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Armenia: A Second Israel

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    Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

    I can't agree more with you its like Im almost talking to myself.

    about black sea I know what you mean I got it and you are totally right and what Im suggesting and saying in order to be stronger we MUST have a border on black sea its a must its the minimume requirement so this step should be considered as national intrest of Armenia and in order to atchieve this steps should be taken plans should be put we should put effort do something.
    about Armenian Genocide YOU CAN'T BE MORE RIGHT agree with you more 110%
    we must become strong power and what I suggest and always do its time to sit on a table and plan then plan then plan put our national intrests straight put our actions straight talk discuss and come up with a plan for the future.
    about the protocol i don't wanna talk and argue about it i think we did a lot i myself did a lot I even took part in radio station debate over here.
    if Russia falls even if we control russia Armenia will be no more you said it yourself even be a lion or have a collar around a lion BUT if we are not a lion and have a collar around a lion and suddenly this lion is dead what can you do? but still as I said will always say and repeat WE MUST PLAN FOR THE FUTURE WE HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE MUCH BETTER THAN WE ARE NOW BUT WE ARE SLEEPING AND ANOUSH THIS "SLEEPING" FOR ME IS TREASON TOWARDS OUR NATION NOT THE PROTOCOL OR ANYTHING.
    about north america: sorry we are getig off topic if you want we won't talk about it but let me tell you China is a good choice to pick the next supper power but china has a huge problem we if you look at chinese history there is a certain cycle always repeating itself. when you look at china now its more open to the world and getting more and more open and you see chinese economy growing and prospering but if you look at the country there is huge difference between coastal population and the population that lives deep in china the coastal ones are very rich due to trade with the outside world the inner population is in poverty it is matter of time reballions will start in china because of this situation where the coastal populatio will want more freedon to get richer and the rual population to get out of poverty so the central governemnt in order to keep control it will stablish a military law and defeat both rebalions and will strengthen the cenral government and close the country to itself if you look at the chinese history this has been repeating over and over again the last time China closed to itself was Mau and now its getting more open and open in the future because of this difference in classes among the population chinal will also close and fall besides china is like an isolated island geographically because it is surrounded by vast mountain chains isolating it from the rest of the world it is very hard to get military influnece outside of its border there is only small portion of fields it has on the Kazakhstans border anyway enoug of China.


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      Re: Armenia: A Second Israel


      seems that i an talking to myself also. We understand well each other.
      About north america/china that is another topic. let us focus on Armenia for the moment.
      «Նայիր Ինչպիսին է Բնութիւնը՝ այնպիսին են մարդիկ» Ղ. Ալիշան


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        Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

        Sorry anush I don't mean to offnd anyone please read again and try to understand me I don't want to argue actually I am not but please lets listen to each other and see what the other has to say. Please don't dissmiss me or anyone so fast in the end we both belong to the same azk menk polors hay azki zavagnern enk nuynisg yete chenk hamatsynir betche irarme kennal gneres yete viravoretsi kez payts havada yes antsnagam pan chsi voreve aden yes protocoli masin chem khosir gor. yete menk miyasin grnank avelin @nel yev HAVADA GRNANK SHAD AVELIN @NEL yev chenk @ner ays gam ayn baddjarnerov ays indzi hamar tavadjanutyun e hayutyan polor zavagnerun goghme [email protected] @LLALOV YES yes kezme chem agngaler hamatsaynis heds ghasgnam irav payts mdadze @sadznerus masin yev asdvadz da mer polor nbadagnerun ghasnink miyasin
        Suedia don't worry I don't want to argue I respect all opinons here I hate seing Armenians arguing fighting disliking each other all what Im saying is what i see and i say it out of love to my nation out of belief that we can be better and stronger for example in a school who gets more chritisised a student that has the ability and doesn't learn or a student that has no ability? WE HVAVE THE POTENTIAL WE MUST DO MUCH MORE


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          Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

          ok Hye, ourakh em
          «Նայիր Ինչպիսին է Բնութիւնը՝ այնպիսին են մարդիկ» Ղ. Ալիշան


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            Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

            The way I see it Armenia will always need a big brother country as such (due to the the larger population of its neighbours aka 70 million potentially hostile Turks vs 3 million Armenian's), for Israel it is the USA and for Armenia it should put its efforts into maintaining a strong relationship with Russia.


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              Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

              Originally posted by hipeter924 View Post
              The way I see it Armenia will always need a big brother country as such (due to the the larger population of its neighbours aka 70 million potentially hostile Turks vs 3 million Armenian's), for Israel it is the USA and for Armenia it should put its efforts into maintaining a strong relationship with Russia.
              I wouldn’t say always…………..but for now Armenia must play the balancing act between the superpowers and try to turn the tide in her favor at every opportunity by maintaining a good poker face.
              B0zkurt Hunter


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                Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

                I agree Russia is the most country that can protect Armenia and help it to survive but this doesn't mean Russia will remain such don't forget after 1917 revolution how did Russia change its policy it was very natural that it had to change and no one can blame her this is politics. In my opinon as long as Russia is on it's feet she will not get close to Turkey to the extand where it is a treat to Armenian existance because they both are competitors in the Caucasus with differnt agendas and natin intrests thast will always be on the others account BUT if Russia gets weaker there is the biggest treat for Armenia and even so grave to the extent we may lose Armenia and I repeat Russia is a power who fell in 2 occasions in the 20th century and nothing can assure that this will not happen in the near future. Im always with maintaining a complementary polacy with Rassia and the west but we can't rely on the west AT ALL. We learned this the hard way in the past. Russia can't affort to lose in its own neigborhood whereas the west can afford to lose in Russias neigborhood and in order to maintain her power Russia can and will do anything even forging wars look at what happened to Georgia ... Ukrainians seem smarter than Georgians ...
                In this following part I will make some kind of bizzare statement bear me please it's just apoint of view want to discuss
                In my opinon the strategic enemy of Armenians and Armenia is not Turkey nor Azerbaijan it's Georgia. How? Let's look at facts. Armenia is a landlocked country it's strategic partner and it's garantor is Russia and yet we have no common border with her. So geographically nearest sea or outlet to us is the Black Sea and its a relief to Armenians and will give Armenia big room to breath easiest way to reach to the black sea is through Georgia. Now we ahve javakhk reagion populated with Armenians but Javakhk itself doesn't have border with sea but there is Ajaria. if somhow we manage to unite javakhk to Armenia in the mean time populate Ajaria with Armenians and demend some form of autonomy or independance together with Turkey and in case of independance Ajaria would be governed by Armenians and muslems (since we would have settled Armenians there) we woulkd have somehow a way out the sea.
                In the mean time to have common border with our strategic partner the easiest and nearest way is through north through Georgia so in my opinon as I said our stratigic "enemy" is Georgia the existance of Georgia as a state is a treat to Armenia and in order to atchieve all our goals Georgia must not exist must be divided between Armenia and Russia and a few independant countries.


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                  Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

                  I think you suffer from verbal diarrhea.

                  Can you explain how you are going to "populate" Ajaria?
                  Politics is not about the pursuit of morality nor what's right or wrong
                  Its about self interest at personal and national level often at odds with the above.
                  Great politicians pursue the National interest and small politicians personal interests


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                    Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

                    For Armenians, it is difficult to populate its own motherland, but it's really easy for them to populate Bairut, Halab, Glendale... One of the problems that we Armenians have is, we are few in numbers. True that quality is more powerful than the quantity, but still, for Us, quantity can change a lot of things. in 1923, we were 1.5 million in the world. Now 7 million. Turks were in 1923 about 10 million, now 70 million!!! Why can't we be more? the way is simple, have a lot of babies.
                    «Նայիր Ինչպիսին է Բնութիւնը՝ այնպիսին են մարդիկ» Ղ. Ալիշան


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                      Re: Armenia: A Second Israel

                      The current Republic of Armenia + Artsakh can hold the entire Armeniann population in the world and more. By having a higher population, we would also have a more numbered Armed Forces and other...
                      «Նայիր Ինչպիսին է Բնութիւնը՝ այնպիսին են մարդիկ» Ղ. Ալիշան