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Sad, but certainly true (in French)

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    ahhhhhhh jannnaa

    jahnamms mood has changed, happy happy joy joy!!!

    Those are some sad things, damn.

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  • jahannam
    hehe good stuff...

    correcting your English
    "you never REMIND the ice"
    should be
    you never REMEMBER the ice.

    I'm just being nice
    I wuv you hahahhah

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  • felizitation
    Originally posted by loseyourname You masochistic bastard. Your new nickname is Severin. What the hell do you do for work?
    It's not extra fun, I admit it. But it's sometimes representative of what happens in a couple. I'll try to do my best for the translation.

    6 weeks - "I love you"
    6 months - "Yeah yeah, of course I love you"
    6 years - "If i wasn't in love with you, I would have quit you a long time ago"

    6 weeks - "Good evening, honey"
    6 months - "hello, how was your day ?"
    6 years - "Hey, Is there any letters ?"

    6 weeks - "Don't move, i'll go"
    6 months - "Do you want me to go?"
    6 yeears - "What are you waiting for ?"

    6 weeks - "Honey, your mother on the phone!"
    6 months - "phone for you"
    6 years - "The phoooooooone!!"

    6 weeks - "Your childhood should have been hard"
    6 months - "True, your parents are very boring"
    6 years - "That runs in the family"

    6 weeks - "I'm bringing you to Nepal"
    6 months - "Do you really want to go to Nepal ?"
    6 years - "We are ok here"

    6 weeks - "I thought that a ring would please you"
    6 months - "we always need a vase"
    6 years - "Here's some money, go buy whatever you want"

    6 weeks - "What do you want we watch tonight ?"
    6 months - "Don't you want to watch Evita ?"
    6 years - "I watched Evita, you should go too, it's great"

    6 weeks - "It doesn't matter, it doesn't stain"
    6 months - "Be more carefukk please!"
    6 years - "You're' clumsy!!"

    6 weeks - "I don't totally agree with you"
    6 months - "You're wrong"
    6 years - "Are you completely stupid or what ?"

    6 weeks - "You're cooking so well"
    6 months - "What are you preparing tonight ?"
    6 years - "Pasta again ..."

    6 weeks - "What do want to drink ?"
    6 months - "I'll take a Martini"
    6 years - "You never remember the ice !"

    6 weeks - "This robe suits you very well"
    6 months - "A robe again ?"
    6 years - "How much ?"

    6 weeks - "What about going to your parents ?"
    6 months - "Not now, I have some other stuff..."
    6 years - "How are your parents going ?"

    6 weeks - "ohoh, you bugged my computer honey"
    6 months - "be more careful please"
    6 years - "don't ever touch it again, do you hear me ?"

    6 weeks - "I mowed the grass"
    6 months - "There's no more oil"
    6 years -"Your turn this time!"

    6 weeks - "You're right, it's better with a little more salt"
    6 months - "Don't you think it's bland?"
    6 years - "you cook as bad as your mother"

    6 weeks - "mmm, this smell drives me crazy"
    6 months - "It smells a little bit too much, doesn't it ?"
    6 years - "What the hell is that?? it stinks !!!"

    6 weeks - "I've booked a good restaurant for tonight"
    6 months - "I swear you that i'm not that hungry tonight"
    6 years - "I promise I won't be late"

    6 weeks - "I rent the dvd you wanted"
    6 months - "Is really that you want to watch ?"
    6 years - "Quiet, football tonight"

    6 weeks - "Tonight, it's only you and me"
    6 months - "Do you mind if Robert stay for diner ?"
    6 years - "We are ten and what ? they're all my friends !"

    6 weeks "I love chinese litterature and philisophy, and I'm passionned by comptemporary petry"
    6 months - "Where did you put the newsweek ?"
    6 years - "once again, you forgot the sport paper !"
    Last edited by felizitation; 01-18-2004, 11:25 PM.

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  • loseyourname
    You masochistic bastard. Your new nickname is Severin. What the hell do you do for work?

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  • felizitation
    Originally posted by loseyourname You're online 22 hours a day. How much time do you need? (kidding)
    Because I'm at work 22hours a day, in front of my stupid computer. Online maybe, but when writting the answer should take too much time, I prefer not anwering

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  • loseyourname
    You're online 22 hours a day. How much time do you need? (kidding)

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  • felizitation
    Originally posted by loseyourname So that someone other than Lagonid and Baron may be able to respond, are you ever going to translate?
    I'll translate it when i have more time

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  • loseyourname
    So that someone other than Lagonid and Baron may be able to respond, are you ever going to translate?

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  • felizitation
    started a topic Sad, but certainly true (in French)

    Sad, but certainly true (in French)

    Evolution of conversions when time flies ...
    (I swear I'll make of post with translations ... but if you want it quick, do it )

    6 semaines "Je t'aime"
    6 mois "Mais oui je t'aime"
    6 ans "Si je ne t'aimais pas, il y a longtemps que je me serais tiré"

    6 semaines "Bonsoir, mon amour"
    6 mois "Coucou, bonne journée ?"
    6 ans "Salut, il y a du courrier ?"

    6 semaines "Ne te dérange pas j'y vais"
    6 mois "Tu veux que j'y aille ?"
    6 ans "Alors ça vient ?????"

    6 semaines "Chérie, ta mère au téléphone"
    6 mois "c'est pour toi !"
    6 ans "TéléphoooOOOOoone !!!!!!!!!!!"

    6 semaines "Tu n'as pas eu une enfance très drôle"
    6 mois "C'est vrai qu'ils sont chiants tes parents"
    6 ans "Tu as de qui tenir"

    6 semaines "Je t'emmène au Népal"
    6 mois "Tu veux vraiment aller au Népal ??"
    6 ans "On n'est pas bien ici ?"

    6 semaines "J'ai pensé qu'une bague te ferait plaisir"
    6 mois "Un vase, c'est toujours utile"
    6 ans "Tiens, tu t'achèteras ce que tu veux"

    6 semaines "Qu'est-ce que tu as envie de voir ?"
    6 mois "Si on allait voir Évita ?"
    6 ans "J'ai vu Évita, tu devrais y aller"

    6 semaines "Ce n'est pas grave, ça ne tache pas"
    6 mois "Fais attention, voyons!"
    6 ans "Putain!!! c'que t'es maladroite !!!"

    6 semaines "Je ne suis pas tout à fait d'accord"
    6 mois "Là, tu as tort"
    6 ans "Mais t'es conne ou quoi ????"

    6 semaines "Et en plus, tu fais bien la cuisine"
    6 mois "Qu'est-ce qu'il y a pour le dîner ?"
    6 ans "Pfffff... encore des pâtes"

    6 semaines "Qu'est-ce que tu veux boire ?"
    6 mois "Je prendrais bien un Martini"
    6 ans "T'as encore oublié les glaçons!"

    6 semaines "Ça te va bien cette robe !"
    6 mois "Encore une nouvelle robe ?"
    6 ans "Combien la robe ???"

    6 semaines "On va chez tes parents ?"
    6 mois "Pas cette semaine, j'ai du boulot..."
    6 ans "Alors ils vont bien ?"

    6 semaines "Oups, Tu as fait planter mon disque dur ma chérie"
    6 mois "Merde, tu pourrais faire gaffe quand même!"
    6 ans "Toi, tu ne touches plus jamais à mon ordinateur"

    6 semaines "J'ai tondu la pelouse! c'est chouette Non?"
    6 mois "J'ai plus d'essence pour la tondeuse"
    6 ans "Ce week-end, c'est ton tour"

    6 semaines "T'as raison, vaut mieux ajouter du sel"
    6 mois "C'est un peu fade, non?"
    6 ans "T'es aussi nulle que ta mère en cuisine"

    6 semaines "Mmmm ce parfum, ça me rend dingue"
    6 mois "Tu ne trouves pas que ça sent un peu fort?"
    6 ans "Qu'est ce que ça daube ton truc !!"

    6 semaines "J'ai réservé dans un resto sympa"
    6 mois "Je t'assure, je n'ai pas très faim ce soir"
    6 ans "Mais non je ne rentre pas tard"

    6 semaines "Je t'ai loué ta cassette"
    6 mois "T'es sûre que tu veux regarder ça ?"
    6 ans "Alors là, il y a du foot, j'en ai rien à foutre"

    6 semaines "Ah non, ce soir on sort en amoureux"
    6 mois "Ça ne te dérange pas si Robert reste dîner ?
    6 ans "On est dix. Et alors ? Ce sont mes potes merde !!"

    -- this one is hard to translate --
    6 semaines "Je raffole de littérature chinoise de philosophie et de poésie contemporaine"
    6 mois "T'as pas vu le Canard Enchaîné ?"
    6 ans "T'as encore oublié de me prendre Télépoche et l'Équipe, bordel !!!"