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Are Armenians on the right or left in the political spectrum

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  • Are Armenians on the right or left in the political spectrum

    I am a republican attending UC Santa Cruz. I am in the bastian of liberalism. When I first came here, I started to question myself. When 12000 people all speak in favor of the left, and the right point of view is never heard, one starts to question themselves. Luckily I found the College Republicans. I still had not known which party or philosophy I would identify myself with, until I heard some people speak to me that were once communists. I now see liberalism as a form of 21 century slavery. San Fransisco, and Berkley, the belly and heart of liberalism is home to the ever growing and extremely large population of the homeless. The "cold-hearted" conservative San Diego barely has a problem of the sort. The rules of welfare and other social programs are designed as such that intend for one to stay bound by their limits.

    I want to know which philosophy or political party you identify yourself with and why?
    The average man's a coward
    --Mark Twain "Hucklberry Finn"

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    I am on no side of the spectrum. While it might seem hard to understand I do take a stance somewhere in between. Leaning to left or too right tends to damage our cognitive abilities and our ability to reason rationally.

    Fanaticism in anything usually does that.
    Achkerov kute.


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      Anon, I agree with you on this one. I am open minded. I do not agree with everything that the right does. As a political science major, I usually look at both sides extensively. I just believe that the best way to solve social problems is by using the philosphies of the right. All these hippies in Santa Cruz are very closed minded. Just because they love gay people (i am not judging gay people) they think they are at peace with the world. But when I make an announcement about a right wing policital evennt going on, i get cussed out, death threats, piss on my door, and I have been in several fights in defense (hippies following me telling me I was not peaceful, and would xxxx me up if I agreed with the war) I just see the left as hypocrytical. Though the right does have its problems, it is a more realistic philosohy. My great grandfather was a doctor in Armenia. When he came here to escape the genocide he had to work in a factory because he didnt know English. If he accepted welfare cheks instead of working his ass off and getting us out of poverty, I would not be in college today. I used to live in E. Harford, a very bad area. If my father had not sucked it up and started a business, we would still be there. So from personal experience, I side with the right. But both sides always must be considered.
      The average man's a coward
      --Mark Twain "Hucklberry Finn"


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        I am 100% Republican.

        I believe people vote Republican because they take responsibility for their lives. They do not depend on the government for assistance. They know they can be self-sufficient and do not want any help to do so. People who vote Republican would like to keep more of their hard earned money that the liberal welfare state is gouging out of their check every week for their ill-conceived and ineffective social programs. They want to make their own decisions. They want to keep the liberals out of their lives. They don't blame everyone else for their misfortune; they do not consider themselves victims. In liberal eyes, everyone is a victim. Someone somewhere did something to you along the line, and that is the reason for your problems. It couldn’t be anything you did or did not do.


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          By the way surferarmo. I noticed you are an newbie and I wanted to welcome you to the forum my friend. I enjoy reading your post and I hope you become an active member.


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            Things like possession of a weapon is something I like and support. Any government who tries to abolish that is basically tyrannical.

            Lefties that ramble on and on about communist revolutions, and what have you, I don't support either since I disagree with those ideas.

            I'd be more inclined to call myself a civil libertarian.
            Achkerov kute.


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              Originally posted by Anonymouse
              I'd be more inclined to call myself a civil libertarian.
              i know the librarian drives a civic, does that help?
              pls click on this link for me. [url=]aah![/url] thanks if u do, poo on u if u dont.


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                I don't drive a civic.

                I drive a a tampon covered mini van. It's basically one giant Tampon Mobile, like the dog mobile in Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels drove in Dumb and Dumer.
                Achkerov kute.


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                  Now that is an awsome car. You must get all the ladies with that thing. Just one question. Can you fit a surf rack on there?
                  The average man's a coward
                  --Mark Twain "Hucklberry Finn"


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                    my car is a beach cruiser. at home it is a beat up volvo called the "Beast"
                    The average man's a coward
                    --Mark Twain "Hucklberry Finn"