Azerbaijan hopes that the world community will impose certain sanctions on Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, excluding the possibility that the very sanctions may be imposed on him.

04.07.2007 GMT+04:00
Armenia has been integrated into the World Trade Organization for three years only, so it is very untimely to make any conclusions about the Organization's influence on the country's economy. However on the international level today Armenia possesses enough efficient instruments to influence on Azerbaijan's fortune. As it is known, Azerbaijan has already submitted its application to be integrated into the Organization. According to WTO Charter for a country to be allowed to the Organization, absolute majority is needed, i.e. all the member countries must be “for”.

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ A single “against” may cause the issue's removal from the agenda. A vivid example of the above mentioned truth is the recent exacerbation in the Russian-Georgian relations, which led to Georgia's rejection to vote for Russia's integration into WTO. Armenia has the power to act the same way, and possesses the decisive word for Azerbaijan not to be allowed into WTO. The RA Minister of Foreign Affairs Vartan Oskanyan said, “We will certainly have our say. One-sided limitations, which Azerbaijan imposes on Armenia within the frames of international organizations, are not acceptable and I guess WTO must touch upon this issue by all means”. In this certain case with Azerbaijan, many things will simply depend on what pressure the USA and Russia will display on Armenia. Perhaps it will be possible to agree upon the exchange of veto from the Armenian party. In this case big political games are to be expected, though Armenia, on the whole, may insist on its own decision. Yet, many things once again depend on the great powers.

By the way when the issue of Armenia's integration into the Organization was on the agenda, no measures were taken by Turkey to impede this process, though Ankara may hardly ever be suspected in having any secret love for Armenia. However things are different with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan hopes that the world community will impose certain sanctions on Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, excluding the possibility that the very sanctions may be imposed on him. Baku has recently had troubles with Mass Media and President Aliyev has had large experience in closing down some of them. Maybe the freedom of speech and other values propagated by Europe are not much paid attention to in Baku, but it is an undeniable fact that the Council of Europe thinks otherwise. But the most serious thing Baku may face is the veto on membership in WTO, which is an organization called to develop country's economy. However as it is known, economy and politics are closely interconnected, and to become a member of the Organization, a country must undertake a number of obligations, including legislative and institutional reforms. Within the frames of WTO the reforms mainly refer to almost all the spheres and aspects of country's economy. But the question is, whether or not Baku is willing to have the reforms which may run the risk of losing the money incoming from oil.

Aliyev, who is trying to create the image of prospering Azerbaijan, seems to forget that he doesn't live in the USSR any more and the slogan “Azerbaijan is taking bigger strides” simply won't work any more. There is no economy, it only exists in written. Even if the WTO member countries vote for Azerbaijan's integration into the Organization, it is not a matter of future but an unattainable dream. Talks between Armenian and WTO were carried on for about 9 years, and there were no guarantees for approval, in spite of the fact that there were no particular reasons for rejection either. Yet Ilham Aliyev needs WTO, the Organization will first of all bring money as well as political profits, so the only moral is; before threatening with war it is better to think twice what it may cost.

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