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Fascist USA

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    Re: Fascist USA

    Enemy of the state....American people's hero.

    Best of luck to him.
    B0zkurt Hunter


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      Re: Fascist USA


      16:26 10/07/2013 " SOCIETY

      The World Service Authority (WSA), a Washington-based charity and
      executive branch of the World Government of World Citizens, has
      issued a world citizen passport for Former US national Edward Snowden,
      who disclosed America's mass monitoring program, the Voice of Russia

      "WSA Issues World Passport to Edward Snowden Based Upon Article 13
      (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," reads the message
      posted on the charity's Twitter page.

      "This unprecedented situation reveals dramatically the power of
      one individual versus the nation-state system, while highlighting
      individual sovereignty. The fact that Snowden is immobilized in
      a Moscow Airport Transit lounge further exposes the fiction of
      nation-state frontiers," WSA's founder Garry Davis said.

      The World Government of World Citizens has been issuing its passports
      since September 1953, although only four countries - Mauritania,
      Tanzania, Ecuador and Togo - recognize these IDs.

      Hayastan or Bust.


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        Re: Fascist USA


        09:52 03.08.13

        Germany has canceled a Cold War-era surveillance pact with the US
        and Britain on Friday in response to revelations by National Security
        Agency leakerEdward Snowden about those countries' alleged electronic
        eavesdropping operations, Ya Lybnan reported.

        The move appeared largely symbolic, designed to show that the German
        government was taking action to stop unwarranted surveillance directed
        against its citizens without actually jeopardizing relations with
        Washington and London. With weeks to go before national elections,
        opposition parties had seized on Snowden's claim that Germany was
        complicit in the NSA's intelligence-gathering operations.

        Government officials have insisted that US and British intelligence
        were never given permission to break Germany's strict privacy laws.

        But they conceded last month that an agreement dating back to the late
        1960s gave the US, Britain and France the right to request German
        authorities to conduct surveillance operations within Germany to
        protect their troops stationed there.

        "The cancellation of the administrative agreements, which we have
        pushed for in recent weeks, is a necessary and proper consequence
        of the recent debate about protecting personal privacy," Germany's
        Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said in a statement.

        British Foreign Office brushed off the significance of the German
        move. "It's a loose end from a previous era which is right to tie up,"
        the Foreign Office said in a statement, noting that the agreement
        had not been used since 1990.

        A spokeswoman for the US embassy in Berlin, Ruth Bennett, confirmed
        that the agreement had been canceled but declined to comment further
        on the issue.

        A German official, speaking on condition of anonymity, also said the
        cancellation would have little practical consequences.

        He said the agreement had not been invoked since the end of the
        Cold War and would have no impact on current intelligence cooperation
        between Germany and its NATO allies. The official spoke on condition of
        anonymity because he wasn't authorized to publicly discuss the issue.

        Germany is currently in talks with France to cancel its part of the
        agreement as well.

        Public reaction in Germany to Snowden's revelations was particularly
        strong, with civil rights campaigners recalling the mass
        surveillancecarried out by secret police in communist East Germany
        and during the Nazi era. Chancellor Angela Merkel went so far as to
        raise the issue of alleged NSA spying with President Barack Obama
        when he visited Berlin in June.

        "The government needs to do something to show voters it's taking the
        issue seriously," saidHenning Riecke of the German Council on Foreign
        Relations, a Berlin-based think tank. "Ending an agreement made in
        the pre-Internet age gives the Germans a chance to show they're doing
        something, and at the same time the Americans know it's not going to
        hurt them. Given the good relations between the intelligence agencies,
        they'll get the information they need anyway."

        According to Snowden, Germany has been a particular focus on U.S.

        intelligence gathering operations in recent years. Several of those
        who plotted and carried out the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in
        the United States had lived in Germany.

        In March 2011, two U.S. Air Force members were killed and two wounded
        when a gunman from Kosovo fired on a military bus at Frankfurt
        International Airport. The gunman told police he was motivated by
        anger over the U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Armenian News -
        Hayastan or Bust.


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          Re: Fascist USA

          Have a read at this (sorry it is in the New Yorker, but try to just not look at their stupid cartoons - that helps)

          Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing?

          by Sarah Stillman
          August 12, 2013

          Plenipotentiary meow!


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            Re: Fascist USA

            Press TV has talked with Kenneth O~RKeefe, a former US marine and
            war veteran from London, to shed more light on the hawkish position
            of the Western countries and their Persian Gulf allies against Syria.

            - Ken O~RKeefe, let us talk about the US military action. It is quite
            confusing; it went from a limited strike, initially said to last for
            24 to 48 hours, those were some of the statements coming from Obama,
            and now it seems that like it is an open-ended 90-day timetable.

            What is your reading into that? General Dempsey saying it is not
            bound to an immediate attack, it could be done in days or weeks from
            now. It almost sounds like that this is much wider in scope than
            initially introduced.

            - Well, we have to have some semblance of understanding of what is
            happening here and the idea that America would strike, a so-called
            limited strike, is really quite ridiculous.

            The ultimate endgame here is to get to Iran and the only way to
            realistically get to Iran is to eliminate Syria as a threat because
            if there is a war on Iran, Syria will also be able to attack Israel,
            its nemesis, in tandem with Iran and this is the important aspect of
            eliminating Syria as a tactical threat.

            So to say that there are going to be limited strikes is really just
            an insult to our intelligence yet again, ultimately this is really
            begging the third world war and this is not a joke and everyone who
            is paying attention knows this.

            So, every war supposedly is going to start off with limited action,
            but it will accelerate into a full-scale war and potentially into a
            third world war and it would be foolish to think otherwise.

            - Ken O~RKeefe, one thing that is very surprising about all of this
            is..., again I am going to the military buildup that has occurred,
            not to mention obviously what Syria has in its arsenal in terms of
            weaponry, in terms of their airpower, and that is Israel~Rs security.

            Why would ..., what appears to be US~R military attack that is going
            to endanger that by retaliatory measures that perhaps might come from
            Syria; we cannot forget what, and I am going to quote what the Syrian
            Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad has said that we will not give
            [in to attack threats] even if there was world war three.

            - Yea, I think that it is really important for us to see the big
            picture here and really understand what is going on. The powers that
            be, which I will bring back to the bankers, those that control the
            issuance of money and these are the real powers, that is real power,
            as Baron Rothschild said in the 1800, I care not what government is
            in power as long as I print the money.

            If you want to know what power is, you need to know who controls the
            money supply and those people who control the money supply, control the
            politicians, they control the corporations, they control the mainstream
            media; they control every aspect of human society with rare exceptions.

            The countries that we see being attacked right now, are those countries
            that are not bought and paid for by the banksters. So, Iran and Syria,
            Venezuela was also being targeted for getting out of the IMF debt,
            Libya was also part of this game, Iraq was also part of this game. We
            see a pattern here of who is attacked.

            Only those countries which are not part of the bankster system are
            the ones that are targeted and this is very important for the rest
            of the world, especially those of us in the West, who are being told
            by our ... politicians that there is no money for social services,
            that we need to increase tuition fees that pensioners, who work
            their whole lives cannot afford even to pay for gas and die from
            cold because the heating cannot be turned on in their homes, there
            is no money for them but we can bail out the bankers to the tune of
            trillions and we can continue ceaseless wars.

            This is the big picture, this is the reality and this gentleman in
            the United States is just absolutely delusional or he is bought and
            paid for, because the bottom line is, this is going to turn into a
            war which banksters relish because the banksters make tons of money
            off of war. In fact, it is the best profit-making business of all
            and even more importantly it keeps us, people, divided.

            As long as we are fighting each other, we will not focus on who the
            real criminal and psychopaths are; and the ones at the top of pyramid,
            specifically the banksters, and all of the .... that work for them.

            - Interesting point, Ken O~RKeefe go ahead!

            - I absolutely have no problem whatsoever accepting that the corruption
            that comes from bankster system, the financial fraud that is usury,
            debt-based money being issued by private bankers, it pervades every
            aspect of human society including the Russian society, there is no
            question about that.

            However, Russia is not going around the world setting up military
            bases to the tune of over a thousand bases and attacking anywhere and
            anything that is not down with the international bankster program;
            that is the United States, that is doing that and that brings us back
            to the real issue here as well with regards to the so-called use of
            chemical weapons by the Assad regime.

            This is absolutely insane to even be talking about this, because if
            there is one nation on this planet that has no right, whatsoever,
            to point the finger at anybody for the use of weapons of mass
            destruction and including the chemical weapons, it is the United
            States because as we know with recent reports that have been levied
            from CIA, declassified reports about the CIA, we knew full well that
            our attack dog Saddam Hussein was using chemical weapons against
            innocent people including the Kurds, innocent people in small cities
            in Iran and hitting military personnel in Iran to the tune of tons
            and tons and tons of Tabun, Sarin and mustard gas and guess what
            we did? The United States, when our attack dog (Saddam Hussein) was
            attacking Iran mercilessly with these weapons, not only we did not
            stop him [but also] we continued to give him logistical support and
            we provided the means for him to continue these attacks.

            So, we have no problem whatsoever with using chemical weapons, we
            used white phosphorus in Fallujah, we also used ungodly amounts of
            Agent Orange in Vietnam. There are still people dying from cancers
            from those chemicals. Birth defects in Fallujah have gone to the roofs.

            So, the United States is in, absolutely, no position at all to be
            talking about the use of weapons of mass destruction or chemical
            weapons and it is beggar~Rs belief that anybody could stand up and
            put forward the position of the United States that it is in any kind
            of moral position or authority to talk about this.

            If anyone needs to be punished, it is not the United States punishing
            somebody else. It is the entire world which needs to punish the United
            States for its continued act of aggression and its state-sponsored
            terrorism that has now killed a million or two million people in
            Iraq and continues to destroy lives mercilessly. It is the United
            States of America, Israel and Britain, which are the real problem,
            not Iran and not Syria.

            [In response to Stewart Stogel]: I served three years in the [US]
            military and if you want to take it in that direction I have no problem
            answering any question about my time in service including my combat
            service in the Marine Corps.

            How much time have you served in the military? And have you been
            involved in a war?

            [In response to Stewart Stogel]: No, I was a brainwashed idiot like so
            many of us who have been indoctrinated for years and years pledging
            allegiance to the flag with liberty and justice for all. Saying that
            every single day ends up making you rather stupid and I did not know
            the truth about my country when I was 19 years old, I was an ignorant
            kid and like so many other Americans I did not realize that until later
            but thank God, I actually woke up at some point and realized the truth.

            - Do you agree with that (Stewart Stogel~Rs comments) Ken O~RKeefe?

            - Absolutely not! If a nation from halfway around the world that
            had a history of violent aggressive acts, including state-sponsored
            terrorism were banging down the doors of the United States or Britain
            and threatening us with attacks, with bombings and so on and so forth,
            we would have every right to defend ourselves with whatever means
            we had. The people of Syria are voluntarily subjecting themselves
            to a potential harm and in fact a potential death because they know
            that the fall of the Assad government and the destruction of Syria,
            as designed by those who fantasize about the Greater Israel Project,
            who want to destabilize and create sectarian divide and merciless
            killing for generations to come, that they have to do everything they
            can to defend their country and the only thing they really have,
            many of them, is their bodies. So, they are voluntarily submitting
            to that and you have to admire their strength and courage in doing so.

            What I would also say is that the tactic of using human shields,
            which is something that is close to my heart since I initiated the
            Human Shield Action to Iraq back in 2002, 2003, is that the importance
            of human shields... , if indeed they are used, is that they must be
            deployed to places that are supposed to be protected by the Geneva

            So, if what this gentleman says is true, which is not, but let us say
            that it is true and they only intend to attack military sites, unlike
            what they did in Iraq, which is they attacked all sorts of civilian
            sites such as water treatment facilities and electrical power plants,
            food storage sites; if human shields are deployed to sites that are
            supposed to be protected by the Geneva Convention and those sites are
            attacked by the United States, then let it be known first and foremost
            and forever that the United States is in fact nothing more than a war
            criminal who has attacked sites that are critical to the civilian
            population, which punishes not Bashar al-Assad but the civilians,
            women and children who will die from dysentery and other diseases,
            waterborne carrying diseases and all sorts of other nonsense. This
            is the truth. The United States will attack the infrastructure just
            as it did with Iraq, if we are going to recall it back, in 2002,
            2003 in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq.

            They also said, Oh! We do not intend to attack the infrastructure!

            That was a lie. Everything that comes out of the mouth of people like
            John Kerry and Barack Obama and every other stooge that came before
            them, is a lie.

            How do you know they are lying? They open their mouth and you know
            that they are lying.

            - And Ken O~RKeefe, Stewart Stogel talks about how the US is doing the
            dirty work ..., it was the al-Qaeda insurgents that are related to the
            US in terms of the backing from the US doing their dirty work. Your
            final comments?

            - Well, let us be clear about this. We have no doubt that al-Qaeda
            associates, al-Nusrah Front, who were caught with two kilos of Sarin
            gas in Turkey, that is not Syria reporting that, that is the Turks
            and we know that we have provided material support to the so-called
            rebels in Syria, we also know that there are accusations that Israel
            provided the Sarin gas to Prince Bandar (of Saudi Arabia), Bandar Bush
            as he is known, who delivered those chemicals to the so-called rebels
            in Ghouta for the recent massacre. That is the rebels themselves who
            were saying that.

            So, if that be true, and I believe it is, Barack Obama has provided
            material support to al-Qaeda and this whole war on terror that we
            supposedly fought for the last 12 years, is nothing more than a farce
            used to justify military aggression by the United States at the behest
            of the banksters. That is my assessment of what is happening and I
            can defend it with more time if I had it.

            Hayastan or Bust.


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              Re: Fascist USA


              Thursday, September 5th, 2013 | Posted

              by Ara Khachatourian

              Doug Frantz

              WASHINGTON-Doug Frantz, the notorious Genocide denier and former
              Los Angeles Times managing editor who lost his job when he blocked
              the publication of an article about the Armenian Genocide penned by
              journalist Mark Arax has been appointed the new spokesperson of the
              US State Department, a White House memo reported.

              Frantz's stint as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the State
              Department will not be his first with Secretary of State John Kerry.

              He worked as an investigation for the Senate Foreign Relations
              Committee when Kerry was chairman.

              The Armenian-American community came to know Frantz when in April
              2007, as LA Times managing editor, he killed the publication of a
              front-page story penned by Armenian-American journalist Mark Arax
              about the Armenian Genocide resolution pending in Congress at the
              time. In a memo to Arax, Frantz said the author's ethnicity posed a
              conflict of interest.

              This sparked a controversy and prompted the Armenian National Committee
              of America-Western Region and other community leaders to launch a
              grassroots campaign against Frantz and the LA Times demanding an
              explanation and his resignation from his top post at the newspaper.

              After an overwhelming response from the Armenian community and numerous
              meetings by Armenian leaders with LA Times top brass at the time,
              Frantz resigned in June 2007 and went to Istanbul.

              Frantz has had long-standing ties to Turkey. He was stationed
              in Istanbul for several years, first as bureau chief for The New
              York Times and then as investigative reporter for the Los Angeles
              Times. He had developed close contacts with various Turkish officials,
              including the Turkish Consul General in Los Angeles who boasted in a
              taped interview with Arax at the time about his special relationship
              with Frantz who in May 2007 went to Istanbul to moderate a panel that
              included a notorious genocide denier.
              Hayastan or Bust.


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                Re: Fascist USA


                October 10, 2013 - 14:04 AMT

                PanARMENIAN.Net - The Obama administration on Wednesday, Oct 9,
                announced a modest and temporary freeze on military assistance to
                Egypt, even as American officials emphasized their desire to avoid
                rupturing a security relationship that stretches back more than three
                decades, The New York Times reports.

                To signal its displeasure at the Egyptian military's bloody crackdown
                on the Muslim Brotherhood, officials said, the United States would
                withhold the delivery of several big-ticket items, including Apache
                attack helicopters, Harpoon missiles, M1-A1 tank parts and F-16
                warplanes, as well as $260 million for the general Egyptian budget.

                But in a sign of how the administration is balancing its interests,
                senior officials said the United States would continue aid for
                counterterrorism programs as well as for Egypt's efforts to protect
                its borders and secure Sinai, which has become a haven for extremists.

                In announcing the decision, administration officials reiterated that
                the Egyptian military's brutal repression of supporters of the ousted
                president, Mohamed Morsi, was not acceptable. But in explaining their
                specific steps, American officials sounded as if they were reaffirming
                a valuable relationship rather than delivering a rebuke.

                "This is not meant to be permanent; this is meant to be the opposite,"
                a senior administration official said. "It is meant to be continually
                reviewed." Still, the official added, "it's fair to say that holding
                up hundreds of millions of dollars of assistance is a pretty clear

                "We will continue to hold the delivery of certain large-scale military
                systems and cash assistance to the government pending credible progress
                toward an inclusive, democratically elected civilian government through
                free and fair elections," state department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said,
                according to BBC News.

                Among the assistance that will be untouched, officials said, are
                programs to train and educate Egyptian military officials in the
                United States; the delivery of spare parts for many American-supplied
                weapons; and aid for health care, education and the promotion of
                business in Egypt.

                Egypt has criticized the decision. Foreign ministry spokesman Badr
                Abdelatty said the decision was wrong and Egypt would "not surrender
                to American pressure and is continuing on its path towards democracy".

                Like yeh USA wants to stop the Ecyptian government from cracking down on the muslm brotherhood but its perfectly fine for Israel to crack down on Palastinians hell they even get more aid for it.
                Hayastan or Bust.


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                  Re: Fascist USA

                  Another example of USA "independent" judiciary. This one involves our axe wielding neigbohr.
                  Hayastan or Bust.


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                    Re: Fascist USA

                    I love this
                    Hayastan or Bust.


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                      Re: Fascist USA


                      October 31, 2013 - 16:46 AMT

                      PanARMENIAN.Net - Even the Pope has been spied on by the NSA, an
                      Italian magazine says, according to the Independent.

                      The Panorama news magazine says U.S. secret services monitored the
                      phone calls of Pope Benedict XVI, as well as those of his successor
                      Francis I. NSA staff listened in on cardinals before the conclave to
                      elect the Pope in March this year, it says.

                      In a press release ahead of the magazine's publication today,
                      Panorama said: "It is feared that the great American ear continued
                      to tap prelates' conversations up to the eve of the conclave on March
                      12, 2013."

                      It added that Archbishop Bergoglio, as he was called before he became
                      Pope in March, "had been a person of interest to the American secret
                      services since 2005, according to WikiLeaks". His election came after
                      Benedict XVI resigned on 28 February.

                      Panorama said the recorded Vatican conversations were among the 46
                      million phone calls followed by the NSA in Italy from December 10,
                      2012 to January 8, 2013.

                      The phone calls were apparently catalogued by the NSA in four
                      categories - leadership intentions, threats to the financial system,
                      foreign policy objectives and human rights.
                      Hayastan or Bust.