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Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

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  • Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

    According to an article released by the international AP agency, five weapons manufacturing companies, four of which are American and one British, lobbied in the US Congress against the Armenian resolution labeling the 1915 events as genocide. According to the article Chevron also offered support.
    According to the information obtained, five weapons manufacturing companies, four American and one British, lobbied in favor of Turkey in the US Congress, for their own commercial and national interests. The article listed the companies as follows: BAE Systems, American Goodrich Corp., Northop Grumman Corp., Raytheon CO. and United Technologies Corp. According to the article, Chevron Corporation also offered support to the confidential lobbying by these five companies against the passing of the Armenian resolution in the US Congress.
    According to the information obtained, the aforementioned companies spent 14 million dollars in the first quarter of the year in lobbying efforts against the Armenian resolution in addition to climate change, tax cuts and research into hybrid technology. The article also emphasized that the lobbying efforts conducted by these companies in the US Congress was kept confidential from the public. United Technologies, which has sold Sikorsky helicopters to Turkey, has verified lobbying efforts in support of Turkey. In an official announcement made by the company it was stated that they released information to the US Congress about acting for US national interests and international commerce necessities. Northrop has a three billion dollar warplane agreement. Goodrich has a contract to modernize planes in Turkey, while BAE has an agreement regarding providing armed vehicles and weaponry. US NATIONAL INTEREST

    Raytheon has a 34 million dollar rocket defense system agreement with Turkey. According to an announcement by Chevron, they were opposed to the resolution because they have discussed oil prospects and pipelines with Turkey in the past and feel that it is a region worth investing into. AMOUNTS INVESTED IN LOBBYING

    Chevron: 6.8 million dollars
    Northrop: 2.6 million dollars
    United Technologies: 1.9 million dollars
    Raytheon: 1.4 million dollars
    BAE: 1.1 million dollars
    Goodrich: 542 thousand 195 dollars
    Haven't seen this here, i thought you people should know.

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    Re: Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

    I'll dig up some info on these companies....

    Northrop Grumman's balanced and diversified portfolio is aligned into five business sectors:

    Aerospace Systems
    Northrop Grumman’s aerospace systems operate from the high ground. The company is a premier developer, integrator, producer and supporter of manned and unmanned aircraft, spacecraft, high-energy laser systems, microelectronics and other systems and subsystems critical to maintaining the nation’s security and leadership in science and technology. More...

    Electronic Systems
    Northrop Grumman’s electronic solutions span the spectrum. The company is a leading developer, manufacturer, integrator and supporter of a variety of advanced electronic and maritime systems for U.S. and international customers for national security and non-defense applications. More...

    Information Systems
    Northrop Grumman puts information to work. As a trusted partner, the company develops systems and solutions that deliver timely, enabling information where it is needed most for its military, intelligence, federal, state and local government, and commercial customers. More...

    Ships built by Northrop Grumman project power worldwide. The company is the nation’s sole industrial designer, builder and refueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and one of only two companies that design and build nuclear-powered submarines. The business is also one of the nation’s leading providers and life-cycle supporters of major surface ships for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, international navies and commercial vessels. More...

    Technical Services
    Our Technical Services sector provides life-cycle solutions and a foundation for long-term technical services. Technical Services is poised for growth in the logistics support, sustainment, and technical services marketplace. Key areas of focus include support services for Northrop Grumman OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products, non-platform service opportunities, and third-party product support opportunities. More...

    Innovative solutions for Turkey

    737 Airborne Early Warning & Control System (AEW&C)

    The 737 Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) system is the right choice for airborne surveillance and control missions.

    AN/AAQ-28(V) LITENING Low Risk, Next Generation Targeting Pod

    24-hour precision strike capability and navigation capabilities in a single low-cost, high-performance pod.

    AN/APG-68(V)9 - F-16 Multimode Fire Control Radar

    Autonomous 24-hour, all-weather precision strike capability for the F-16, including synthetic aperture radar.

    AN/APN-241 C-130 Color Weather/Navigation Radar with Prediction Windshear Detection

    The AN/APN-241 radar was developed specifically for the C-130 mission and operational requirements.

    LN-260 Advanced Embedded INS/GPS

    The Northrop Grumman Navigation Systems Division (NSD) LN-260 is a Form, Fit, and Function replacement INS/GPS for the F-16.

    SCOUT Multi-Mode Radar System

    Rapidly engage targets in high density threat environments and in adverse weather conditions.
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      Re: Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

      UPDATE 1-Chevron's Turkey Black Sea talks stall - TPAO

      ANKARA, May 14 (Reuters) - Turkey has been unable to agree on a deal for oil and gas exploration in the Black Sea with U.S. oil major Chevron (CVX.N), and talks with German firm RWE had stalled, Turkish petrol company TPAO said on Thursday.

      The two companies have been in talks with Ankara to carry out exploration in the Black Sea region, which Turkey believes holds some 10 billion barrels of oil and 1.5 trillion cubic metres of natural gas.

      "There are topics on which we could not agree with Chevron, and Chevron has officially announced it is not interested in petrol exploration in the Black Sea at this time," TPAO General Manager Mehmet Uysal said.

      A Chevron official however said the company is still interested in the deal.

      "Chevron remains interested in Black Sea exploration and looks forward to further discussions with TPAO," said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity.

      Uysal did not elaborate on the disagreements.

      Uysal also said talks had stalled with RWE (RWEG.DE) on exploration in the Black Sea.

      Exxon (XOM.N) and Petrobras (PETR4.SA) are continuing work on exploration in the Black Sea. TPAO has said if oil is found in the Black Sea by 2010, production will be able to start between 2015 and 2016.

      Turkey imports most of its gas and oil needs. (Reporting by Orhan Coskun and Thomas Grove; editing by Peter Blackburn)

      TPAO Chevron and Perenco Starts Drilling Cudi-1 Well for Oil

      Thursday, 4 June 2009

      Turkish Petroleum Corp. (TPAO), together with U.S. Chevron and French Perenco companies, has started drilling at Cudi-1 well for oil.

      Officials from TPAO told A.A on Thursday that TPAO completed location studies at Cudi-1 well on Cudi mountain which was 25 kilometers away from Silopi town of the southeastern province of Sirnak.

      The officials said that they began drilling at Cudi-1 well for oil exploration.

      The well would be one of the deepest oil wells in Turkey, added officials.
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        Re: Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

        Turkey Orders 17 S-70B SEAHAWK Helicopters

        Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
        Release date: November 3, 2006

        STRATFORD, Conn., Nov. 3 // -- Sikorsky Aircraft announced today it has signed an agreement which makes effective a contract with the Ministry of National Defense, Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) of the Government of Turkey for 17 new S-70B SEAHAWK(R) helicopters. First deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2009. Sikorsky Aircraft is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

        The contract is a Lot 2 agreement, which adds to seven S-70B SEAHAWK helicopters currently in the inventory of the Turkish Navy.

        "This 17-SEAHAWK contract is one that Sikorsky, SSM and the Turkish Navy can all be proud of," said Sikorsky President Jeffrey Pino. "Not only will this provide the Turkish Navy with a total of 24 of the finest naval helicopters in the world, but it also provides solutions that help to clear the way for a new business partnership among Sikorsky, SSM and Turkish industry at a much more strategic level. This relationship will build upon the industrial cooperation foundations established under the prior Sikorsky-Turkey BLACK HAWK programs. Sikorsky is honored to have delivered well over 100 BLACK HAWKS under these programs."

        The S-70B helicopter is an international derivative of the U.S. Navy SH-60B SEAHAWK. The S-70B has a fully integrated glass xxxxpit with smart multifunction liquid crystal displays and a mission management system. Its flexible mission package includes dipping sonar, electronic surveillance measures, FLIR, multi-mode radar, aircraft survivability equipment, and Penguin and Hellfire missiles. Multi-mission capable, the S-70B can perform search and rescue, medical evacuation, surveillance, vertical replenishment and utility missions.

        "This contract is a very good one for all parties involved," said Murad Bayar, Undersecretary of SSM. "Under the terms of this agreement, Sikorsky has committed to a 50 percent offset obligation, which will bring both jobs and high technology to Turkish Industry. I share Sikorsky's vision that this effectively creates a solid basis for taking Sikorsky's relationship with Turkish industry to a higher, more strategic level."

        Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, based in Stratford, Connecticut, USA, is a world leader in helicopter design, manufacturing, and service. United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems.
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          Re: Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

          BAE SYSTEMS
          A Corporate Profile

          By Corporate Watch UK
          Completed June 2002

          - Corporate Crimes
          The UK sold £84 million worth of arms to Turkey in 1998, most of which came directly from the BAE SYSTEMS empire. The orders for that year, which was largely typical, included tank turrets, military components and torpedoes. More worrying was the deal struck between Turkey and Matra Marconi Space, worth $110 million, for military satellite terminals, and the deal between a Turkish company and Matra BAE Dynamics for the manufacture of BAE’s Rapier anti-aircraft missiles. 850 of those missiles are to be supplied to Turkey.[52] The problem with all this, of course, is that Turkey is, an oppressive regime with an appalling human rights record. It routinely uses its military equipment to oppress and kill Kurds and other ethnic minorities. It has been accused by the Council of Europe, among other bodies, of having a history of ‘repeated and serious human rights violations’. The same body reported in July 1999 that it could see ‘no significant progress in limiting torture, disappearances, and extra-judicial killings’ in Turkey.

          BAE Systems to supply tanks to Turkey

          30th September 2005

          Defence firm BAE Systems Land Systems OMC yesterday announced an agreement with Turkish private sector defence company FNSS Savunma Sistemleri for the joint marketing and supply of wheeled armoured vehicles to the Turkish Armed Forces.

          The co-operation agreement comes ahead of the upcoming Turkish Armed Forces wheeled armoured vehicle requirement, particularly in the field of mine-protected vehicles where Land Systems OMC's RG-31 mine-protected APC could be a perfect fit.

          The RG-31 is already in service with a variety of international users and is thoroughly combat-proven under some of the harshest operational conditions.

          FNSS is an American-Turkish joint venture company in which BAE Systems holds a 49% share through BAE Systems Land and Armament Systems (formerly United Defense) with Nurol Holdings (51%) of Turkey.

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            Re: Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

            Goodrich to form Turkish venture

            Goodrich Corp. has signed an agreement with Turkish Technic Inc. to establish a joint venture in Istanbul, Turkey.

            The venture, dubbed Goodrich Habom, will perform maintenance and repair work on engine casings in Turkish Airlines' fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

            Turkish Airlines, the national airline of Turkey, is one of the fastest-growing carriers in Europe.

            The venture will open a repair station at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport in Istanbul in 2009.

            The 43,000-square-foot facility will also offer maintenance, repair and overhaul services to other carriers in Turkey and the region.

            Turkish Technic provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services for Boeing and Airbus airframes, engines, auxiliary power units, landing gear and components.

            Charlotte-based Goodrich (NYSE:GR) is a supplier of services and products to the aerospace and defense industries.

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              Re: Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

              Military Contractors and Chevron Lobby against Armenian Genocide Bill
              Tuesday, June 16, 2009

              Billion-dollar business deals have trumped human rights concerns for some of the largest defense and energy corporations in the United States when it comes to the issue of recognizing the Armenian genocide. According to the Associated Press, six international companies—BAE Systems, Goodrich, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, United Technologies, and Chevron—have quietly lobbied Congress not to approve a resolution that labels the death of more than one million Armenians by Turkey in the early 20th century as “genocide.”

              All of the companies have strong ties to Turkey, a key ally of the United States. The Turkish armed forces is getting fighter jets from Northrop for $3 billion, while U.K.-based BAE Systems is supplying armored vehicles, Raytheon is selling the Stinger missile launcher system, and United Technologies is providing Sikorsky helicopters to Turkey. Goodrich is being paid by a Turkish firm to provide maintenance and repair work on engine components, and Chevron holds a stake in a pipeline that crosses the country.

              Rouben Adalian, director of the Armenian National Institute, a Washington research organization, says the companies “don’t want to be seen opposing a resolution that has a very evident human rights element. It would put them on the side of denying history and denying genocide.”

              The House resolution regarding Armenian genocide is currently sitting in the foreign affairs committee, awaiting a hearing. Similar bills have been introduced in previous sessions of Congress, but have never been approved. The government of Turkey denies that the deaths, which occurred at the time of World War I, were genocide, saying the number of casualties is inflated and was the consequence of civil war and unrest.

              -Noel Brinkerhoff

              "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it." ~Malcolm X


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                Re: Weapons giants lobby for Turkey

                No wonder they lobby against it. They want the Azeri-Armenian Dispute/War to get worse so they can make more money selling weapons for a perceived full scale war to the Turks and Azeri's.


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                  Petition Against Six Denialist Corporations

                  Petition Against Six Denialist Corporations


                  It has come to light that, contrary to their public statements of being good corporate citizens and champions of human rights, six American and British mega-corporations have been secretly lobbying the United States Congress not to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

                  In the American system, it is customary for corporations to lobby Congress only on taxes and trade rules related to their specific businesses. It is however highly unusual and downright shameful for corporations to do the bidding of their foreign clients.

                  BAE Systems Inc., Goodrich Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., Raytheon Co., United Technologies Corp. and energy producer Chevron Corp are spending over a million dollars a week to lobby Congress.

                  The world-wide Armenian community cannot match this level of expenditure. We can however raise our righteous voice by signing the petition below. The collected signatures will be hand delivered and emailed to the corporate heads and key stockholders of these companies.

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                    Chevron Responds to National Campaign Exposing ‘Profit from Genocide Denial’ Scheme

                    Demonstrators at Burbank, CA

                    SAN RAMON, CA–Chevron Corporation tried to explain away its opposition to Congressional legislation affirming the Armenian Genocide, using the standard Turkish and Azerbaijani government talking points to justify their complicity in denying this crime against humanity, reported the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF).

                    “As a major energy producer in the region, we support the integrity of multiple energy transportation routes and a diplomatic relationship between Turkey and Armenia,” Chevron spokesman Justin Higgs announced, adding that the genocide resolution, “would have hurt, not helped, relations between Turkey and Armenia.”

                    “An enduring diplomatic relationship between Turkey and Armenia can only be based on truth,” said AYF San Francisco chapter chairman Matt Senekeremian, leading the Bay Area protest. “Lobbying against the Armenian Genocide resolution is a pure and simple case of profiting from the denial of the murder of 1.5 million men, women and children – a short-sighted policy which only serves to fuel greater instability in the region.”

                    Chevron’s comments came as the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) joined with Armenian Americans and human rights activists in kicking off a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about Turkish Government coercion of the energy giant and some five multinational corporations currently lobbying against Armenian Genocide legislation (H.Res.252). The resolution, spearheaded by Representatives Adam Schiff (D-CA), George Radanovich (R-CA), and Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Frank Pallone and Mark Kirk, has over 125 cosponsors.

                    Rep. Schiff chastised Chevron and the other corporations for opposing the Genocide resolution, noting “I don’t think any major American corporation should be lobbying against the genocide recognition and become complicit in another country’s genocide denial,” Schiff told the Glendale News-Press. “I don’t think that’s being a good corporate citizen. It’s certainly putting profits in front of the public interest.”

                    The protests began on July 22, 2009 at the Chevron headquarters in San Ramon, California and local stations across the U.S., including sites in Burbank, La Crescenta, Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Glendale, Fresno, as well as Bethesda, MD, Orlando, FL and Philadelphia, PA. An online letter writing campaign to Chevron CEO Dave O’Reilly was launched in conjunction with the protests, urging the company to publicly apologize for profiting from Genocide denial. A copy of the letter was hand delivered to the Chevron corporate headquarters by protesters in San Ramon.

                    Concerned about public response to their action, Chevron’s corporate headquarters had alerted their franchisees about the AYF led protest prior to the campaign launch. Washington, DC area protesters also reported that Chevron had sent their own photographers to the protest.
                    Demonstrators in Orange County delivering a letter to be sent to Chevron's corporate headquarters.

                    Demonstrators in Orange County delivering a letter to be sent to Chevron's corporate headquarters.

                    Protests were covered in local newspapers, including the Orlando Sentinel, where AYF Keri chapter member Raffi Mekhdjavakian explained “It’s contradictory of Chevron to have their motto ‘The Chevron way’ and say that they are responsible and ethical when they are lobbying against a human rights situation,” said Raffi Mekhdjavakian, an Oviedo resident with the Armenian youth group. “If [the genocide] is denied it’s as if it never happened.”

                    Mekhdjavakian referrred to statements on Chevron’s website where the corporation prides itself on running the company the “Chevron Way” – responsibly, ethically and with respect to human rights. However, on June 13th, the Associated Press revealed that Chevron and 5 other multinational energy and defense corporations, including BAE Systems, Raytheon, Northrop

                    Grumman, United Technologies and Goodrich have filed disclosure forms with the Senate and House “quietly” lobbying against H.Res.252 the Armenian Genocide Resolution, among a wide array of legislation. In first quarter of 2009 alone, the six firms have spent some $14 million in Congressional lobby efforts. This is in addition to the over $3 million spent annually by the Government of Turkey to block U.S. affirmation of the Armenian Genocide, a cornerstone of their foreign policy priorities.

                    “Clearly, Turkey will spare to no expense to cover up its dark past,”said AYF Western Region Chairman Vache Thomassian. “Coercing corporations like Chevron to do its dirty deeds is just the latest tactic – exporting genocide denial to our neighborhoods, one gas station at a time.”

                    Complete information about Chevron’s lobbying efforts – including lobby disclosures forms filed with the Senate and House – are posted at A Facebook group calling attention to the effort has over 1300 activists.