Kurds forbidden to bury favorite singer
15:37 / 08/14/2009

Aram Tigran, 75, died in Athens last week.Osman Baydemir, Mayor of Diyarbakir city (populated with Kurds) took soil from Diyarbakir to Brussels to the grave of popular among Turkish Kurds singer Aram Tigran, Turkish Haberler website reports.

According to Haberler, Kurdish community of Turkey wished to bury the singer in Diyarbakir, assuming that Turkish Government will give the permission. The Mayor also participated at the burial ceremony and severely criticized Turkish authorities for banning to bury Aram Tigran in Diyarbakir. Baydemir stated that he will take the soil from this symbolic cemetery to Brussels on Aram Tigran’s grave. notes, that Aram Tigran’s family (Armenian origin) left Turkey escaping from Genocide. They settled in Syrian Kamshli, where Aram Tigran was born in 1934.