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Do you think Turkey has become a regional Leader?

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  • Re: Do you think Turkey has become a regional Leader?

    Turkey has over 4000 political prisoners at one time or another but according to Bell full of Cat Armenia sets the standard for world political corruption scale.
    This needs a facepalm.

    B0zkurt Hunter


    • Re: Do you think Turkey has become a regional Leader?

      Arty and eddo don't know the meaning of the word proportional. Maybe this will help them grasp the concept. If the same proportion of Turks and Kurds had emigrated from Turkey as Armenians have emigrated from Armenia there would be some 20 million more Turks and Kurds living in America, Russia, and Europe than currently reside there.
      Plenipotentiary meow!


      • Re: Do you think Turkey has become a regional Leader?

        Originally posted by bell-the-cat View Post
        Arty and eddo don't know the meaning of the word proportional. Maybe this will help them grasp the concept. If the same proportion of Turks and Kurds had emigrated from Turkey as Armenians have emigrated from Armenia there would be some 20 million more Turks and Kurds living in America, Russia, and Europe than currently reside there.
        You don't know the meaning of the words: conniving, malevolent btch.
        Stuff it.


        • Re: Do you think Turkey has become a regional Leader?

          Erdogan taped conversation with son attempting to hide one billion dollars

          xxxxs about to hit the fan in toorkland

          Last edited by Mher; 02-24-2014, 09:16 PM.
          <<եթե զենք էլ չլինի' ես քարերով կկրվեմ>>


          • Re: Do you think Turkey has become a regional Leader?

            Turkish election deals blow to Erdogan's ambitions

            Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's hopes of assuming greater powers suffered a serious blow on Sunday when the ruling AK Party failed to win an outright majority in a parliamentary election, partial results showed.

            With 94 percent of ballots counted, the AKP had taken 41 percent of the vote, according to broadcaster CNN Turk, a result which will leave it struggling to form a stable government for the first time since it came to power more than a decade ago.

            "We expect a minority government and an early election," a senior AKP official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

            The lira currency weakened sharply against the dollar in thin out-of-hours dealing as investors, fearing further political uncertainty, positioned themselves for the start of trade on Monday.

            The atmosphere outside the AKP's headquarters in Ankara was muted. Several hundred supporters chanted for Erdogan, the party's founder, but there was little sign of the massive crowds that gathered under its balcony after past election victories.

            The pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) was on track to take more than 12 percent of the vote, according to CNN Turk. The prospect of it clearing the threshold to enter parliament for the first time triggered celebrations in the mostly Kurdish southeast.

            The HDP expected to take around 80 of parliament's 550 seats, one of its lawmakers, Sirri Sureyya Onder, told a news conference.

            Erdogan, Turkey's most popular modern leader but also its most divisive, had hoped for a crushing victory for the AKP, to allow it to change the constitution and create a more powerful U.S.-style presidency.

            Its failure to win an overall majority marks an end to 12 years of uninterrupted, stable single-party rule and is a setback for both Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

            While constitutionally required as president to stay above party politics, Erdogan had held rallies throughout a confrontational campaign.

            The two men portrayed the election as a choice between a "new Turkey" and a return to a history marked by short-lived coalition governments, economic instability and coups by a military whose influence Erdogan has now reined in.

            MINORITY RULE

            The partial results indicated that the HDP, with its roots in Kurdish nationalism, had succeeded in widening its appeal beyond its Kurdish core vote to center-left and secularist elements disillusioned with Erdogan.

            It is now likely to play a significant role in parliament.

            HDP leader Selahattin Demirtas said earlier that the campaign had not been fair or just, particularly after a bombing on Friday killed two people and wounded at least 200 at one of its rallies in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir.

            The results broadcast by CNN showed the secularist Republican People's Party (CHP) would again be the second biggest group in parliament, with around a quarter of the vote.

            <<եթե զենք էլ չլինի' ես քարերով կկրվեմ>>


            • Re: Do you think Turkey has become a regional Leader?

              Suspension of Turkish parliament halts passage of laws needed to win European support for visa-free travel for Turks

              A key deadline looks increasingly likely to be missed in plans to grant Turkish citizens visa-free travel in the EU as part of a vital migration deal, after fighting in the parliament in Ankara and a stern warning of no special favours from Brussels.

              Brawling between ruling party and pro-Kurdish MPs late on Wednesday resulted in Turkey’s parliament being suspended until Monday, halting work on laws the country needs to pass if the European commission is to recommend the controversial visa-waiver scheme to member states in a decision due next Wednesday.

              Ban Ki-moon attacks 'increasingly restrictive' EU asylum policies
              Read more
              The deputy head of the commission, Frans Timmermans, reiterated on Thursday that the EU executive would not soften the 72 conditions Turkey must meet to ensure visa-free travel, a key part of the controversial agreement aiming to stem the flow of migrants into the union.

              “We will not play around with those benchmarks; the onus is on Turkey. They say they can do it,” Timmermans told the European parliament, adding that recent curbs on media freedoms and human rights in Turkey did not necessarily bode well for fresh discussions on Turkey’s eventual membership of the EU – another component of the migrant deal.

              “If they want to come close to the European Union so badly, let them prove that they can,” the former Dutch foreign minister said. “The distance between us and Turkey is not decreasing, it is increasing, because of human rights, the media and what is happening in civil society.”

              The commission has said it will announce on 4 May whether it believes member states should agree to grant visa-free travel to Turkish citizens by the end of June as part of the deal under which Ankara has agreed to take back refugees and migrants who reach the Greek islands from Turkey.

              But with governments under pressure to curb immigration, the prospect of lifting visa restrictions on 75 million Turks has aroused strong opposition in some member states.

              Both France and Germany have reportedly proposed incorporating an “emergency brake” in the Turkish scheme – and in similar visa waiver schemes being discussed for Georgians and Ukrainians – to give the EU a quick and legal way to suspend them in the event of an unexpectedly large influx.

              The EU has previously said Turkey fully meets only about half the 72 criteria, which include civil liberties guarantees. A report late last month by the European Stability Initiative, a thinktank monitoring Ankara’s progress, suggested there had been no movement at all on 12 of the conditions.

              Senior Turkish officials, however, have insisted the country will meet “almost all” the conditions by next week’s deadline, and Ankara has repeatedly made clear that the lifting of visa restrictions is a non-negotiable part of the migration deal.

              Even if the commission recommends the visa-waiver scheme, there is no guarantee that the European parliament will support it.

              MEPs in Brussels have warned conditions such as “the right to liberty and security, to a fair trial and freedom of expression, and of assembly and association” are difficult to square with recent Turkish court cases – and complaints abroad – about people accused of insulting the president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

              Some analysts have warned the whole migration deal – championed in particular by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel – could end up collapsing unless Turkey can convincingly address these fundamental human rights and rule-of-law questions, leaving the commission between a rock and a hard place.

              Ignoring MEPs’ concerns could risk the visa-waiver scheme being rejected by parliament – while telling Turkey it has not met all the necessary conditions would see Ankara withdrawing form the migration deal altogether.

              Timmermans stressed the agreement with Turkey was essential to slow the uncontrolled influx of migrants and refugees, and said a Turkish visa-waiver programme could improve, not weaken, European security because Turks would be obliged to use machine-readable, biometric passports.


              • Re: Do you think Turkey has become a regional Leader?

                Թուրքիայում կասկածելի պայմաններում մահացած զինվորների 80 տոկոսը քրդեր, հայեր և ալևիներ են

                ԻՐԱՎԱԿԱՆ12:37, 09 Մայիս 2016

                Թուրքական բանակում 22 տարում գրանցվել է պարտադիր զինծառայողների կասկածելի պայմաններում մահվան 2.220 դեպք: Քրդական «Özgür gündem» թերթի կայքի տեղեկացմամբ՝ պարտադիր զինծառայության ընթացքում կասկածելի պայմաններում մահացած զինվորների 80 տոկոսը քրդեր, հայեր և ալևիներ են, որոնք բանակում լուրջ ճնշումների են ենթարկվում:

                Զինվորների կասկածելի մահվան դեպքերով և տուժածների իրավունքների խնդիրներով զբաղվող կազմակերպության փոխնախագահ Ռըզա Դողանի խոսքով՝ միայն 2015թ. հուլիսից մինչ օրս գրանցվել է զինվորի մահվան 8 դեպք, որոնք ենթադրաբար ինքնասպանություն են գործել:

                Մահացած զինվորների ընտանիքները տարիներ շարունակ իրավական պայքար են մղում՝ իրենց զավակների մահվան հանգամանքների և մեղավորների բացահայտման պահանջով: Նրանք վստահ են, որ իրենց զավակները գիտակցաբար մահվան են ուղարկվել կամ կանխամտածված ձևով սպանվել են:

                Ռըզա Դողանի 20-ամյա որդին՝ Ույսալ Դողանը, նույնպես մահացել է պարտադիր զինծառայություն իրականացնելիս՝ 2012թ. Մուշում: Զինծառայողի մահվան վերաբերյալ առաջ է քաշվել ինքնասպանության վարկածը, սակայն հայրը համոզված է, որ դա սպանություն է եղել: Ենթադրյալ ինքնասպանության գործիքի վրա մահացածի մատնահետքերը չեն հայտնաբերվել:

                Դողանը հայտնել է, որ կասկածելի պայմաններում զինվորների մահվան դեպքերի առթիվ հարուցված քրգործերը ռազմական դատարանները գիտակցաբար կարճում են, իսկ իրական հանցագործները՝ քողարկվում: Նրա պնդմամբ՝ զինվորների մահվան դեպքերի մեղավորը հենց պետությունն է:

                Hayastan or Bust.