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Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

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    Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

    It was a race between US and Russia to get the engineers and data on rocket program. That led to Nukes and the flight to the moon.
    German engineering number one....just look at the cars they make.
    B0zkurt Hunter


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      Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

      Rocket Failure Update:
      SpaceX rocket blast blamed on weak steel strut

      The “most probable” cause behind the blast that destroyed the unmanned Dragon cargo spacecraft on takeoff last month was a flawed steel strut, the investigation has found, announcing that SpaceX missions will not resume until at least September.
      The space company’s founder and chief executive Elon Musk told reporters that the June 28 faulty launch was most likely caused by a failure of one of the 2-foot (61 cm) steel struts holding a helium container inside the rocket’s second stage fuel tank.

      Your Armenian Lion


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        Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

        Flawed steel strut.....sounds like a mistake in the metallurgy mixture of the steel. dumdum
        B0zkurt Hunter


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          Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

          Ancient Science: Hero of Alexandria Steam Engine 60AD

          Hero of Alexandria

          Heron of Alexandria Ancient Discoveries

          Your Armenian Lion


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            Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

            Pluto Update

            Նոր հորիզոններ» կայանը լուսանկարել է Արևի խավարումը Պլուտոնի կողմից

            PanARMENIAN.Net - NASA-ի «Նոր հորիզոններ» միջմոլորակային ավտոմատ կայանը բարձր թողունակության բազմաթիվ լուսանկարներ է արել Պլուտոն գաճաճ մոլորակին առավելագույն մոտեցման ժամանակ: Սարքը շարունակում է տվյալներ ուղարկել Երկիր, և NASA-ի ներկայացուցիչները հերթական մամուլի ասուլիսի ժամանակ նոր տվյալներ են ներկայացրել գաճաճ մոլորակի մասին:
            Անցնելով Պլուտոնի մոտով 2015-ի հուլիսի 15-ին` սարքը լուսանկարել է Արևի խավարումը գաճաճ մոլորակի կողմից 2 մլն կմ հեռավորությունից: Լուսանկարը Երկրում ստացել են հուլիսի 23-ին: Պատկերի վրա երևում է լուսապսակը, որը վկայում է Պլուտոնի վրա մթնոլորտի առկայության մասին

            Արևի խավարումը Պլուտոնի կողմից, պատկեր. NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI

            «Սպուտնիկ բարձրավանդակի» հյուսիսային մաս, լուսանկար. NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI

            Հիլարիի լեռնաշղթա. NASA / JHUAPL / SwR

            Պլուտոնի լուսանկարը թանձրացված գույներով. Լուսանկարն արվել է 450 հազար կմ հեռավորությունից, պատկերը. NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI

            Your Armenian Lion


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              Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

              Cracking the red planet: Nasa to send robot to reveal the interior of Mars

              1. Robot will drill 16 feet under the Martian surface to measure temperatures
              2. Could find new evidence of massive marsquakes on the red planet
              3. Some scientists hit back at decision, claiming Nasa is too focused on Mars

              NASA's Mars Rovers

              After driving all around Mars with four rovers, Nasa wants to look deep into the guts of the red planet.
              The space agency has decided to launch a relatively low-cost robotic lander in 2016 to find out what makes the Martian core so different from Earth.
              The Insight project was chosen by Nasa's Discovery programme over missions to a Saturn moon and comet, drawing complaints from scientists that it is too focused on Mars.

              The Nasa science chief, John Grunsfeld, said while all three proposed missions, which cost no more than $425m (£270m) were good, the Mars project showed the best chance of keeping within budget and on schedule.
              The Insight mission includes two instruments, one French and one German, that will examine the geology of Mars in depth, exploring the core's size, composition and temperature.

              The InSight (Interior exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) Lander will look deep into the guts of the red planet in 2016
              Mars's interior is a mystery.
              It has no magnetic field, and scientists are unsure whether its core is solid or liquid or if it has frequent quakes like Earth.

              An artist's impression of the rover of the martian planet, with a cover over the drill that will bore 16 feet into the red planet's surface.
              'What kind of Mars quakes are there? How big is the core of Mars? Does it have remnants of a molten core like the Earth does?' asked the Discovery programme chief, Lindley Johnson.

              The mission will study the interior of Mars in a bid to find out how it formed. Here, the red planet's geography is revealed with a topographical map.

              The deck of the Curiosity rover from the rover's Navigation camera. Nasa's next Mars rover will be able to drill 16 feet under the Martian surface.
              Your Armenian Lion


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                Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

                Originally posted by Armynia View Post
                Cracking the red planet: Nasa to send robot to reveal the interior of Mars

                1. Robot will drill 16 feet under the Martian surface to measure temperatures
                2. Could find new evidence of massive marsquakes on the red planet
                3. Some scientists hit back at decision, claiming Nasa is too focused on Mars

                This isn't news. The story is from 2012 right after Curiosity landing... It's been three years.

                Insight lander's planned landing is set for late September 2016.
                [COLOR=#4b0082][B][SIZE=4][FONT=trebuchet ms]“If you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.”
                -Henry Ford[/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]


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                  Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

                  Update on NASA Mars Rover Plans

                  The second in a series of meetings to select the landing site for the Mars 2020 rover is in progress. At these meetings, the project's engineers describe the engineering capabilities and constraints on the mission and scientists describe their favorite sites for the rover to explore. Final selection of the landing site is several years away, but these meetings are good ways to catch up on the current plan for the mission.

                  The Mars 2020 rover will be the sixth rover on Mars following the tiny Sojourner rover in 1997, the Spirit and Opportunity rovers (the latter still going strong), the Curiosity rover now at Mars, and the European-Russian Mars 2018 ExoMars rover. Each succeeding rover becomes more progressively focused on exploring the past and present habitability of the Red Planet.

                  This mission will carry new cameras to record the landing. In addition to the downward-looking camera that Curiosity carried on the bottom of the rover body. The 2020 rover will have one looking up to watch the parachute deployment and at least one more camera. Past presentations have discussed a camera looking down from the descent stage to look at the top of the rover and/or a camera to look from the top of the rover up to the descent stage.

                  Curiosity took a self-portrait with her MAHLI camera as she gazed upon the Windjana drill site on sol 613 (April 27, 2014). She would drill at Windjana on sol 621. On sol 627 (May 5), she took another few photos of the drill site and the cascades of sand below it; those later images have been merged into this mosaic to create a photo document of her scientific work at the site.

                  One of the primary goals for the 2020 rover will be to cache samples for a future mission to collect and place inside an ascent stage (essentially a small rocket). This would carry the samples to Mars orbit for collection by another spacecraft that would return them to Earth. A slide shows three concepts for these follow on rovers and landers. Two would carry the ascent stage in a tube on a large rover. A third concept would have the ascent stage on a stationary lander and use a small fetch rover to collect and return the cached samples. This follow on mission is not yet approved or funded, and may follow the 2020 rover by a number of years if it is flown.
                  Your Armenian Lion


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                    Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

                    Animation of Mars Curiosity Rover HD

                    Your Armenian Lion


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                      Re: Scientific Notebook: Scientific Discussions

                      Opportunity mars rover operating systems

                      Your Armenian Lion