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Armenism-Aryanism - a book every Armenian must read !

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  • Armenism-Aryanism - a book every Armenian must read !

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    Please, visit the following link to get a chance to read Armenism-Aryanism online.
    This book is 'must read' for every Armenian. It is an interesting historical exploration of the Armenian roots.

    I am also asking for your help with getting as many Armenians as possible to be aware of this book and let them have a chance to read it.

    I will inform you when a PDF version of this book will be available for download.

    If somebody can get this book professionally translated to English, please do it for the rest of those who would like to read this book, but can't read Armenian.
    You will do a great deal of support for whole Armenian Nation.

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    Ravinger, don't even bother. Thanks to Jews the first thing people associate Aryans with is Hitler and third riech.

    You know whats funny? Turkey used the Muslim Crescent as a "symbol", now, are we suppose to assume that, like the swastika, this symbol should be banned? NO, of course not, that symbol does not belong solely to Turks, which is why the Swastika and any other historically Aryan symbol do not belong to Germans. Hell, the word Aryan came from India, which is why the entire notion of looking down on our Aryan roots because of the actions of Hitler is a bit premature.

    If anything, David's should have been banned due to the autrocities commited by Israel. Again, its the Tukish and Jewish double standard at work. Turks can proudly put the Muslim crescent on their flag, when in fact that crescent was one of the symbols of the Ottoman Empire, but yet anything Aryan is ignored because 6 million Jews died. Now, really think about how stupid the logic is, just because 4 million more Jews died then Armenians we must assume that Jews have "special rights" or somthing. IF THE SWASTIKA can be banned, I, as a Armenian, want the Muslim crescent to be socially banned as well.
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    "For all evils there are two remedies -- time and silence."


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      Is it in Western Armenian? No wonder I am slower than usual. Of course, I also don't have my glasses.
      Achkerov kute.


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        "The ethereal significance of the Swastika was most regrettably corrupted by the Nazi party during the Second World War, probably for eternity. Armenia is probably the only nation today where the symbol of eternity, the direct descendent of the Swastika, is a prominent and integral part of artistic expression and spiritual symbolism. It would not be a stretch of the imagination to claim that the Swastika is the oldest sacred symbol on earth and, moreover, a symbol that represents the very genesis of human cultural development. Accordingly, the Swastika belongs to all the nations, not just to those of Indo-European heritage. It is a symbol profound in its antiquity, beauty and allegorical significance. It transports us into the psyche early man and takes us to the beginnings of human existence. It is a sacred symbol our primordial ancestors used to convey their awe and admiration of Godís creation"
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          Ok, I might agree with you on some points, but what you suggest?
          To hide your history and be afraid and kiss jews asses?
          Remember, if you afraid, the dog will feel adrenalin in you and bite you.
          I am not planning to live in fear and shy of my national symbolics.
          And I don't care what Nazi's did in regard to something that is universal.
          Don't get offended, that's not my intention. Just get my point right.


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            I'm assuming your avatar is this "decendant of the swastika"?
            "All I know is I'm not a Marxist." -Karl Marx


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              It is one of the ancient Armenian symbols.
              In Soviet times, for example, this symbol was printed on Armenian Cognac label.
              If you want to call it "decendant of the swastika", it's your right to do so.
              But I agree with you that swastika can be imbedded into unlimited amount of armaments and symbols.
              This is how it is, every Aryan nation has its own version of swastika.


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                What is that particular symbol *points to avatar* called and mean?
                "All I know is I'm not a Marxist." -Karl Marx


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                  Originally posted by ravinger
                  Ok, I might agree with you on some points, but what you suggest?
                  To hide your history and be afraid and kiss jews asses?
                  Remember, if you afraid, the dog will feel adrenalin in you and bite you.
                  I am not planning to live in fear and shy of my national symbolics.
                  And I don't care what Nazi's did in regard to something that is universal.
                  Don't get offended, that's not my intention. Just get my point right.
                  NO....I agree with you and your approach to our history. I agree with what you are doing and support it. My point was that if Jews are going to ban the Swastika then, equally, they should ban the Muslim Crescent. There is no consistency when it boils down to Jewish and Turkish affairs. Jews have made anything Aryan evil, but yet make Turks look like a saint. The Muslim crescent on the Turkish flag is no different then the Swastika on the German flag, thus, since Jews feel that "it is ok" I would like to extend the same respect to history relating to Aryans. If it is ok for Israel to use David's star in the name of progession then I would like the same the respect extended to Swastika.
                  "For all evils there are two remedies -- time and silence."


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                    the brooklyn baseball team had swastika prior to the WWII. go figure
                    [COLOR=Red]We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the streets, we shall fight in the skies. We shall never let history condemn us into celebacy. Sir Winston Churchil[/COLOR]