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Armenia's Economic Pulse

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  • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

    I modified (amateurishly) the map in the previous post to show the projection of where this new railroad will be built in Armenia based on what i've read over the last few months. As it currently stands, the projection in red is the most likely to be built. It passes from Vardenis all the way to Jermuk.

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    • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

      Here's a bunch of news articles about the developments that took place today with Serge's visit to Iran.
      Iran, Armenia to finance energy projects in Armenia

      TEHRAN, April 14 (Xinhua) -- Visiting Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan discussed with Iran's Minister of Economy and Finance Shamseddin Hosseini, the ways to finance energy projects by Iran in Armenia, the official IRNA news agency reported on Tuesday.

      "The Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to cooperate with Armenia in developing infrastructure of the former Soviet republic," said Hosseini, expressing hope that "the ground for expanding two countries economic and trade cooperation would be prepared in near future."

      For his part, Movsisyan appreciated opening up of credit line for Armenia by the Export Development Bank of Iran, the report said.

      In an official two-day visit, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, heading a high ranking political and economic delegation, arrived in Tehran on Monday for multipurpose talks with Iranian officials.

      Some economic contracts including a memorandum of understanding on rail transport cooperation between the two countries are expected to be signed during his visit.

      In November 2008, Iran and Armenia inked ten agreements on security, political and economic cooperation in Tehran.

      Leader Lauds Iran-Armenia Ties

      TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei viewed relations between Iran and Armenia as "very good", and stressed the need for the further bolstering of ties between the two neighboring states.

      In a meeting with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan here in Tehran on Tuesday, Ayatollah Khamenei urged implementation of the agreements already signed by the two sides.

      The Leader underlined that expansion of ties between neighboring countries reinvigorates their internal solidity and boosts their invulnerability, and cautioned, "The big powers seek to block growth of regional bonds under different pretexts."

      The Iranian government and nation have enthusiastically welcomed expansion of amicable ties with the Armenian nation and government, said the Supreme Leader and lauded the significant role of Armenian religious minority in Iran in various fields.

      The Supreme Leader also said that the idea of establishing tranquility between Armenia and its neighbors is an excellent one which should be materialized.

      The Armenian president, for his part, conveyed the warm greetings of the Armenian people to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and voiced readiness to expand all-out ties with Iran.

      "We are quite sure of a bright and promising future for ties between the two nations," he said during the meeting, where Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was also present.

      The Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted a rational and logical approach to regional developments, he said, describing Iran as a country with firm determination.
      Iran, Armenia sign memo on power plant construction
      (April 14, 2009)

      Tehran, Apr 14, 2009 (BBC Monitoring via COMTEX) -- Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan conferred on Monday [13 April] with Energy Minister Parviz Fattah on expansion of energy cooperation between the two countries.

      At the meeting, the two sides signed a draft memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the construction of an Aras hydro-electric plant.

      Following preliminary talks between officials of the two sides, it is expected the two ministers will sign the agreement in the presence of President Ahmadinezhad and his Armenian counterpart on Tuesday [14 April].

      Armenian president, accompanied by a high ranking politico-economic delegation, is now in Iran for talks on ways of expanding cooperation between the two countries.
      Iran offers Armenia energy line of credit

      TEHRAN, April 14 (UPI) -- Meeting with the visiting Armenian energy minister Tuesday, Iranian finance officials pledged to support the energy sector in Armenia with a line of credit.

      Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan met with Iranian Finance Minister Shamseddin Hosseini to discuss trade issues and Iran's offer of economic assistance, Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency reports.

      Movsisyan expressed his gratification for a line of credit offered through the Export Development Bank of Iran, saying the move was part of an expanding trade relationship between both countries.

      Armenia in March announced it had begun construction on a 186-mile pipeline to bring oil products from the Tabriz refinery in northern Iran in exchange for electricity.

      The project would bring 81 billion cubic feet of natural gas from refineries in Tabriz each year, which is about the same amount Armenia imports from Russia currently through Georgia.

      Movsisyan was part of a high-level delegation from Armenia that arrived in Tehran on Monday to discuss bilateral ties.
      Iran- Armenia railway construction is a great achievement for Armenia

      14.04.2009 17:10 GMT+04:00

      /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Iran -Armenia railway construction is the most significant project ever implemented by joint efforts of Iran and Armenia, Garnik Asatryan ESU Iranology Department Head told a news conference in Yerevan.
      “Armenia-Iran railway construction should have been launched long ago. This is a serious project which might herald a new Silk Route and allow Armenia to break out of isolation.
      Geographically, the railway construction is not an easy task, requiring consistence on behalf of RA and Iranian authorities.''

      On Mar. 3 in Yerevan a Draft Memorandum of Understanding on Iran-Armenia railway construction was signed between Armenia and Iran. The railway will be 470 km long, with 410 km of the main line passing trough Armenia’s territory. Iran-Armenia railway construction is expected to be completed in 5 years.
      Ali Larijani: Joint projects of Armenia, Iran quite realizable

      14.04.2009 13:13

      Within the framework of his visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran the President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, had a meeting with the Chairman of Majlis Ali Larijani. The interlocutors ranked high the activity of the Armenian-Iranian Deputy Friendship Group, emphasizing the importance of parliamentary cooperation for the reinforcement and development of friendship between the two countries and peoples.

      Speaking about bilateral projects, Ali Larijani said those are realizable. At the request of the Chairman of Majlis, President Serzh Sargsyan presented the anti-crisis measures the Aremnain authorities have taken. The parties exchanged views on different issues on the regional and international agenda.
      Armenia, Iran interested in reinforcing bilateral cooperation

      14.04.2009 11:04

      Gita Elibekyan

      President Serzh Sargsyan had a meeting with the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. During the meeting the Presidents of the two countries discussed issues related to bilateral relations, as a well as a broad framework of regional questions.

      The Presidents appreciated the level of dialogue and emphasized the importance of the efforts targeted at the deepening of friendship.

      Serzh Sargsyan noted that the Armenian-Iranian friendship and historical-cultural ties provide ground for deepening the cooperation between the two countries.

      According to Serzh Sargsyan, Iran has proved many times that it is a reliable and important partner for Armenia. “At moments of difficulty Armenia has always felt the support of Iran, and during the years of blockade Armenia has imported goods through Iranian territory,” the President said. As a proof of that the President pointed to the August events, when Armenia was transporting cargoes through the territory of Iran.

      Today the Presidents of Armenia will sign a memorandum on the construction of the Iran-Armenia railway. The Presidents of the two countries will give a joint press conference following the signing ceremony.

      At the request of the President of Iran, Serzh Sargsyan informed him about the political dialogue between Armenia and Turkey and the latest developments in the process of peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict. The interlocutors attached importance to the peaceful, negotiated solution of the issue. President Serzh Sargsyan thanked his Iranian counterpart for the balanced position of Iran on the Karabakh issue.
      Presidents of Armenia and Iran resolute to reinforce ties between the two countries

      14.04.2009 17:48

      Gita Elibekyan

      Wrapping up his official visit to Iran, the President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan said: “I came to the Islamic Republic of Iran resolute to deepen the friendship between the two countries.” He said to be sincerely glad to see the same disposition of his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “From the very first moment I felt warmness and a constructive approach,” he said.

      According to Serzh Sargsyan, there could not be a better proof of the perspectives of development of relations between the two countries than the eight documents and joint communiqués signed during the visit. “These are simultaneously ambitions and realistic programs, and their implementation will reinforce the stability and security in the region,” President Sargsyan said.

      Iran and Armenia signed 8 Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) and a joint statement in Iran.
      Cooperation on rail transportation and construction of Iran-Armenia direct railroad, investment on building Araks hydro plant, free trade regime and building a pipeline for petrochaemical products transport were among the documents. The MoUs also involve close cooperation on energy, banking and insurance.

      Asked how he sees the future of cooperation between the two countries, the Armenian President said: “I see our future in very bright colors.” The President of Iran agreed with his Armenian counterpart, saying the future of relations between the two states is very bright and promising.

      The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad noted that fortunately the relations between the two countries were friendly and deep. “The development of the Republic of Armenia is in our interests and in the interests of all humanity. We are glad that our partners in Armenia are moving along the path of development,” Ahmadinejad said.

      The President of Iran ascribed a great role to the Iranian Armenian community “We love all our compatriots, including Armenians,” he said. Serzh Sargsyan added he is grateful to the religious leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President of the Republic for the warm attitude towards the Armenians of Iran and the attention towards the Armenian historical-cultural monuments.

      Following the joint press conference, President Serzh Sargsyan went to the “Ararat” cultural center to meet representatives of the Armenian community.
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      • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

        Thanks very much Federate jan, it's great news and uplifting for us that we continue to have at least one very good neighbor in Iran.
        Հա'յ ժողովուրդ, քո միա'կ բրկութիւնը քո հաւաքական ուժի մէջ է:


        • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

          Iranian companies will take up Meghri Hydropower Station construction

          17.04.2009 18:00 GMT+04:00

          /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Iranian companies will take up Meghri Hydropower Station construction, RA Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Armen Movsesyan told a news conference. According to him, the investments will be reimbursed by energy produced.
          In accordance with agreement signed in Iran, construction staff will include numerous Armenian professionals.

          In March 2007 Hydropower Station Construction agreement was signed between Armenia and Iran. The agreement stipulates for construction of two stations on Araks river. Meghri Hydropower Station construction expenditures will comprise $ 240 million.

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          • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

            Russian president envies Armenia for better wireless Internet

            Today, 04:45 PM

            In a recent interview with the Russian media, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he envied Armenia because the whole territory of that country is covered by the Wimax wireless Internet network.

            “I recently attended the launch of the Wimax technologies in Armenia and I simply envied our Armenian friends because they are a small republic and they covered everything at once – really everything. One can travel in a car and watch TV at the same time – the signal is delivered through the Internet at high speed,” Medvedev said in an interview with Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

            Wimax services in Armenia are provided by the Kornet-AM company, a subsidiary of Russian telecom operator Comstar. Wimax is rather widespread in Armenia but, in reality, it does not cover its whole territory due to mountainous terrain.

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            • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

              Yay, Armenia... Let's not watch tv while driving though.
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              • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

                Originally posted by Siggie View Post
                Yay, Armenia... Let's not watch tv while driving though.
                Haha, true. We don't want this to get any worse .
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                • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

                  Pretty good analysis by Mr Grigoryan.
                  Stepan Grigoryan: Iran-Armenia Railway is a Political Project

                  [ 2009/04/16 | 15:24 ] important region politics
                  Shushan Stepanyan

                  When asked by “Hetq” at a press conference held today as to whether the proposed Iran-Armenia railway project was justifiable, political analyst Stepan Grigoryan responded, “Even the potential project will be a major factor in the arena of foreign relations. When they even speak of the plan, the policies of this or that country is changed in the region.”

                  The analyst noted that the gas pipeline was also a major factor to be considered and advised that attention be paid as to why the foreign minister of Kyrgyzstan declared that his country is ready to cement strategic relations with Armenia.

                  “Georgia is no longer a transit country and any project planned in the region by the major powers will bypass Georgia. Thus, Armenia has the potential to become the country to replace Georgia in this respect.”

                  According to Mr. Grigoryan, the potential construction of the railway forces Turkey to “begin to act”, since, in his estimation, “Everyone knows that Iran has $1.5 billion to construct that rail link. We don’t have that amount and everyone knows it. This is a political project for which the country gives money more easily than other projects.”

                  The analyst stated that by describing the railway as a political project, he takes into consideration the fact that if Armenia has a land link with Iran and the world beyond in the next five years, the pressure exerted by Turkey on Armenia will automatically lessen. “This is one of the reasons why Turkey has quickened its efforts to normalize relations with Armenia,” noted Mr. Grigoryan.

                  He also drew parallels with the Nabucco project. “It’s only words; there is no outline, no plan. But even this impacts on the policies of many nations. If we could only construct such a railway; it would open many doors for us.

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                  • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

                    Originally posted by federate View Post
                    russian president envies armenia for better wireless internet

                    today, 04:45 pm

                    in a recent interview with the russian media, russian president dmitry medvedev said he envied armenia because the whole territory of that country is covered by the wimax wireless internet network.

                    “i recently attended the launch of the wimax technologies in armenia and i simply envied our armenian friends because they are a small republic and they covered everything at once – really everything. One can travel in a car and watch tv at the same time – the signal is delivered through the internet at high speed,” medvedev said in an interview with novaya gazeta newspaper.

                    Wimax services in armenia are provided by the kornet-am company, a subsidiary of russian telecom operator comstar. Wimax is rather widespread in armenia but, in reality, it does not cover its whole territory due to mountainous terrain.

                    lol owned!!!


                    • Re: Armenia's Economic Pulse

                      VivaCell to launch 3G network

                      18.04.2009 13:26 GMT+04:00

                      /PanARMENIAN.Net/ VivaCell announced commercial launch of VivaCell-MTS 3G (third generation) network, VivaCell Press service reported.

                      Launch of the 3G UMTS*/HSPA** network marks the beginning of a new stage in the development of telecommunications in Armenia allowing all VivaCell-MTS subscribers to enjoy state-of-the-art mobile broadband technology.

                      These modern technologies that provide high speed of data transfer and high quality of voice services, allow using a number of new, interesting services, as well as enjoying the services provided before with much higher quality.

                      To make use of the opportunities provided by 3G, you need to have a mobile phone supporting 3G and be within the 3G coverage. Currently, Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor are provided with 3G coverage. Within these territories, while using the Internet with their current tariff plans, VivaCell-MTS subscribers are already enjoying a previously unreachable speed paying for 1 MB the same tariff as before.

                      Besides, VivaCell-MTS is presenting a number of solutions, thanks to which you can fully enjoy the opportunities given by 3G: the new MTS Connect USB modem allows connection to the Internet directly from the computer avoiding the inconveniences related to using the mobile phone as a modem; the new MTS Connect tariff plan offers much more affordable Internet tariffs and an opportunity to send and receive SMS; the new Videocall service allows video communication where you can see the interlocutor on the mobile phone display while talking over the phone; VivaCell-MTS mobile portal ( provides access to the latest business and general news, best sports information, international and Armenian content and many other fun and friendly services.

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