bahriye Ucok, Dogan Oz, Ali Gaffar Okan, and countless many others, the Turkish X Files.

"We strongly condemn hateful attack against Hrant Dink (editor-in-chief of bilingual Turkish-Armenian weekly Agos)," Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit said. Gen. Buyukanit released a statement noting that they hoped that those who staged the attack would be found as soon as possible.

Thank you Gen. Buyukanit. They will be found in 2107 when it was OK to release the State documents about the un-concluded investigation, like many other thousands of them prviously left to be dusted on shelves.

He added that bullets fired at Dink were also fired at Turkey. No, I don't think so. The Bullets were not fired at Turkey, but in Turkey. You know why? Because the ones, who did it, knew very well that they will get away with it.

Of course few minor guilty ones will be arrested and charged. However the real guilty guys/gals will be left to be forgotten in to the Dark Days of the History.

Once former PM Tansu Cille said, “The ones who fires bullets, and as well the got hit by bullets for this country are a hero of Turkey". I am of the opinion that none of the "hero" will be found guilty in my life time.

The Ankara-based Turkish think tank USAK, like many other Turkish NGOs has also condemned the murder. Dr. Sedat Laciner, head of the USAK said, "The target was not Hrant but Turkey".

The target was not Turkey; the target was in Turkey. Why on Earth some “Happy Turkish Terrorists" would want to hurt Turkey. They are doing this for Turkey, as PM Tansu Ciller said.

Thousands of Turkish people have rallied in Istanbul to protest at the murder of a prominent Turkish-Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink, outside his office.

"We are all Armenians, we are all Hrant Dink," the crowd chanted.

If you are all Armenian in Turkey, then who conducted the genocide of the Armenians? Did Armenians kill Armenians?

Dink, who edited the bilingual Turkish-Armenian newspaper AGOS, said in his last column on Jan. 10 that he had become famous as an enemy of Turks and had received no protection from authorities despite his numerous complaints about the threats against him.

"My computer's memory is loaded with sentences full of hatred and threats," Dink wrote. "I am just like a pigeon. ... I look around to my left and right, in front and behind me as much as it does. My head is just as active."

He ended the column by predicting this would be a difficult year, but he would survive it. "For me, 2007 is likely to be a hard year. The trials will continue, new ones will be started. Who knows what other injustices I will be up against," he wrote.

Yes Mr. Dink, and an injustice done against a white Peace Pigeon.

A colleague at Dink's newspaper, Aydin Engin, said that Dink had attributed the threats to elements in the "deep state," a Turkish term that implies shadowy, deeply nationalist and powerful elements in the government.

Yes, and that's the Real Republic of Turkey

"I am deeply saddened by the assassination of Hrant Dink in front of the Agos newspaper. I strongly condemn this ugly and shameful act," declared President Ahmet Necdet Sezer.

Thank you Mr. President.

However these atrocities have been conducted again and again "ugly and shameful” was conducted by some Turks who believes, "How Happy is the one calls himself Turkish Terrorist", and some of these happy Turks mutilate the dead or alive captured Kurdish guerillas. Please visit the link to see them